Tuesday, 22 July 2014

White Out

Come every summer and eventually the fashion chit chat will turn to the topic of how to wear white this season. White is almost always guaranteed to come down the runway in Spring/Summer collections in some guise or other.

When it comes to summer whites, I have to say I've always been more of the floaty white dress or skirt sort of gal.  But all white in a sharp suit with a masculine edge is another way I'm loving wearing white this season.

Too matchy matchy and I might start feeling like a John Travolta aka Saturday Night Fever wannabe.  So I thought I'd mix things up a bit and wear a white jacket and tee with some off white trousers to play around with shades of white together.  And of course all tones of white go really well together with gold, hence the shoes.

Pretty much all of it is from the flamenco and bullfighter inspired H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection which I loved so much I thought I'd just pile it on altogether for dramatic effect to attend a friend's wedding anniversary celebrations a couple of weeks ago.  Actually when the collection came out in April I managed to snaffle the matador jacket (worn here) and these amazing embroidered shoes.  Everything else had sold out online within the first half hour.  When I visited the Regent Street store in London later that day it had been similarly ransacked.  I was quite peeved because I had wanted to get these matador inspired trousers.

Interestingly most of the styles turned up on Ebay the same day or just after at shockingly inflated prices.  These trousers retailed on the UK site for £69.99.  Ebay sellers were listing it at sometimes twice that!  This particular and rather parasitical species of Ebay seller annoys me even more than the ones who misrepresent or overprice vintage clothing.

I personally refuse to hand over any money for that kind of profiteering racket.  High Street collections are supposed to be about delivering a little more luxury and design at high street prices.  It is fashion at its most democratic and inclusive.  Having a self interested third party wade into the process and make things unnecessarily more expensive defeats the whole purpose of the exercise.

There is absolutely no added value to you or me as consumers to someone simply getting there first and then ratcheting up the price purely for their own benefit and I'm staggered anyone is desperate enough for H&M clothing to cough up twice it's retail value, but believe it or not, I saw some of this stuff getting bids despite the blatant rip off prices the sellers were asking.  So please people, step away from the "Buy It Now" and "Place Bid" buttons.  Do not reward someone slapping on a hefty markup on goods that are already marked up for the benefit of H&M's profit and loss figures.

In such matters the value of patience can pay off.  I checked back regularly online and sure enough, items in my size turned up as more stock was released or returns were processed.  I even managed to order these trousers in a couple of sizes to check which size offered the best fit.  Handy as I can never make it into a store.  Did I attempt to ebay the spare pair at twice the price?  Of course not!  I returned it so it could be enjoyed by someone else without paying over retail because that is the right thing to do!

So take that evil Ebay people! My hope is that all the stuff coming back online went to other patient shoppers like myself rather than the Ebay black market and that it made your black market items twice as difficult to sell!

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Jacket, trousers and shoes: H&M Conscious Exclusive; T-shirt with bow neckline: Moises de la Renta for Mango


  1. What intricately detailed pieces the jacket and trousers are, not to mention the amazing shoes. That is certainly a wonderful way to wear white and look nothing like a Timotei advert! Couldn't agree with you more about the Ebay rip-off merchants, greedy buggers, but then I can't believe anyone would be prepared to pay those prices. xxx

  2. Great rant, V! You echo my feelings about thee"collections". Your trousers (and shoes!) are fabulous. xox

  3. I'm still trying to pick my jaw up off the ground. What a stunning, dramatic, gorgeous mix!! The textures clash and harmonize at the same time. It's brilliant. Wow.

  4. Altogether amazing all together on you! Those high-relief details!!! Fantastic ensemble for such a celebration.

    I applaud your perspective and your ethics - glad that patience paid off, and darn those ebay racketeers!

  5. WOW! I LOVE this outfit! All the details.

    And the shoes! Ah..the shoes. (I think I just slobbered on myself a bit.)

    Glad you managed to snag the pants. They really are spectacular.


  6. Barroca y torera, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Me enamoras.
    Mil besos y gracias por formar parte de la familia de Share-in-Style

  7. I absolutely love your jacket and trousers, thank goodness you managed to get hold of them at the right price, they were made for you.
    There are some unscrupulous eBay sellers around, I didn't know about fashion but the touts who buy up gig tickets and festival tickets in bulk so fans can't get them drive me mad. xxx

  8. What an amazing look, that's what I call a bohemian dandy look!

  9. I love the pants and shoes!!! I agree it sucks about people jacking all the goods from retail. I think stores have gotten a little savvy to it and release things slower in limited amounts because people were getting pissed!

  10. Amazing look! I am glad you were able to get these pieces. What you describe about the eBay sellers is exactly what happened with the Missoni for Target a few years ago, which I found disgusting. I also saw it done within days of L'Wren Scott's death. I had bought one of her sequined cardigans on eBay literally the night before she died and the very next day the same seller had jacked up her prices to triple the cost. I am delighted to tell you that the sweaters are back to what they were selling for before L'Wren passed away. XO, Jill


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