Sunday, 24 March 2013

Navigating Winter

Hello God?  The central heating down here needs turning up a tad!  Since when did I move to Siberia?  Apparently it has been officially Spring here in London since Wednesday.  Spring?  Spring my shearling swaddled arse!  Someone tell that to the thermometer please!  It has barely been above single digits since oh, say December and this weekend it has been snowing in London.  Yes that's right snowing.  For the last couple of weeks it has been truly bitter.  A couple of weeks ago I actually put away some lightweight spring clothes into storage and dragged some winter clothes back out again!

I think this has been the longest dreariest winter I've had to suffer in this country.  There is good reason why there hasn't been too many outfit posts on this blog this winter because style wise there hasn't been much to report.  It seems I'm not alone in lacking inspiration from constant cold weather dressing either.  Sabine of Psynopsis summed up my winter when she posted this recently:
This has been my world for most of winter.  Wrapped up in various layers of animal hide and knitwear, this is what I've been looking like most days, more sinister member of some dark species of urban yeti than fashionably dressed.  For months it feels like all I have been wearing has been a combination selected from about five percent of my wardrobe on constant rotation - that five percent being three wool turtlenecks, three Uniqlo Heatech thermals, five pairs of black wool cashmere blend tights from Calzedonia (arguably my best winter buy), two pairs of my thickest wool trousers, one pair of Ugg boots, all topped off with layers and layers of knitwear and either a wool or shearling coat.  Most days I don't look smart or stylish, I feel more like I am wearing my pyjamas, and I am bored I tell you, so bored.

Lately, every time I've been looking at myself dressed like this, I've been reminded of the image of a character from a late eighties movie I once saw a trailer for called The Navigator: A Medieval Odyssey.  The film tells the tale of a group of medieval villagers embarking on pilgrimage to save their snowed under Cumbrian village from the plague, but somehow they end up tunnelling through the earth and travelling through time, ending up in modern day New Zealand.  What I would give to be able to tunnel through to the southern hemisphere right this instant.  This is Griffin, the child hero of the film - if the snow weary medieval crusader look was in we could be style twins.

Source: Cinema

Here is my current choice of hat, very similar to Griffin's - a knitted trapper hat with a fleece lining and a bit of faux fur trim.  Can I just say I cannot stand trapper hats, I think they are pretty ugly as a hat shape, but beanies just don't cut enough of the cold out for me anymore.  With our ever icier winters and the addition of the wind chill factor, I find the trapper hat is becoming an indispensable winter wardrobe staple for preventing my ears from aching in the cold.  Think I'm also doing a good impression of Marvin the Martian here.

What the current weather and the weather forecast does to me! Source: Imagur

I usually don't hit my stride dressing stylishly for cold weather until the temperature climbs over 10 degrees C.  Until then I'm stuck in a cycle of reaching for whatever keeps me warm over and above any other considerations.  Most of the winter looks and trends I had been drooling over all season,  while they look fabulous styled up in magazines, in reality they have seemed impractically chilly options for winter weather as cold as this.  As for spring looks - well just forget it.  At this rate it looks like I'll be shopping from my winter wardrobe until June!  Autumn/winter 2012 is the new spring/summer 2013!

Shearling Coat: Nigel Preston and Knight; Knitted Trapper Hat: Whistles; Cardigan: She's So; Harem trousers: Kaylee Tankus; Wedge Heel Shearling Boots and Shearling gloves: Ugg; Cashmere snood: Cos


  1. Hang in there, lovely V. Although great heat is not so painful as great cold, this is rather how I feel in Florida come October -- ready for a change : >

  2. It's sod's law that this April is the first one in 7 years that we haven't planned a pre-monsoon trip to India! You look fabulous despite the weather - but where's your snow? We've had 60 hours of non-stop white stuff, I'm so over it! x

  3. The Navigator is a well respected NZ film!!! Great film, if I remember rightly, it's been a while since I saw it!
    O, you guys have had such a hard Winter. I am so wishing warm winds your way! X

  4. I so agree with you Veshoevius, dressing for this neverending winter is proving so difficult and boring and cold! It's been the longest winter I've ever experienced in the UK, and I was born here! Like you I'm so very much longing for the Spring sunshine, but where is the bloody thing? Having said all that, you actually look very stylish (and warm) in your winter layers, I love the coffee coloured touches of the hat and scarf. Shall we do a sun dance to encourage a change in temperature, I will if you will?

  5. Hi my dear! Oh I so feel the same, its utterly frustrating and boring and makes you feel so unstylish having to layer up all the time, I just cannot wait until Spring finally visits and stays-lets hope we get a gorgeous summer xxx

  6. So sorry for your horrible weather! I guess I shouldn't complain about mine anymore as seems so much better than what you're going thru. It's all in the perspective... as my son would remind me. :)
    Hang in there!

  7. Sending some sunshine your way! Ugh, I never liked cold weather, even though I grew up up North so I feel your pain. I love the scarf and the coat though. :)

  8. Hoping for spring soon, because, holy cow, I cannot take much more of this. I'm right on the verge of buying a trapper hat myself, and maybe I should do that for sympathetic magic purposes? Buy the hat, kill the winter? (I've become irrational about this whole weather situation -- I am done with winter, why isn't it done with us?)

  9. I feel your pain, although I have the opposite problem here during the summer. It's unbearable. Nevertheless, I like your outfit!! I had to laugh at the cartoon, too. Sending love and warmth to you!!!

  10. We had a blizzard this past weekend, but at least the sun shines in between and the snow melts until the next time. I can't imagine it staying cold like you describe. Hope a change happens soon and you can get out from under your winter layers.

  11. Hope you stay warm through it all. The sunshine seems to be playing tricks on me again everywhere I go. I really love the coat and snood! /Madison

  12. I still remember the winters in Englan, well. To me it is winter all the year round in England that is one of the main reason we came back to live in Spain, south of course.
    Keep warm.

  13. This is like the opposite of Flamenco Fire, don't you think? Maybe a bit of dancing might help?

  14. I've totally given up.

    THis is the longest/worst winter.

    I'm ready.

    SO READY for summer.

  15. I'm so sorry you guys have had such a lousy winter. I had lunch in the sunshine on the beach yesterday and today I'm rugged up inside with blankets and socks... I think our Autumn is making her presence felt.

    Sarah xxx


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