Monday, 30 June 2014

Ballet Skirt

I've said before on this blog that my wardrobe is a bit tutu-tastic.  I certainly love me some tulle and the weather was good enough a couple of weeks back to pull out this pale blue confection which I've had for a number of years.  In fact I went the whole hog and put it with a matching tee with lace inserts and a pink ballet wrap to indulge my inner ballerina, only stopping short of matching footwear.  I went for a diamante flip flop instead of ballet pumps to break the ballet look up just a bit.

I wore this to lunch out in London with Mr V and it poured with rain.  When we came home it cleared up just enough for us to have tea in the garden where the flowers are in full bloom.  The giant red oriental poppies were out, our white climbing rose is heavy with blooms and there are daisies galore lining the garden path.

It's been ages since I last wore this skirt and I felt very feminine wearing it.  At first I did wonder whether I would be too dressed up, but these days if I have that kind of doubt about whether to wear something dressy or not I call to mind some bloggers for inspiration.  The tulle skirt I will always associate with Melanie of Bag and a Beret, who has a rather nice saying that amazing things happen when you wear amazing clothes.  Now there was a strange coincidence here when I pulled out this skirt on this day thinking of Melanie's tutu post of old, the global tulle movement it inspired and the inspiration it gave me to wear my tulle skirts more often, whatever the occasion.

Whilst on the bus ride home from lunch Mr V and I copped an eyeful of dozens of naked cyclists pretty much all of them men.  They were riding along the road side at top speed completely starkers, some covered in body paint, and some blowing whistles to attract as much attention as possible.  Everyone on the bus burst out laughing.  We could not believe our eyes and nobody on the bus had any idea what it was all about.

A couple of days later I checked into Melanie's blog.  She started her post with "Remember how I said in the last post that amazing things happen when you wear amazing clothes? This is what I saw today.." and there was a picture of a group of naked cyclists.  Apparently she'd seen this phenomena too but all the way over in Canada, whilst wearing something amazing of course.  We're all connected in mysterious ways it seems!

You could say it was the fact that it was World Naked Bike Ride day that day so it wasn't that much of a coincidence that one blogger in London wearing a tulle skirt inspired by another all the way in Canada both saw the same parade, and that it's not particularly scientific to attribute said coincidence to a mutual choice to wear amazing clothes on that day.  But I still like to think it was the tulle skirt and Melanie's print trousers!

Linking up to Visible Monday over at Not Yet Dead Style.

Also linking up to Spy Girl's 52 Pick Me Up where the theme is Fairy Tale because the ballet loves a good fairy tale!

Tulle skirt and lace insert tee: Chine; Ballet wrap: Max Mara; Embellished diamante flip flops: Betts & Betts


  1. I agree, it's much more romantic to leave the science aside now and then, and contemplate the serendipity of everything. Love this tulle dress, and the flowers too. Our hibiscus plant is blooming like mad! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

  2. This is a nice interpretation of the summery romantic style, very wearable. And the colour are great: soft but not too powder.

  3. Oh, so pretty and feminine, such a perfect outfit. I love the blue too. I used to wear ballerina-inspired outfits, probably when I was still dancing. I used to have these wrap around dance sweaters that I'd wear as street wear. Loved them.

  4. What a fabulous skirt! Definitely unforgettable!

  5. Oh this is a gorgeous post. I love the mix of pink and blue! And I can't wait to share your picnic look with everyone on Wednesday my dear. XO, Jill

  6. Such a pretty jacket or cardi, love the fit of it. I also love the feminine nature of the blue skirt!
    from the link up, jess

    please stop by

  7. How funny about the naked cyclists. I sure hope they had seat covers! I my mind I'm thinking of a man's anatomy and wondering just how exactly that works when they are riding a bike...

    This dress is truly a Princess moment. You are only missing the tea and crumpets in the garden : )


  8. Lovely and whimsical!
    Dawn Lucy

  9. Soul sister! Yes, I looove how we are connected. That's so funny that we both saw that nakedness when we were both feeling fabulous in our amazing clothes. And I do love your ballet skirt. That colour is one of my favourites, and sadly I don't have enough of it. I'm glad you got to share a laugh with a whole bus full of people. What else can you do when you see such a sight? Hugs.

  10. Such a soft and beautiful outfit! And among the flowers in your garden, you look just dreamy!
    How funny about the naked cyclists! xxx

  11. Such lovely photos, a pretty skirt in a gorgeous garden.
    I'd love to see the naked cyclists, there's such joy in public nudity, I always want to join in. xxx

  12. What a gorgeous skirt, and the ballet top goes perfectly with it. All lovely :-)


  13. Just beautiful. Deserves to be worn more often!

  14. Um. Naked men biking. Hmmm. I dunno.
    But I do thank Mel for inspiring the minty tu-tu! Lovely, and dressed perfectly with the pretty pink card and ... I can't believe I'm saying this ... flips! Really, they take that skirt in the perfect direction for afternoon tea. Who'd 'a thunk it? Really, I love to see what inspires other women to dress the way they do. You look just enchanting.

  15. Your skirt is absolutely beautiful, in fact the whole outfit is. But juggling that visual feast with the image in my head of lots of naked cyclists... not easy!

  16. Naked cyclists we have only seen several when I was in San Francisco, but I think that was a street fair actually. Great photos! Your outfit is charming, I'm such a fan of pastels and softer layered hues like this, and who wouldn't adore tulle? :) Enjoy your weekend.

  17. I really love the gorgeous blue tulle skirt!!!!

  18. What a lovely fairy outfit in your fairy garden! I'm glad the rain stopped so you could have tea. Your meeting of minds with Melanie and the naked bike riders is simply fantastic! How wonderful. There is still whimsy in this world. Jazzy Jack


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