Friday, 2 August 2013

Macaroon Me

Ahhh the great English summer! We've finally been having enough of one that I managed to pull out all my pastel pieces again to layer up in a sugar fest of macaroon shades - pale mint, soft lilac and duck egg blue with pretty pleats, frills and cosy knitwear thrown into the dessert mix for good measure.  More sugar with my sugar please!

Long live the London heat wave!  Yesterday was 33 degrees C!!  And intermittently we've been having the most amazing thunderstorms where the air still manages to stay warm afterwards. 

One of the loveliest things about summer is being able to indulge in this pretty pallet of colours, when long days and glorious sunlight allows them to flatter you rather than wash you out.  I wish the weather was like this all the time. Then I'd live in saccharine fabulousness every day.


How about a macaroon tinted selfie! Don't I look good enough to eat with a strong cup of afternoon tea?  Bonne weekend all!

Lilac Cardigan and pale mint shell top with frilled collar: Cue; Pale blue pleated chiffon skirt: Whistles; Mint peplum jacket on ground: H&M


  1. yes, I am hungry now! I already have the tea. these are lovely pieces indeed.

  2. I'm going to start using that expression...instead though I'll say, "chocolate cake me". Doesn't have quite the same ring LOL

    I'm sure those pastels look lovely against your darker skin and hair.


  3. Oh when I see lovely ladylike outfits like this, looking so so pretty on someone with your beautiful colouring, I WISH with all my heart that I could wear pastel shades. I do, I want to... But I'm afraid they do that washing out thing to my extremely pale English complexion, and instead of looking macaroon or ice-cream sundae delicious, I look pale and drab. It's just not fair! But I can still enjoy seeing you looking gorgeous in these delightfully feminine pieces. Enjoy, with the merest hint of envy!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    PS. Thank you so much for your thoughtful and interesting comment on my last post, I appreciate it. And yes, please do your sexy post, I'd be keen to read more on your take on things. xxxx

  4. It's about time the UK had a decent summer isn't it? It must feel a bit like a warm spring summer's day in Perth in these pics:). Look at all that glorious macaroon colour (I think we should forget the word pastel and replace it with "macaroon")! xoxo

  5. Glad you're enjoying the heat wave!

  6. I really love that skirt!

  7. Ooo, what an absolutely delicious layering of lovely summer clothes (adore the skirt) and pastel colours. Glad to read you're having a wonderful summer over there, enjoy the warmth and sunshine!

  8. I love your granny-on-acid outfit. I bet you look ravishing in pastels with your gorgeous hair and sultry colouring.
    This summer has been the best for years, there's so many dresses that haven't seen the light of day for many summers getting a good airing! x

  9. Those water colour shades are so delightful on you.

  10. Delectable!!! The pleats and ruffles and lying on the grass are icing. :)


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