Sunday, 6 April 2014

Blue China

Well here I am doing what I'd always said to myself I would avoid doing on this blog and posting pictures of an outfit shot taken in the mirror.  I did however want to share this little space in my flat because it is now where I am putting together outfits on a daily basis.  The dressing area so to speak.  If you take a look at my Pinterest "Dream Home" board you may notice a slight obsession with dressing rooms and walk in wardrobes. Who wouldn't, if they had the luxury of the space, kit themselves out with a dressing room?

Where do you get dressed every day?  And how does the space affect how you feel about getting dressed?  Is it a pleasant, organised or creative affair?  Or is it a cramped, chaotic and stressful experience?  Getting dressed in our last flat was always more of the latter.  My last wardrobe was a couple of hanging rails on a wall that kept falling down and needed constant reorganising.  Since moving I thankfully have more space, but still no dressing room.

I did however, move a full length mirror out onto the landing between the stairs and the main bedroom and voila, I now have a dressing landing.  I get changed in the bedroom and come out here to view my handiwork.  It's not a perfect solution, being small and not particular private, but it's working well enough for now.  There is a window opposite which lets in natural light during the day and though currently I only have a blue Hokusai print for company, I might do the area up further with a nice little console table, a luxurious rug and a girly chandelier above and just make believe it's a proper dressing room.

I'm happy to say though that I am now the proud owner of a small walk in wardrobe.  The whole reason I insisted we came to see this flat in the first place was that I spied it marked on the floor plan.  After first viewing the flat I was crestfallen as I thought it was too small and Mr V thought I was being ridiculous.  I was right though!  I know my inventory!

Although it is a massive improvement on our last wardrobe, it is just that little bit too narrow to get dressed inside it and as you can see it is already cramped and a total mess in there! (I'm not a blogger who's going to pretend they're perfect.) The Spring wardrobe reorganisation looms!

The wardrobe is still a work in progress so take this as the "before" photo.  The space needs a big rethink as there is a slanting roof on two sides to contend with, the current units aren't making full use of the height on the other side, I need an alternative solution for shoe storage to the current towers of shoe boxes and I detest the wooden flooring put down by the previous owners.  And I want matching hangers damn it!

So back to the dressing landing, which no doubt will probably be featuring again on this blog as it evolves.  I wore this dress out to afternoon tea with the girls in West London last weekend in celebration of a couple of friends birthdays.  It is the perfect afternoon tea dress with it's lace bodice and china blue tinted print.  The afternoon was a delightful Asian themed affair in a tea room that was actually in someone's house.  We were given sets of little cards which provided detailed descriptions of each of the multitude of brews on offer down to their ingredients, aroma, flavour and origin.  We were then treated to a proper Asian tea ceremony and given a lecture of the process of brewing and pouring tea for each of our chosen brews which had extremely exotic names such as Golden Monkey, Dragon Pearl Jasmine and Mi Lan Honey Orchid Pheonix.

Here are some of the delights we were treated to.  The open sandwiches were very tasty and much more complex in flavour than their appearance would suggest.  We had chocolate mousse balls, marzipan, mango flavoured cake and a scone served with rose petal jam.

Naturally my dress matched the blue china tea was served in, which was the whole reason I wore it!  The other touch of blue here in this post is of course the shoes, which the more shoe astute amongst you may have already recognised as Carrie's wedding shoes from the first SATC movie.  Yep, I finally got my first (and quite probably last) ever pair of Manolos, a treat to myself for slaving away at work this year and managing to get a pay rise.  I went into Liberty's with The Other V (always a dangerous move) and came out with a loaded loyalty card and these blue satin babies.   And boy do I love them - they are heaven to wear!

I'll be joining the wonderful Patti over at Not Yet Dead Style for Visible Monday and DC in Style for Monday Bloom.

What's your dressing area like?

Dress: Preen by Thorton Bregazzi; Shoes: Manolo Blahnik


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