Sunday, 26 October 2014

Postcards from Sicily

Hello there or should I say ciao! First of all please accept my apologies for disappearing offline for so long! Since we arrived back from our two week sojourn to Sicily back in September I have unfortunately been well and truly sucked back into the London rat race.  I've been beyond busy - totally snowed under at work while trying to arrange flat redecorating projects and choreographing new dances for my flamenco students. It's been a struggle just to find time to check my personal email! There have also been some personal developments closer to heart and home, some wonderful, some very upsetting, which have required my utmost attention, so all in all blogging has been all but impossible.

I hope to rectify that in the near future but until then I thought I would send some belated Sicilian postcards to you all. Sicily was beyond wonderful!  If you missed all the fun on my instagram then here is a taste of what Mr V. and I got up to while we were there. We did a road trip from Palermo to Catania along the south west to south east coast and loved every minute.  We were totally charmed by this amazing island and hope to return one day to explore more of it.  No doubt you'll be hearing more from me about our escapades there soon.  In the meantime I hope you are all well!


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