Friday, 31 January 2014

Mint and Lavender

I thought I'd add to my series of pastel outfits by adding mint and lavender to the mint and vanilla and lemon and lavender previously shared on this blog.  I am not actually in warm sunny Australia wearing a mint leather dress, a lavender cardigan and sparkly flip-flops.  I am of course sitting in foggy, wintry London freezing my butt off, wearing lots of layers of boring woollen things and feeling about as fashionable as a bulky bale of wool.

Trust me, my old holiday snaps are more interesting!  They also serve as an interesting wardrobe perspective now that all the "Shop for Spring" articles are coming out in the magazines.  Seriously?  It's January!  It was 5 degrees C when I arrived at work this morning!  Still, although I won't be trying on new season clothes on in the shops any time soon, I've been looking with some curiosity as to what new trends are being offered up and I noticed lots of repeats.

Along with the return of pleats, luxe sportswear, brights and monochrome (yes, those old chestnuts!), I also see pastel shades have now been re-branded as "fondant colours" for Spring.  Don't let that fool anybody!  This will be the fourth or fifth summer in a row that we've had these kinds of shades around.  They even leaked into winter with all those pink coats we've seen of late.  I'm wondering when saturation point is coming.  Anyway I'm glad, because I quite enjoy wearing them, enjoy them even more when wearing them layered up on one another, pastel over pretty pastel.  It also it means that when the sun finally decides to come out I can shop from my wardrobe, because the last thing I need really is more summer clothes when I live in England!!

My favourite pastel shade has to be mint.  It is also a fondly remembered slang word from my youth.  If you google the word "mintox", practically the only description that comes up on the internet of its use in the English language is this entry in the Urban Dictionary:
Mintox. An awesome word from the 80's.. meaning exactly that.. awesome / wicked / sick.. whatever. Mintox was commonly abbreviated to "MINT"
This was a bizarre adjective I used regularly in my childhood with friends, and mostly in the abbreviated form.  When we really want to emphasize how "mint" we thought something was, we would escalate this to "mintox".  Strange how a word can almost drop out of existence in one's own lifetime.  It's interesting to see that a word so commonly rolled off my tongue as schoolgirl, decades before "google" was an acceptable verb, now barely scores one entry on a Google search!  More specifically I would like to add that the escalation to "mintox" seems peculiar to Australia in the 1980s because when I asked Mr V. (who is English) if he had used the word in this context when he was a boy, he looked at me like I was mad. 

As a girl I used to think that this use of the word mint to glorify its subject matter was an allusion to the flavour of mint itself - as used in peppermint sweets and ice cream and after dinner mints - because anything that had a mint flavour had to be great.  So too with clothing - I find a tint of mint has done my wardrobe the world of good in freshening it up when it comes to colour and as a result, I've added several items in the colour mint in the last couple of years.  For someone who had a tendency to wear all black, all of the time, pastels have been a good way of breaking the habit.

And here is some mint with some strawberry pink for some good, pastel layering measure with the Perth skyline in all its cloudless blue glory in the background.

Have a wonderful weekend all!

Leather dress: Theskyn's Theory; Leather jacket: Joseph; Diamante flip flops: Betts and Betts; Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs


  1. Love the colour combination on you!

    SSG xxx

  2. Mintox, V - these colors are beautiful on you (and I had never heard that word before. I've learned quite a bit from the Urban Dictionary). Stay warm, my friend, xo.

  3. mintox? Never heard that one before.

  4. I'm familiar with "mint", its just about caught on here as the Midlands is the land that time forgot, but mintox? Odd!
    Anyway I'm thrilled you're back with us, V! I thoroughly enjoyed catching up on all I'd missed and loving you in your summer rock, showing off those killer pins. xxx

  5. Gracias tesoro. Te vas a unir mañana a Share-in-Style: Gothic.
    Just come as you are

  6. Mint - yes; mintox? Never ever heard anyone say that!
    Gorgeous frock, so pretty with lavender, and it's a joy to see all that sunshine! xxx


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