Monday, 7 October 2013

Baroque and Roll

It's well and truly autumn here now and I have been turning to the dark side in my wardrobe more often to get dressed. Black, black and more black has been my armour to face misty, foggy mornings, dreary grey skies and a hellish couple of weeks at work.  In fact I've had a truly rotten couple of weeks. I've been coming back from work in late night taxis long after most folks would be sensibly tucked up in bed.  On top of that I have had early morning meetings stuck in my diary. Who sticks meetings at seven thirty in the morning? My boss that's who.

I've been walking around like a zombie the rest of the time and have been so shattered that last week I walked off the tube leaving my favourite parka behind on the seat where I'd taken it off.  I'm still mourning the loss. No thanks to everyone on the crowded carriage in rush hour who watched me walk off without it.

On top of that attendance at my flamenco classes dropped off a cliff.  After a good couple of years I am still struggling to get enough numbers of students to make giving up so many hours after work feel worth the time and effort it requires.  I'm wondering what the hell I am doing wrong and beginning to despair.  And I've started coming down with a head cold!! Another thing to add to my very black mood and so I am dressing accordingly.  Halloween has certainly arrived early in this household!

I wore this outfit to forget my troubles attending a concert at the Barbican over the weekend.  I tried to break up all black with some mannish brocade trousers, some tough girl leather, a rock and roll fringed jacket and gold toned accessories.  I thought that maybe by adding some spikey accessories I might ward off evil spirits as I'm feeling more than plagued by a few.

The concert was a magical and emotional combination of Sufi and Flamenco music which managed to spirit me away from my worldly woes for a couple of hours.  Strangely one of the flamenco singers performing used to be my landlord when I lived in Spain so it made it feel like a sort of homecoming.  And I have no words for how wonderful the music was!

Hope your weeks have been better than mine!

Linking up to Visible Monday over at Not Yet Dead Style.

Brocade trousers: Raoul; Jacket: Topshop; Leather tee: Whistles; Necklace: Merle O'Grady; Shoes: Zara


  1. Sorry for the rotten run of luck/work misery, V! It does seem to pour when it rains, yes? Hope things turn around for you very soon. Even my coffee cup could not make it to a 7:30 AM meeting! You look great in black and gold, and thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  2. I'm so sorry you've been attacked by the dreary/meanies. It does happen, and the loss of your parka made me sad too. I always lose things especially when I'm already struggling. Your outfit seems like a glorious choice, though. I was so happy to see you pull out black leather!!! I'm a huge fan of the stuff and you do it so well.

    I love Qawwali music. Joey saw Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan perform in Montreal many years ago and he introduced me to the music. I can only imagine how amazing Sufi and flamenco music would be combined. I hope you have a cd or something to listen to. I have to believe that it would keep on lifting your spirit immeasurably and help you through this time.

    I hope you're enjoying your home!!! I've thought of you and wondered if you've had a chance to do any decorating. XXOO

  3. That sounds tough. I hope your luck turns around for you soon. Bad things always seem to happen in groups.

    On the bright side you at least look fierce.


  4. Poor baby! And feeling erpy on top of it all. Can't count on the kindness of strangers anymore, much less a little civility and courtesy. It's sad how people withdraw in the crowd of public transport ... so sorry it all happened. A really good night's rest? Chocolate cookies? Ice cream? Grain alcohol by the quart and a lime wedge? No, skip that last one ...
    You look fabulous anyway, and that's a lot when you feel that bad. Every piece, incredible. I particularly love the leather and fringe. Must have sounded beautiful when you swished down the aisle toward your seats at the concert. Trousers are so fine, and you in them. Clearly the jewelry would ward off evil anything. Good touch. So happy it was a bright spot in your week.
    It's been our slowest year our of 18 years in business. Tough going will all our political insanity here. When our stock market drops, most of our customers stay home, licking their fiscal wounds. Quiet, too quiet. Interesting times, but not good for the bank account here either.
    Hope the studio picks up soon for you. Must make everything better, at least in spirit.
    I wish you a very much better week, dear V.

  5. Well, if I lived by you I'd definitely sign up for classes! What a shame more people aren't, we really are a nation of lazy, stay-at-homes aren't we and what kind of person keeps quiet when someone gets off public transport leaving their belongings behind? Have you checked with lost property? How annoying would it be to sit next to someone wearing your coat on the next commute!
    Fabulous outfit, love that shaggy cardi and those fancy pants and glad you enjoyed your night! xxx

  6. Oh you poor thing, what a tough time you're having and how sad about your favourite parka. I can well understand the desire to clothe yourself in moody black. How dare your effing boss think 7.30am meetings are ok!

    Glad the concert gave you a chance to forget your troubles and remember your passions. That's a brilliant outfit, romantic but fierce with just the right amount of feisty melancholy! I love those brocade trousers especially. Hope you can find more time for escapism and fun soon. Like you I've also been having a strange, challenging time, feels like there's a lot of transition in the air this autumn....

  7. Sounds like burning the candle at both ends - so sorry you're going through such a bad time right now! I just hate losing stuff as well. Black and gold look great on you - I'd love some brocade pants too :-) And I'm glad you got to enjoy some beautiful music. I hope you have a much better week!

