Monday, 14 July 2014

The First Night of Feria

Back to posting more holiday photos from Spain.  I've previously posted on how Spanish women get dressed up in traditional flamenco style dresses for "Women's Day" during the annual feria.  Apart from that one special day the event is as casual or as dressed up as you like.  Some of the women wear frilly flamenco dresses for the whole week but there are no hard and fast rules.  This year we managed to get to feria on four nights out of the week it was running so it meant four excuses for dressing up!  On the first night of feria, as an alternative to the normal overdose of frills and fringing, I chose to mix my white cotton corset and a jaunty floral print skirt as a more modern nod in the direction of Spanish style.

Usually it's hot all through the night so the main considerations when getting dressed for feria are keeping cool and wearing something that allows you to move easily so you can dance endless rounds of Sevillanas with your friends all night.   Choice of footwear is paramount!  When in the feria in Spain do as the Spanish women do, which is to eschew your fancy heels and befriend the humble espadrille or flats.  Not only will you be able to cope with dancing Sevillanas until the sun starts to rise, but you will save yourself the heartbreak of ruining your good shoes.  The entire site is covered in fine yellow sand which quickly covers your footwear in yellow dust and should it rain (believe it or not it does happen!) it quickly turns into yellow mud!  Expect to be dodging horse manure regularly throughout the day too.  It is after all, still a regional horse fair!

I have to admit that I learnt the hard way during a couple of ferias that the terrain was not heel friendly.  The ground is uneven and sandy and by three or four o'clock in the morning after dancing all night in heels and traipsing around from one caseta to the next I found that my feet were completely shredded.  So these days it's flats or an espadrille with a slightly raised wedge heel.  My big tip for going to feria is to get a pair of espadrilles.  Apart from being very comfortable and chic, fabric espadrilles can be found for as little as ten euros in local shoe shops and markets and come in every colour under the sun and in a variety of styles.  If they end up completely ruined after a week of feria at least you won't be lamenting your choice of footwear for financial reasons.

In my last post on the feria I didn't show you the feria lights illuminated at night which is one of the prettiest sights of the festival.  On the first night of feria everyone gathers at the grounds for a display of fireworks that light up the night sky.   When the last of the fireworks have finally faded away the lights are switched on to the cheers of the crowd, revealing a multitude of colourful Moorish arcs lining the grand avenues of the feria and announcing that the festivities are now officially underway.

My final tip for feria is to bring a little light jacket or shawl with you for the walk home as in the early hours of the morning the temperature does tend to drop quite quickly.  You don't want to catch a chill on the first night of feria when there is a whole week of feria fun lying ahead!

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Cotton corset: Chine; Floral Print Skirt: Vivienne Westwood Anglomania; Broderie Anglaise Jacket: old Kate Moss for Topshop; Flip flops: Betts & Betts; Bag: a present from my Mum; Earrings: bought in Spain


  1. The photo of the feria lights made me jump, it's so beautiful! Looks like a wonderful time of dancing and fun for you, and I love your look. Thanks for linking up with Vis Monday. xox

  2. All those lights look unreal, so beautiful!

  3. What a stunning, stunning environment. The lights are magic. The flower motif on the skirt is beautiful. This is the perfect outfit to dance the night away.

  4. The only feria I've heard of is the hair dye of the same name! Love your outfit and seeing you in action. Feria looks magical and I'd be okay, I never pack heels for a trip away! xxx

  5. The photo with the lights is just beautiful. And of course, you always look beautiful too - the corset top with the floral skirt is just right - and flats too, very sensible! xxx

  6. Wow that shot of the lights is just magical.

    Sounds like a wonderful night of non-stop dancing.


  7. Marvellous images and so captivating at night with all of the lights illuminated. I think the white corset and mix of floral suited you perfectly for the occasion. We'd dance all night! :)

  8. How incredibly lovely all 'round - amazing VW floral, textures, silhouette, lights and dark, your evocative words, graceful presence, and happy smiles.

  9. Another gorgeous outfit! Personally I'd live in flip flops - shame I live in scotland! x

  10. I'd give a lot to be there to see it all! Horse apples and all. You look so pretty, as always, and perfectly outfitted to enjoy it all and dance the night away. I think you've shown that skirt before? I've remembered it when I've been looking for a floral skirt ... I like the broken-up and very large print. The size of the floral takes it into the abstract just a little. Proof posititve, too, that little girls can indeed wear large prints. I enjoyed this post so very much. Thank you!

  11. You just opened my eyes to magic. No wonder you are radiant. XXOO

  12. What a gorgeous skirt!! It's too perfect with the corset - beautiful!
    Visiting from the link-up!


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