Sunday, 10 March 2013

Take My Picture

TAKE MY PICTURE from GARAGE Magazine on Vimeo.
A big thank you for the very insightful comments on my post on not getting to attend London Fashion Week and the Susy Menkes fashion blogger circus article, I normally don't get around to replying to comments directly on this blog but this time I did actually reply to each of you.

Since writing that post my attention has been drawn to this film by Garage Magazine which I thought I'd share with you. Although published recently it was shot before the Menkes article came out.  If you've never been to a fashion week and aren't sure of what Menkes was referring to then this film is really worth a watch.  It is mostly the fashion industry insider point of view of the fashion blogger/street style phenomenon and features the fashion journalist Tim Blanks candidly sharing his thoughts on it.

I have to say the hysteria captured on film here of Paris Fashion Week is a lot worse than what I witnessed at the last London Fashion Week I attended, which was now a long time ago.  I was gobsmacked!  Clearly things have gotten even crazier since then and I understand now why they have clamped down on blogger numbers. 

Towards the end of the film I also found myself nodding at a subtitle page which interjects the action to ask: "Has fashion generated it's own generation of reality TV stars?" Blanks appears to think so, and appears to lay the blame squarely on reality TV and the facebook phenomena before going on to express his view that the process makes monsters.  Even seasoned street style bloggers like Tommy Ton and Phil Oh seem to yearning for the good old days when there were fewer people to contend with.  And street style never looked so staged as seeing Anna Dello Russo strutting endlessly up and down and in circles so everyone can get a picture.

I'd love to hear what you think of this video!


  1. Tim Blanks is my childhood hero, probably been watching him for over a decade. Like any sort of fame that I think is seen in this video too that some people forgot where they came from.

  2. I am so far removed from most of that stuff... He does seem to be a little condescending, which turns me off him in general. I don't really do street style in my blog, although I do really love several blogs that incorporate it into their personal style blogs.
    Runway shows are so contrived to begin with that it only makes sense that all the surrounding hoopla and attendees will be just as showy and contrived.
    Becky :)

  3. What an interesting video!! Bloggers, photographers, oh my!
    I love the title "Take My Picture!"

  4. Like Becky said, much of it is so contrived and not an authentic expression of the joy of fashion. I was a little sad by the end of it, as opposed to how I feel when watching Bill C's videos.

  5. so interesting! That bit where ADR was walking around and around just made me cringe, and I was saddened that all the people being pursued by the photographers looked like models. I suppose it is like anything, eventually it becomes too big for it's own good and stops working.


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