Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Lavender and Lemon

Ever since I wrote about neon I've been endeavouring to work it subtly into my wardrobe.  Well, that was a bit daft really as there's no real way of being subtle about neon!  First I bought these shoes and then I started sneakily wearing them to work.  Not really work appropriate I know, but it was hot and sunny and that's about all the excuse I needed really.  It was funny getting into the elevators with people, first watching their chins drop and then their eyes bug out at my shoes.

Since then I graduated to a dress lined entirely in neon yellow.  I took the plunge after a discussion with a very stylish girlfriend with similar undertones to her skin colour as mine, but who wears neon dresses with the utmost aplomb.  Always concerned about neon looking just plain wrong against my skin colour, I asked her for her take on neon.  Her opinion was that actually neon probably didn't suit anyone's skin tone.  Neon, she told me, is a state of mind.

Neon is a state of mind.  Now that my friends is an interesting take on neon.  So I duly changed my state of mind and took the plunge with this dress which I found on the sale rack at Whistles.  A confection of lavender lace overlaid over a lemon yellow lining which I thought was a lovely feminine take on neon.  I then wore it to said girlfriend's birthday tea party a few weekends back.  Yes, my life has been full of tea parties this year.  No bad thing - except perhaps for my waistline!

Here's a sneak peak at what the birthday girl treated us too and which I chowed down with great enthusiasm.  Petit fours, cupcakes, chocolate dipped strawberries, scones and clotted cream - all washed down with tea and champagne.

As mentioned in a previous post, I have been adding a few ladylike touches to my outfits of late and for good measure I accessorised with pearls here.  You might only just be able to make them out but I'm wearing a necklace which is a fine smattering of tiny pink pearls that sits in a cloud of pearly fairy lights around my collar.  I also covered up with a lavender cardigan when the evening turned cooler.

Overall I was surprised at how easy the shade was to wear after all.  It helps that it's combined with one of my absolute favourite shades - lavender, and my absolute favourite fabric too - that being lace. My neon-is-a-state-of-mind girlfriend was well impressed!  Just goes to show you - never say never!

I shall be joining up with the ladies participating in Adrienne's (The Rich Life on a Budget) and Jill's (Everything Just So) How I Wear My Neon series this week which is sure to be a fab celebration of neon.
Dress: Whistles; Cardigan: Cue; Shoes: DVF; Necklace: Claires Accessories; Brooch: Vintage


  1. Pretty. Neon is a state of!

  2. Neon is a state of mind, indeed, but oh gosh, yellow neon would look absolutely terrible on me anywhere but possibly my feet. It looks smashing paired with the delicate purples on you!

  3. Beautiful introduction to neon, V. The dress keeps it subtle and the shoes are lively!

  4. I love this dress non you! I could see you making it edgy as well as perfect ladylike.

  5. I love that...neon is a state of mind. Normally I would associate that state of mind with a migraine since I'm really not a fan of neon but here it does look positively ladylike.

    I really do love the cut on the shoes too.


  6. Ooooh, lovely. Lavender lace over lemon, of course! Sounds like dessert all on it's own. Is it just my screen, or is there a creamy quality to the neon lemon? Beautiful in any case. The combination of colors is unexpected, and how lovely to find them in similar tones. You did good! Lady-like neons, delicious as the tea goodies ... clearly I'm fixated on food images that the dress suggests to me.
    Hard to imagine that dress on anyone else, actually. It suits you so well!
    (I have to go find something sweet and gooey now. 'Scuse me ...)

  7. Neon is a state of mind--an interesting mantra. It's the lavender lace that catches my eye. Well done.

  8. I think your friend is spot on actually, about all colours. We can all wear all of them, it's just a matter of how, where, what shade, and whether we feel confident about it. Same goes for neon, although I'll admit I don't have any. Accessories are a great way to incorporate colours we are a bit wary of, or toning them down by finding the right combination, as you have with the lavender. It maybe the slightly luminous quality of neon colours that puts me off, but the lace overlay on your dress deals beautifully with that issue!
    Nicely done, Mrs V - ladylike, elegant, but with added pzazz!
    Your tea looks lovely too! xxxxx

  9. I love your friend's wisdom, we could attitude that to most clothes and people make so many excuses not to wear something! It is only a state of mind, not whether it suits us, makes us look intelligent or fashionable, isn't it?
    Love the whole outfit, that dress especially (and your gorgeous legs!) x

  10. It may be a state of mind, but by these photographs I would say that you wear Neon beautifully! I adore the colour combination with the lavender, so very pretty and feminine. Good for you for making their jaws drop at work my girl!

  11. Tremendous juxtaposition of the fierce and the delicate - wow!

  12. I totally agree, neon is entirely workable and a "state of mind." That's what I think, it can be worn you just need to be confident and smart about it. I love the colour combination in your dress, with the lilac lace. You look really amazing! I also like the matching cardigan. x/Madison

  13. I agree with Amber! On the one hand the dress is very ladylike and sweet, yet those gorgeous shoes change the attitude!! Love the look on you. Your tea sounded utterly divine, too. XXOO

  14. Yes, fierce grace is the look you present. Cheers to that. Love the state of mind attitude. Works with so many things. I'll have to use that, I think. And wearing your ensemble to tea is the best.

  15. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh beautifullllllllllllllll

  16. This is a lovely lace dress.....the cut & color are so divine! Glad to have found you & your blog via my linkup with Monday Bloom!


  17. The yellow heels are awesome! They remind me very much a of pair of Jimmy Choos I saw once, so elegant and stylish they work perfectly with this dress!

  18. Loving the pastel color palette on you. Brunettes rule! :)


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