Monday, 11 May 2015

Happy Mother's Day

I apologise for disappearing for a while.  It's been months since I've posted or visited anyone's blogs and I wouldn't be surprised if people thought I'd dropped off the end of the blogosphere.  Well, I kind of did and have come back to provide an explanation as to why.  If you missed the albeit late announcement via my Instagram feed  (see photos above) I became a mother in March this year to a beautiful little girl.  Yep indeed, there is now a Baby V!

I wasn't trying to be mysterious about it all I promise.  I was just three months pregnant when we went to Sicily (my last post) which was our last holiday together as a couple.  I had actually planned to post all my photos from Sicily and then chart the bump growing on the blog, to share maternity outfits and tell tales of the trials and tribulations of dressing a bump as my pregnancy progressed.

However on getting back from Sicily I was put on a project at work that required working all hours that God sent right up until I took maternity leave - we're talking months of late nights and weekends toiling! That along with endless medical appointments, getting a nursery ready and having to teach my dance classes up until I was almost ready to pop.  So any regular bump watching let alone blogging was all but impossible.

Before we knew it she'd arrived!  Since then I've barely been able to spend more than five minutes at a computer.  She keeps us up late and super busy all day and we can't remember what we did with our spare time before she came along, but we also now can't imagine our lives without her.

There are some maternity outfits photographed and stored.  Maybe one day I'll manage a post on them all when I find a rare quiet moment like I have tonight.

I can't promise I'll be back soon but I will be back eventually.  In the meantime I hope you are all well and fighting the good fight stylewise.  If you're a mother out there, a very very Happy Mother's Day to you!

P.S. If you want to keep in touch via social media you can find me on Instagram here: veshoevius where I'm more active these days - I can at least get to my mobile more often than a laptop!


  1. How lovely to see a post from you, and with such wonderful news! Goodness, it must have been exhausting to be so busy at work while continuing to teach dance classes AND grow a new human being - I take my hat off to you! Gorgeous baby photos, I'm delighted for you and your husband, and send many congratulations and much love. xxx

  2. having a baby (awesome) is the best reason for not blogging I've every heard!!

  3. I was delighted to discover the reason behind your absence. What a wonderful surprise and a beautiful one, too. Miss V has already got a wardrobe to rival her stunning Mother's. xxxx

  4. aww what a surprise! congratulations!!! I had to double check that i was on the right blog. now there's a little girl to inherit all of mt veshoevious! ;P

  5. What AMAZING news! It made me sooo happy for you. Happy Mother's Day! It's such joy to be a mother! Pure love. Thank you for the update and these beautiful photos, and all the very best to all of you! xxx

  6. Oh Girly! I'm ecstatic for you! What a special time in life for you and your husband! I think you will (are) a wonderful mother and I'm sure your little girl feels like a princess! Happy Mother's Day to you!!! Relish it! Hugs! Serene

  7. Congratulations! There couldn't be a better reason for not blogging. Also, I absolutely second what Curtise said!

  8. That's simply the best reason! Many congrats to you all. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Baby V will soon be adding a little flamenco dress :-) to her wardrobe. They grow too fast so enjoy every minute!

  9. I left a comment a sec ago but think I deleted it, lol....
    Huge congrats on your bundle of joy! What a surprise for us readers! Thanks for letting me know and also for the well-wishes. We are both busy Mums now, with no time for blogging! I too have just started posting on Instagram as I find blogging too time-consuming. Will see you there! And I've traded my UGGs I'm for summer ballet flats. Still struggling with the rest of the outfit. :) xo


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