Monday, 7 October 2013

Baroque and Roll

It's well and truly autumn here now and I have been turning to the dark side in my wardrobe more often to get dressed. Black, black and more black has been my armour to face misty, foggy mornings, dreary grey skies and a hellish couple of weeks at work.  In fact I've had a truly rotten couple of weeks. I've been coming back from work in late night taxis long after most folks would be sensibly tucked up in bed.  On top of that I have had early morning meetings stuck in my diary. Who sticks meetings at seven thirty in the morning? My boss that's who.

I've been walking around like a zombie the rest of the time and have been so shattered that last week I walked off the tube leaving my favourite parka behind on the seat where I'd taken it off.  I'm still mourning the loss. No thanks to everyone on the crowded carriage in rush hour who watched me walk off without it.

On top of that attendance at my flamenco classes dropped off a cliff.  After a good couple of years I am still struggling to get enough numbers of students to make giving up so many hours after work feel worth the time and effort it requires.  I'm wondering what the hell I am doing wrong and beginning to despair.  And I've started coming down with a head cold!! Another thing to add to my very black mood and so I am dressing accordingly.  Halloween has certainly arrived early in this household!

I wore this outfit to forget my troubles attending a concert at the Barbican over the weekend.  I tried to break up all black with some mannish brocade trousers, some tough girl leather, a rock and roll fringed jacket and gold toned accessories.  I thought that maybe by adding some spikey accessories I might ward off evil spirits as I'm feeling more than plagued by a few.

The concert was a magical and emotional combination of Sufi and Flamenco music which managed to spirit me away from my worldly woes for a couple of hours.  Strangely one of the flamenco singers performing used to be my landlord when I lived in Spain so it made it feel like a sort of homecoming.  And I have no words for how wonderful the music was!

Hope your weeks have been better than mine!

Linking up to Visible Monday over at Not Yet Dead Style.

Brocade trousers: Raoul; Jacket: Topshop; Leather tee: Whistles; Necklace: Merle O'Grady; Shoes: Zara


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