Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Pinning It Forward

A quick post to say hello to everyone and to say that I have finally moved house!  The boxes are still to be unpacked properly and I am here on borrowed time on someone else's broadband to sneak a post in.  I hope you are all doing well and I'm looking forward to getting back to blogland on a regular basis to say hello, that is once British Telecom decide to actually turn up to their appointment to hook us up to the internet!

A while back the nice people over at Pinterest asked me to participate in a Pin It Forward online event.  I quite like Pinterest - I think of it as the online version of scrap booking.  Offline I habitually collect inspiring pictures of fashion, interiors and art amongst other things from magazines or newspapers.  I always promise myself that one day I'll collate them into a wonderful mish mash of beautiful things and ideas, all pasted together in scrap books.  Well, they've pretty much all stayed collecting dust in various boxes and drawers!

Pinterest is my much more organised online version of such scrap books.  I often use it to make guilt free wish lists for the wardrobe, to record catwalk collections I've loved, to share my love of shoes and just generally to collect inspiring images around the internet to flick through at leisure later.  Unlike a desk drawer my Pinterest boards remain remarkably tidy!

Now that we are in our new place and thinking about how we are going to redecorate in the coming months, I will be adding to my Dream Home board for inspiration.  If anyone knows of any cool interiors sites do point me in their direction!

My favourite Pinterest board has to be my Flamenco board.  Funnily enough I've actually found images of myself dancing pinned on Pinterest from this blog under other Pinners' boards under Flamenco!  Like the image of me in my cream bata de cola which I've featured at the top of this post and which I repinned from someone else's board onto mine today.  It's strange to find yourself being pinned on Pinterest - even stranger to repin yourself onto your own board!

As part of Pin It Forward we are asked to introduce another Pinner and I am pleased to introduce Yan To to you all.  Yan is a London based fashion designer (now being stocked in Chelsea boutiques!) who is also on Pinterest here where he showcases his work and sources of inspiration.  You can check out his current SS13 collection which features some very funky textured dresses here.  My favourite from the collection is this inky column maxi which looks like it could be made out of rows and rows of tiny feathers.

Anyway I hope you are all well. Once I'm back online I will be around to say hello!


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