Thursday, 9 January 2014

Winter Pink

If you live in the UK you could not have missed the fashion frenzy that was whipped up about the coat to be wearing this season - the pink coat.  The pink coat is not actually a new concept - think Raf Simons voluminous coats in pale sugary pink hues for his final collection for Jil Sander last winter.  These creations were not any old cashmere coats, but more the promise of being enveloped in a warm cocoon of soft pink candy floss as you floated along, princess like, wrapped in your exquisitely tailored folds of pink wool.

Jil Sandler AW 2012/2013, Source Vogue

Women the world over collectively swooned and when those Jil Sander pink coats subsequently sold out, designers must have collectively rubbed their chins and thought to themselves, hmmm... Raf is on to something.  A trend was born, not a one season wonder that lives fast and dies young within the space of a single season, but one that starts to snowball into something bigger, until it rolls down the runway again a year later and bowls us all over with even more force.

This season came the Rochas version - cosy, over-sized, more reminiscent of a snuggly house-coat, and in the kind of girlish candy pink that would make Barbie blush.   Despite its hefty price tag of £1100 it was an instant sell out on Net-A-Porter.

Coat by Rochas. Source: Net-a-Porter

Suddenly it seemed every designer in the mid range priced luxury lines was also releasing their own version of the must-have pink coat with offerings from labels like Carven, By Malene Birger, Red Valentino, Sportmax and Joseph, in shades spanning the whole range of pink, from baby to bismuth to hottest fuchsia. It was only a matter of time before the British high street followed suit with pink coats from Jigsaw, Hobbs, Topshop Unique, Zara and ASOS, all in over-sized cocoon or masculine cuts.

Source: Jigsaw

Fashion editors seemed divided on the pink coat.  Some were highly enthused, professing it the only colour to be seen in this winter.  Others wagged their fingers and warned of spending a fortune on a passing fad, and a Daily Mail journalist suggested rather less kindly, that we could end up looking like little girls or giant marshmallows.

That didn't stop every pink coat released at all price points selling out within days of them hitting the stores though! (Yes, that's right - watching how fast the must have item of the season sell out is a spectator sport for the more nerdy fashion observers amongst us).  The reason?  Personally I think that when Raf Simons sent out all those blush toned beauties on the catwalk last winter he reawakened a latent desire in women to wear something a bit more feminine during the long dreary months of winter, because lets face it, - day after day of pulling on a coat in dark, sombre colours like black, navy or grey can get a little depressing.  Pink done right can be ladylike, elegant or just a whole lot more fun.

Thankfully I didn't feel the need to elbow my way into the scrum to fight for a pink coat and be rushed into the wrong purchase by dwindling stocks and waiting lists, smug in the knowledge that I already had one hanging in the wardrobe.  Back in 2011 I did a post on the colour pink and expressed a wish for a pink coat, an item for which I had been hunting for some time and of which there was a dearth in the shops.  Hey, it was very much in the days before Raf Simons sent the fashion world crazy for pink!  Little did I know that a kind fairy blogging godmother by the name of Vintage Vix was listening and granted my wish by sending over this vintage pink wool beauty in the post.  I was over the moon as I just love the colour!  There is a lovely warmth to the pink just like those old fashioned peppermint candies.

Ever since, as soon as the weather starts to get colder, this coat comes out to play.  I've have whipped it out on many a windy weekend and this outfit photo was taken on one of them, just after a walk to our local farmers markets and through the local park.  It looks fab with blue jeans and has been the perfect cold weather topper for my neutral or pink toned outfits.  Although I've been wearing it for a couple of years now its slouchy, relaxed fit on me is right on trend at the moment.  It is also now a very well travelled coat - it made it the journey with me to Australia as I wore it to the airport when we left.

Source: Zara

And don't think pink can't work for a working woman either. So enamoured was I with my vintage pink coat that I found myself often wanting to extend what has been mainly a weekend affair into the working week as well.  Sadly I can't really get away with wearing vintage in my job, so towards the end of last year I decided on the Zara version for the office and it has been a great success.  I chose it for its more streamlined masculine cut and icier shade of pale pink which keeps it work appropriate, but in a size up from what I normally wear to get a bit of that over-sized look that is fashionable at the moment.  Coincidentally this coat is now on sale if anyone's interested!

And finally, this week it's How I Wear My Coat week hosted by Jill at Everything Just So and Adrienne of The Rich Life (on a budget).  Head over to see the fashion parade of everyone in their fabulous winter coats, and guess what, next month they are featuring the colour pink!

Pink Wool Coat: Vintage courtesy of Vintage Vix; Boots: Bally courtesy of my ex-boss; Pink cashmere sweater: Uniqlo; Rose print scarf: 20% Lino


  1. the softer shade, like the one you're wearing, looks quite sophisticated. I'm not a fan of the "barbie" or peptol pinks.

  2. I'll be sticking to my homemade Issey Miyake one I made years's purple and cost about $100 for the fabric

    I also don't understand winter coats without buttons

  3. Oooh, lovely. Not too much, pretty and refined. Excellent little scarf, cool with your pales and other pastels. Vintage? Via Vix? That makes it perfect, then.
    I thought about wanting one. Never saw a single one here, though, and haven't felt moved to go on a hunt. Sorry now that I didn't! You look wonderful and warm.

  4. I am happy to see this trend has legs - I love looking at these coats. Yours (both) are lovely and look so cheery. Great to see you again!

  5. Trust Vix to come up with the goods! I read all the furore over pink coats as a trend but haven't seen many women wearing them here, or going for the voluminous look either. But then I'm not really out and about looking, so maybe they are and I just haven't noticed! I tried on a vintage 1980s coat in the style of all the over-sized/batwing sleeved/cocoon numbers featured in magazines (spotted in a charity shop, of course) and felt totally overwhelmed and swamped by it. And I looked like a sack of potatoes! You probably need to be 6ft and a size 8 for that shape to look flattering... I prefer a closer fit on me. And I love the more streamlined version on you too, you look very chic and elegant. xxx

  6. You look great! The delicate pink really suits you. I think you're right about women missing the feminine touch especially in the Winter months. Maybe it's freaky Friday but I am certain I have Bally boots exactly the same as yours! I love wearing pale shades in the cold too, thanks for the inspiration :-)

  7. So happy to see you back, and in a dreamy pink coat. I see it's from Vix, which makes it even more special. I'm on the look out!


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