Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Cadiz Seafront

One of my favourite places to visit when I'm in the South of Spain is Cadiz. My parents were staying for a few days in the City in a beautiful old converted convent, so Mr V and I went down a couple of times to meet up with them in the evenings. We took the opportunity to spend the afternoon sunbathing on the city beach before heading into the city centre to meet my parents by the seafront.

The seafront along Cadiz is postcard picture pretty with old wrought iron lamps and palm trees flanking the city walls and sparkling blue waters beyond.  On a clear day you can see right the way across to the neighbouring port town, Puerto de Santa Maria.  In fact a nice thing to do as a tourist is catch the local ferry that goes between Puerto de Santa Maria and Cadiz as you get a wonderful view of Cadiz city and its golden domed cathedral from the sea.

Along this stretch are lovely mosaic tiled pathways and bordering gardens housing pools and fountains.  In the summer families escape the heat of their flats by coming down here and relaxing by the sea, sometimes staying until the early hours of the morning even with the kids running around!

Many years ago Mr V and I were stuck in Cadiz overnight with no accommodation after staying late at an open air flamenco festival near here and missing the late train.  We came to these gardens wondering what to do with ourselves but were pleasantly surprised that we had the company of not just a few, but many local families.  In fact the area was buzzing with activity until dawn when we were able to get our first train back to Jerez.

Here are Mum and I taking respite from the hot sun on one of the beautiful old tiled stone benches in the gardens.

At the end of the seafront walk is a large topiary where tall coniferous trees are manicured into unusual shapes and it is another large city garden where people come to relax and while away the time.

I do love the crazy things they do with the trees.  Just beyond the topiary and bordering the sea is an old open air amphitheatre where we used to come and see flamenco concerts that would start at ten and run into the early hours of the morning.  Some years ago when we visited we were dismayed to see it had been closed and was in a state of decay and disrepair, the lines of plastic seats all faded and cracked from the sun, the stage in pieces and the aisles overrun with weeds.  This year we saw that efforts were being made to repair it so hopefully it will be restored and reused again soon.

Here is Mr V sporting his neon yellow holiday shorts which he bought in Spain last year. Andalusian men don't shy away from wearing bright colours and as Mr V likes a bit of zing in his wardrobe he often heads to a local Pull and Bear when we're in Spain to get some bright clothes. Last year there was good selection of coloured denim shorts and their denim jeans selection works well for his body shape.

Have a great week all!

Navy lace shorts: Whistles; White tee shirts: Cos; Cardigan: Aikabara; Diamante flip flops: Betts and Betts
Mr V: yellow shorts: Pull and Bear; Cancer crab tee-shirt: Supermaggie


  1. I urgently need vacation now, so these pics make me dreamy! Love the ocean!


  2. Lovely spot, thanks for the tips on traveling! I really like Mr. V's colorful look. xo

  3. I'm so behind, and loved catching up with your gorgeous photos on this post and the several that I have missed. I see that you're on Instagram, which I've been wanting to start, but haven't gotten there yet. As always, you inspire!

    1. Judith you should definitely join instragram! But health warning - it's very addicitive. It's my latest obsession - it's great to get bursts of inspiration flicking through peoples photos (there are some great photographers posting on there!)

  4. What a gorgeous place. Love the sea front, gardens, and that fabulous tiled bench! xxx

  5. What a wonderful place to visit. I'd love to visit such a gorgeous spot. Thx for sharing V.

  6. What a stunning place, the wonderfully Spanish architecture and that glorious sunshine.
    Loving Mr V's shorts! x

  7. Oh wow, WHAT a beautiful place. Such gorgeous buildings and I love the way they shaped the trees; they look absolutely surreal. Sounds like a wonderful adventure. x


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