  8. (((((((V)))))) poor you. I know what you're talking about. Some days are just worse than others. Are we employed by the same boss? because mine does the same thing. Just because he likes to have meetings early in the morning glory, as he never gets tired to tell me. Yeah well, not everyone like the morning glory, never mind. He's the boss, tho. Hope this week will be a better one for you. Here is hope for early bed and good nights rest for you. I am in awe with your outfit today. Looooove the brocade pants, so elegant and so gorgeous. The whole outfit is darling.

  9. Ah, sorry to hear of the beloved parka, and that you're feeling in a funk. I've been a horrible moody beetch lately. But on the plus, you look fab: I love the mix of brocade with leather. Hope your classes pick up soon. And, I've missed so much lately, but I'm assuming you're posing on your new staircase. It looks wonderful and I'm sure the rest of the place is too. Xo

  10. Well, I'm glad that the concert made you feel a bit better. Gosh, I understand, I lost one of my favourite hats on the tube a few years ago, still have not found one quite like it. As for the outfit, it's wonderful ... the tough girl aesthetic pairs perfectly with those beautiful trousers! Wishing you a brighter week, something amazing must be right around the corner! x/Madison

  11. Well, what mean-spirited arses, letting you get off the tube without your coat! And your boss wants a good telling off too. And another thing - I'd adore to do your flamenco class, just wish you were local to me! There. Set the world to rights. Oh yeah, and that cold can get lost too!
    Thanks goodness for beautiful music, a lovely night out, and a fabulous outfit. The brocade trousers are fantastic, especially with the rock chick leather and spikes necklace.
    Chin up, it'll get better! xxxxx

  12. I too have mourned the loss of a precious clothing item. Makes you wonder why things happen. Nonetheless, your outfit is very beautiful. I found you on Visible Monday.

  13. Sorry you've had such a lousy time lately. The transition into darker days is challenging, but 7:30 meetings are downright inhuman! Why are so many people early birds?

    I hope you fabulous clothes brought you some comfort and made up for the loss of your parka. Those trousers alone are fabulous, but paired with the leather and fringes you've got a stunning and inspiring outfit!

  14. Loving your fiercely cool outfit! Sorry to hear things aren't great ... and check with lost property ... you never know!
    M x

  15. Another great example how to mix fabrics and match colors in a sophistic way! Remarkable look!

  16. V, I am so sorry to hear that life has been a struggle, and that your favorite parka is now missing. Life can be dark, and hopefully you will soon be surrounded by light. I wish for you better days.

    One would never know that you are in the midst of despair; the gorgeous ensemble that you have composed of leather, fringe, brocade and gold accents is breathtaking.

  17. Hi my dear! This is one of my favourite looks of yours- I adore the leather tee and have wanted a tasselled jacket for absolutely ages now-I have Jean Paul Gaultier tasselled skirt which I may well start wearing this winter! xxx

  18. What a nice combo! I love the fabric mix!
    Hope you feel better soon your luck turns around !!! xx

  19. I'm visiting via Vis Monday, and anticipated leaving a comment ooohing and aaahing over the brocade pants. {I love them!} Once here, reading about the challenges you've faced this week, I feel that drooling over, albeit gorgeous, trousers to be rather shallow. I do sympathize over the loss of your parka, and the dropping attendance in your dance class. I sincerely hope that your days are already getting brighter! Music and dance are two of the greatest beauties we've been granted in this world. I hope they both lift you up!!!

  20. Hang in there my dear. Your outfit is FIERCE, and you look fab. If I lived down south, I'd take your class in a heartbeat. I've always wanted to learn. Maybe a video series? :)

  21. I feel the black magic of this dress- I hope it conjurs up the much needed motion to draw more students. I'm wondering if the economy affects the urge for dance lessons? I am feeling it in the e-commerce field. Less and less people can afford the added expense of an impulse shopping spree. Unless it's from a sweatshop and only $5 of course. I guess I wish for more black in my accounts and less red. : )

  22. I'm sorry to hear of the black mood, but your lace and gold puts a beautiful spin on it. Your days remind me of mine in my previous life back in NYC -- same thing. In at the office before 7 am, home way past midnight. It's wonderful you are able to squeeze in time for what makes you whole -- music or dance.

    I am in a similar situation here though I do try to get to bed before midnight these days! (Still up before dawn) Everyone is always demanding something from me, particularly the organizations I am involved in. But this year, I am trying to push back all meetings outside of ballet class time or time for the arts. Truly a difficult balance!

    Hang in there. You're looking great! -- J xx

  23. There must be an ill wind blowing in the blogosphere. So many of my favorite bloggers experiencing difficulties this week from general malaise to malware attacks. Fabulous outfit and jewelry! Keep your chin up. Better days are coming!

  24. What a bummer about the parka! Seriously, someone could have said something!

  25. Dear V, I hope this challenging time has long since shifted. When life was really piling it on, I admire how you went and piled a bunch on too - except with awesomeness. :) Looped fringe and leather and spikes, and brocade and velvet, oh my, and to be transported by music and dance, hell yes! Thinking of you, my friend.

  26. BTW, is the Topshop jacket one of the Kate Moss pieces? I used to have it but I gave it away after Topshop knocked off my F@#! rings :-D


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