Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Silver Dusk

It's hot. Damn hot. I'd given up all hope of ever saying that in London over the last seven or so years where every summer has been a wash out. But after a disappointing spring London is finally in the throes of a pretty decent summer! If you are of an English constitution you might even be calling this a "heat wave" (stifles snide sniggering...).

There has been three weeks of wonderful long hot days. Mr V and I have been taking strolls in our favourite park at dusk to admire the wildflowers and the grass that has now grown waist high. I've been taking every opportunity to pull out the unworn summer dresses and heat like this calls for spaghetti straps. I think the last time I wore spaghetti straps in this country was two years ago!

This dress has been one of those "do I keep it or do I get rid of it?" dresses for a while. I've had it for years but it almost never sees the light of day because of the weather here.  I was glad to rediscover it on this occasion. The feather light jersey in a subtle silvery grey was perfect for a hot humid evening. The skirt is actually a puffball design, that tricky type of skirt that goes in and out of fashion and which I first remember coming into fashion as a young teenybopper in the eighties starting to go to discos.  I remember coveting one but never getting to own one, and they went out of fashion as these things do and I stopped pining for one.

Then they kind of came back a few years ago and I found a more grown up version to satisfy my inner disappointed teenager.  A puffball skirt incorporated into another teenage staple from the eighties I remember well - the dropped waist dress.  As the jersey is so soft it lends more of a Grecian drape to the dress and a pretty, silver grey lace band around the dropped waistline adds a dressier accent to the casual feel of the jersey fabric.

Mr V has embraced brights this summer.  He has been regularly sporting bright neon shorts he brought back with him from Spain. Makes him rather easy to spot amid the grass.

We love our walks here because the sky at sunset is rather beautiful and you get a rather Turner-esque view of the City skyline from the top of the hill.

We're also loving the range of colours of the grasses at sunrise, all the way from pale pink through to silver grey.

And someone came up with the genius idea of planting a field of wildflowers in a dead space near our local Lido (that's a public swimming pool for anyone outside of the UK). So glad they did.

Linking up to Visible Monday over at Not Yet Dead Style.

Dress: Mango; Shoes: Fit Flops; Bag: Michael by Michael Kors
Mr V - Tee: Levis; Shorts: Pull and Bear


  1. Wonderful shots of the English summer! I love wildflowers too, and don't get enough of them here in the 'burbs. Thanks for sharing your pics and your darling summer dress with Visible Monday.

  2. This post highlights one of the things I love about blogging - someone (you!) can take an item of clothing that has all the elements that make it wrong for ME, but makes it right and beautiful on THEM! Which is what personal style is all about. Lightweight jersey fabric, drapey, thin straps, dropped waist, puffball shape, neutral colour - all these things would scare me off, but on you, it's a cool, calm, stylish and beautiful delight! And how gorgeous do you look among the windflowers? Very! xxxxxx

  3. Such dreamy photos, you're a total Grecian goddess in that lovely cool dress and with your hair curled over your shoulders. Exquisite shots! Wild flowers are so stunning at this time of year.

  4. Isn't it just glorious? I was thinking about a week abroad somewhere but if it stays like this I'll be happy to hold out till India!
    Love that simple dress and Mr V's outfit is fab, too, got to love a man who embraces colour! x

  5. Good that you kept this unique and summery dress for the hot weather and your walks amidst wildflowers. It works well with the gorgeous grass and floral background and fits you perfectly. Great to see Mr V in color!

  6. Nobody does wild flower meadows like the English. And you look like a girl in this setting and in this dress. Such a soft, drapy little dress ... it deserves a nice home with you as it can't take up much room in your wardrobe! Nice it's hot enough to wear it at home this summer ... glad you're enjoying the heat. Surely you could wear it when you go back "dahn undah! Love the color, the drape, and especially the Art Nouveau-like trim! Please keep her!
    Mr V looking not too shabby, himself!
    Know you're jammed busy, but we're all so glad you're back, and I'm so happy you dropped not just one, but two notes today.
    Have a great, sizzling week, Island Girl!

  7. This is one of those easy to wear, perfect summer outfits that if it wet me, would get worn until there is literally nothing left of it but a few threads and some elastic. Lovely.


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