Monday, 18 August 2014

The Last Night of Feria


I know I keep going on about my last holiday but it's the only time I get to wear anything interesting and zany - like these silk print palazzo trousers I wore on the last night of feria.  They're not the most flattering choice as the ultra loose fit tends to make my hips look big.  But they are cool and comfortable on a hot summer's night in Spain, as well as forgiving on the waistline after a week of eating fried fish and drinking sherry!  And nobody's summer wardrobe is complete without a pair of zany trousers.  I also love that they have coral, seaweed and tropical fish in the colourful print.

I spend my working weeks having to look elegant and serious all the time, and I don't often feel inspired to post my work outfits as I find it boring to do so.  On holiday I like to relax and have fun in boho gear which tends to be more me regardless if boho happens to be in or out.  Anyone else suffer from this work/leisure split in fashion personality?  Anyhow been posting so long about Spain that I am now already on the eve of my next holiday.  Planning what to pack this week for two weeks in Sicily! Can't wait!
Silk printed trousers: Hermione de Paula; Broderie anglaise top: old Warehouse; Broderie anglaise Jacket: old Kate Moss for Topshop; Bag: gift from Mum; Espadrilles: bought in Spain; Necklace and earrings: Bijoux Brigette


  1. I love your zany trousers and that fabulous beaded jewellery.
    I'm so glad I can wear what I want all the time, I used to hate that schizophrenic wardrobe style.
    Have a wonderful time in Sicily. If you see Montalbano send him my love! xxx

  2. Great trousers and jewelry, V! I don't often photograph my leisure outfits, b/c I don't put as much thought into them as you do - brava to you. xox

  3. Your accessories are stunning here.

    Oooh! Have fun in Sicily! Can't wait for the photos : )


  4. Wonderful, wonderful pants!!! Incredible necklace too. I've really enjoyed your Feria series, the peek of your grin says it all. Lovely.

  5. I always had a work/play disconnect. I wear my tailored, classic work clothes enough that I prefer to dress in a different style when I'm not. Also some of it is practicality, at work I'm indoors with ac, but on a non work day I'm running around in/out doors.

  6. Loving your holiday wardrobe! Like you, holidays are the only time I get to fully embrace colour!

    SSG xxx

  7. Off again? Lucky you! Have a great time in Sicily.
    I love those floaty trousers and the fabulous necklace. xxx

  8. These trousers are fab! love your necklace, too! Have fun while off!

  9. Beautiful ensemble! I adore your silk trousers and statement necklace. What will Sicily bring??? Have a fabulous time!


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