Sunday, 26 January 2014

Pyjama Trousers

Because sometimes a gal just wants to be comfortable.  They're not really pyjama trousers of course but a pair of floral silk print trousers by Hermione de Paula that just look like pyjama trousers for the sake of being difficult and fashiony.  Last worn here and here with the matching tops, and arguably looking even more like pyjamas worn as a set, these pieces are still getting worn two years after purchase, so I'm doing well on the cost per wear coming down.

Despite the fact that fashion's love affair with bold prints appears to be over (everyone seems to be going on about minimalism these days) matching head to toe prints still seems to be going in some fashion circles.  Not that I mind - I've never been much of a fan of minimalism and my affair with wild prints is far from over.  To me the matching print set will always be the sort of look that screams "I lounge around on cruise ships circling balmy destinations or in palazzos with glamorous friends who totally get what I'm wearing!"  Of course I do neither, so turning up dressed in what looks like glamorous pyjamas at the sort of social events I'm normally invited to can raise confused eyebrows. You can see they're secretly thinking "Did we write pyjama party on the invite?" or "Why is she dressed for bed when this is a lunch time barbeque?"

When I do go on holiday it is usually to Australia to visit family and friends who don't live on cruise ships or in palazzos and social gatherings are usually simple affairs with lots of home cooked food and jovial conversation on offer.  The atmosphere is very laid back and flip flops and shorts are the order of the day.  It doesn't stop me taking nice clothes to wear when I come to visit.  Sometimes, however, for these sorts of things, you want to wear something in your closet that could be a big fashion statement as less of one.  Just to be comfortable say, which these trousers are, and relaxed, which a full matching set of the print would not be.

The great thing about buying matching separates that are attention grabbing when worn together is that you can always opt to wear them separately.  Especially if worn with less shouty items, like a soft white tee and a pastel knit say, you can instantly tone down a piece in a statement print into something more approachable.

I went for the theme of flowers and lilac when getting dressed with this jacaranda tree in mind.  I was staying with my sister in Australia while we were over and this tree was in the neighbour's garden and in full bloom.  Every day we would be greeted by the sight of it's magnificent purple blooms aflame against an azure sky and covering the grass and pavement in a carpet of mauve.

 Am linking up with Patti and friends over at Not Yet Dead Style this week.  See you there!

Trousers: Hermione de Paula; White tee: Cos; Lilac cardigan: Cue; Espardrilles: Bought in Spain


  1. Oh these are so yummy, V. I remember when you bought them - time flies, yes? You are making me feel like taking a cruise . . . xox

  2. those pants don't look like pj's, so who's going to know?

  3. Love the print and colours! I'll always love prints and associate them with warm weather - you look so comfy and breezy. That tree is beyond amazing!

  4. Those pants are splendid and do look absolutely comfortable! You've styled them perfectly simple, which makes them look fantastic. The espadrilles are fabulous and I'm completely jealous that you are able to wear them now!!
    xo ~kim (and chloe)

  5. That purple floral tree is gorgeous!

  6. Really, they're beautiful, and you look wonderful and too young to be out by yourself in them, young lady. In the best way, of course. Now, of course,I want some flower-dy ones for me!

  7. I'll always love a big splashy floral print, so whether fashion dictates they are "over" or not, I'll still wear them! Gorgeous trousers and a beautiful print - who cares what the fashion police say? Minimalism? Pah!
    Oh that tree is divine. Not to mention the oh-so-blue sky... xxxx


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