Friday, 22 August 2014

Mirror Mirror

As I face the task of packing tonight for two weeks in Sicily I thought I'd do a roundup of my Spanish holiday wardrobe.  Here's where the outfit of the day selfie can actually come in handy for some outfit planning and packing for the next holiday!

The flat we usually rent in Spain is in a large traditional casa de vecinos and in the passageway leading to the flat hangs a beautiful, large, gilt framed, full length antique mirror.  I used it whilst we were there to take a selfie a day to record what I was wearing, the main aim being to avoid outfit repeating.  It was also to have a record for the next holiday of what worked, what didn't and what got worn so I can take some different things and outfit ideas for the next holiday.

I posted on rediscovering the versatility of this floral striped skirt here - it worked well with both white tops I packed and both a high wedge white espadrille and a flat dusky rose lace espadrille.

Although I do love these silky Hermione de Paula printed pyjama pants for the elaborate print of fishes and coral and for the fact that they are super duper comfortable, they do make my hips look unduly large.  I tried them with flats for the beach but even switching up to wedge heels for an  evening at the feria with a cropped jacket and some bold jewellery didn't seem to get the relaxed flowing boho look I was hoping for with these trousers. I'm wondering what I could do to style them better.  Suggestions welcome!

This silk floral printed trouser suit also by Hermione de Paula is a definite holiday success and always get thrown into the suitcase en route to a hot destination. I've worn it before on holiday and I'll certainly be wearing it again.  If anything is likely to come with me on the next holiday and be exempt from the no outfit repeating rule it is this outfit.

These were the other three feria oufits worn here, here and here and I was generally happy with each.  Who would have thought a white corset top would turn out to be such a versatile piece? But it made it into three separate outfits and is probably going to end up going back in the bag the next time I go on holiday.

Whilst in Spain I also got a couple of new flamenco costumes made. This is a picture of the fitting with the tailor who has had made most of my costumes. The fabric is a sheer devoré fabric in a deep brown velvet with highlights of rose, pink and olive, and is overlaid over a nude lining.  The finished costume is still waiting for me to collect over in Spain as it wasn't ready before I left.

And this is the pièce de résistance! A new bata de cola with black openwork lace overlaid over a coffee coloured lining.  Both fabrics for the costumes were picked out by the tailor with whom I went fabric shopping in the local stores.  At first I just wanted a plain black bata but the tailor convinced me to go with this combination instead and I have to say I'm very pleased with the end result.  Can't wait to do a show with this beauty!

So what to pack for Sicily? Home of Dolce & Gabbana and their Sicilian widow aesthetic.  It's so tempting just to throw lots of black lace and pencil skirts in the suitcase and revel in dressing the part, except that it is going to be quite hot weather while we're there.  Ah decisions, decisions!  At any rate will be sharing snaps of our trip on our return and catching up with you all then.


  1. Wow, all gorgeous outfits, although I would struggle to obey any rule about not repeating! Your flamenco dresses are spectacular, especially the last one - what a showstopper!
    Have a great holiday. xxx

  2. I want to steal each and every garment you own! What a fab collection and what a gorgeous setting. that floor looks like a cleaner version of my kitchen! That Flamenco dress makes my heart go weak, you look incredible. Have a fab holiday. xxx

  3. I love all the skirts you chose. Have fun in Sicily!

  4. Oh my. How wonderful it is that you get to wear such stunning costumes to dance in. You really need to be in a movie.

    Loved all the outfits and I can't wait to see what you're taking to Italy.


  5. What a brilliant idea to take daily pics while you're actually away. The white corset top is a fantastic piece, so versatile and incredibly flattering on your fit figure!. I adore the de Paula suit, it's truly a work of art and it's wonderful to hear that it comes in such handy on hot days. Oh how I wish for Sicily, I haven't been yet, but I imagine your Spanish packing list would do very well for Italy. Ooooh your new frock!!!! xoxox

  6. A spectacular review. The last photo is breathtaking! How wonderful to wear a piece of such beauty in a show.

  7. Pièce de résistance, indeed! Gadzooks! Yoiks! So beautiful, with you in it of course. What a feast for us all, this post ... and I am full of apologies that I haven't been around much to join the chorus of all your admiring commenters.
    Enjoy your holiday, and we'll all hope to see you when you get back.

  8. I love the idea of taking a Selfie a day to keep track of your outfits there. Of course, my absolutely favourite is your stunning dress at the end. What a smashing style on you. I hope you enjoyed your summer.
    Sustainable Style: My Africa

  9. Oh my goodness, that last flamenco dress is absolutely divine! I can just see how mesmerizing it will be in movement.

    I've finally been dancing a lot more than I had in the past few years (though I am so out of shape, it's an uphill battle). One of the studios I was at is big on Flamenco. They have a guitarist and percussionist at every class. I actually met the flamenco instructor when she was taking the same ballet class I was and she was trying to convince me to join them. I peeked into the flamenco class one evening -- they were pretty loud with the stomps, claps and guitar. The intensity goes straight to the soul! I can't wait to have time to join the flamenco class!

    Hope you are well ... xx J


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