Thursday, 15 August 2013

Mint and Vanilla

It's been raining in London again and feeling positively autumnal.  The September issues of the fash mags are out declaring the end of summer, ringing the death knell on summer fashion and hailing the arriving of transitional dressing.  I personally wish this noise would stop.  I'm tired of hearing this when it is barely mid August and I know others are too - see Jan's witty exploration of the late summer fashion blues over at Fort Smith Stylista.

I don't want the summer to end!  Like Jan I am shopped out after the sales, am vowing not to buy any more summer clothes and desperately want to wear my new summer gear for just a little bit longer.  I want to play around with all the exciting combinations in my wardrobe these new additions could bring without the limitation of not having enough warm days to do so.  Hold off please autumn!  I want another heat wave - an Indian summer.  I want more picnics, more barbeques, more lying out in the garden soaking up the sun.  Not least because I would like to wear these mint green leather shorts again before the weather turns truly inhospitable.

Have you noticed that even though the Pantene colour of the year was emerald, the shade of green to be seen in this season seems to be mint? Mint seems to be everywhere and not just in clothing, it has infiltrated the world of interiors and homeware as well.  Recently we've been shopping for furniture and I've noted mint tinted outdoor furniture sets, minty green anglepoise lamps, trendy industrial pendant lampshades in mint enamel, bed linen in pale mint and mint washed walls in interior inspiration magazines. There have been a plethora of ceramics on sale in, you guessed it, mint - milky glass vases, dinner sets and tea sets. What happened? Who white washed the emerald?

Not that I'm complaining.  I do love a deliciously cool and icy shade of mint.  So enamoured am I that of late I have been known to sport almost head to toe mint combinations.  Mint blazer, mint shorts, mint top (exception being shoes - still looking for a pair of mint shoes).  I needed to stop this mint madness and de-mint - but then with what colour?

I find the fancifulness of colour names are a good starting point to get your creative juices flowing for outfit combinations.  If a colour is named after something edible than it is fun to think of edible colour combinations, two ingredients to go into the mix if you like rather than thinking of just "pale green" and "white".  Thinking of two ice cream flavours together inspired this outfit choice of mint leather and vanilla lace (because if anything goes well with mint ice-cream it is vanilla.)

Lemon and lavender coming up in a future post!  Maybe I should start a series of food inspired outfits...  What ingredients would you mix together when getting dressed?

Mint leather shorts: Theskyns' Theory; Lace top: Zara; Espardrilles: Spain


  1. oh yummy! the word "mint" is made of cool. what a fabulous summer look you're sporting here - I hope you Londoners get another warm month to enjoy it. xox

  2. I'm loving your photos with interesting perspectives, your lace top, the leather mint green shorts and the amazing white espadrilles. Lemon and lavender sounds delicious.

    I'm a fan of summer too, but I'm missing my boots!

  3. Maybe I would mix coffee and milk, or strawberry and cream. Or even better - chocolate and orange.
    Lovely summer look. The top is so very pretty.

    1. Mmmm tasty - I like your thinking! I might try strawberry and cream and chocolate and orange too xx

  4. Oh, I just love the mint leather shorts! They are magnificent. I am steadfastly ignoring the tolling of the bell for the end of summer - we've been having a wonderfully sunny summer out here on Canada's west coast, and I'm enjoying all of it, right until the end of September (although I admit, I am stalking the drugstore for the Sept issue of Vogue).

  5. I love that short and lacy top combo, it's wonderful with your beautiful curls and gorgeous skin. No wonder you liked that 1960s princess coat I found on Monday!
    Its not a colour I'd ever consider for myself though, pastels just don't make my heart sing like an acid bright.
    I'm firmly ignoring all mention of Autumn, it's August for feck's sake! xxx

  6. I love mint with off white. That top is lovely.

  7. I love the idea of flavour inspired dressing! Mint and vanilla look heavenly on you my dear, so lovely with your honey colouring and gorgeous long dark curls. The lace of the Zara top makes it especially romantic in that particularly summery way.

    Keep ignoring autumn while you can, I am too :)

  8. You are definitely in *mint* condition with those beyond lovey shorts. (Can't believe no one else jumped on that pun ... ) Vanilla and mint? Oh yes. Yes. YES!!!! So pretty, and I'd want more summer if I looked like you do. Gorgeous girl.
    You're my style inspiration for square tops.
    Thank you so much for the shout out! I've really gotten into my summer closet-diving. Always flattered and happy when you stop by and especially when you identify with my rural style quandaries!
    No sign of fall here ... and it's been surprisingly mild the last couple of days. Nice.

  9. You're right about emerald - haven't seen a sliver beyond the initial saturation, huh. Such beautiful lace and awesome leather shorts! I like your summery musings. I'm ready for a full plate of all the desserts: lemon meringue, cherry, and and chocolate. Mmm!

  10. Those leather shorts are amazing, and paired with the lace top, it's the perfect outfit, so pretty and stylish. I rarely do pastels but can appreciate how soft and lovely they look on others with the right colouring. Mint and vanilla? Delicious! xxxx

  11. Having seen that the last item worn on my blog was a mint jumper I can only agree! And I have been pretty much living in that outfit, shorts/skirt and a big mint spiky jumper for the autumnal summer. Thanks for your lovely comment. :)

    Your shorts look gorgeous! I would have snapped those up if I saw them. Except that I haven't found a pair of shorts this summer that fit me properly but that's another story. They are seriously stylish and a proper summer piece. I am with you on not wanting summer to end, those earlier sweltering days when I was walking round the house in only underwear (shh) were just perfect! Now it's all grey and getting to wear my new jumper is the only upside.

    P.S. I wanted to say turns out a friend of mine who does flamenco dancing is one of your pupils! We were talking about flamenco and I recommended reading your beautiful post about the dresses and it turns out she was in one of the photos! :) (That would be Ayesha btw)

  12. Yum, I could eat your outfit. There is something delectable about mint that makes your mouth water. I remember when mint made a brief appearance the spring of 1985 - amid all the neons there it was. I had an oversize (because what top wasn't oversize in the 80s?) sweatshirt that I just loved. Not sure what happened to emerald green but I think from a fashion perspective, it's not a mass colour, if you know what I mean. Then again, maybe mint isn't either - you make it look effortless, though. I love fall fashion but am sad to see the windows with sweaters and autumnal togs. I had to stop myself from buying a pair of 50 percent of sandals today, but really, I should have got them!

  13. I don't want the summer to end either! I don't want to give up my bright colored clothes just yet! Mint does seem to be everywhere and though I wasn't a big fan of the color, it's starting to grow on me. That lace shirt is lovely. :)

  14. Love that lace top and the color combo!


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