Saturday, 16 March 2013

A Versatile Blogger Award

Some time ago I received a blogger award by Ruth of Origami Girl's Heroics, which I thought was very sweet of her.

Thank you kindly Ruth - I am very touched and it really cheered me up as at the time I was feeling really quite a bit down about this blog after all the Fashion Week stuff and wondering whether I should be blogging at all.  As part of receiving this award I have to share seven random facts about myself and pass it on to some other bloggers.  So here are my seven:

1. I have double jointed elbows. Don't think that's helpful in any way.  It actually makes flamenco dancing harder, not easier and it creeps Mr V out.
2. I am arachnophobic.
3. I am not and never will be a morning person.
4. I love a good fry up on the weekends - scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, tomatoes, mushrooms, the lot!
5. I have lived in eight different cities and five different countries, four of which were islands - see here for details.
6. People have a hard time working out where I'm from.  Over the years I have been asked if I am Mexican, Peruvian, Hawaiian, Mauritian, Tahitian, Portuguese, Spanish, Gypsy, Maori, American Indian, Indian and I'm sure there are several others I've forgotten!
7.  I am a published author - I have published three papers in scientific journals and two international patents.  Hardly glamorous stuff but, there is a lot of noise currently being made on the blogosphere about journalistic standards in the wake of the Suzy Menkes article about whether bloggers can compare themselves to the lofty heights of bona fide fashion journalism.  I'd just like to point out that writing about fashion is absolutely a walk in the park compared to the qualifications you need under your belt and the research you have to conduct in order to write and publish peer reviewed journal articles for scientific publications!

And here are my versatile blogger nominations:
1. Amber of Butane Anvil - for her sublime use of shape, colour, fabric and language;
2. Jan of Fort Smith Stylista - for sparklingly intelligent writing about various style topics and self image issues we all have and she paints her self portrait for posts in pixels;
3. Emalina of Kiki and The Gypsy - for the heady mix of gorgeous vintage pieces inherited from her grandmother, the evocative poetry and the fairy tale imagery on her blog;
4. Lisa of Dangerous Curves - for juggling her personal style journey with family life, teaching and competitive ballroom dancing;
5. Jean of Dross into Gold - for her boundless creativity in upcycling clothing;
6. Diane at Haute Flashion - for her great outfit shots which are always accessorised with interesting and matching backdrops!
7. And finally a special mention to a fellow Australian, Willow of Art, Clothes and Contemplations -  a beautiful young woman with a blog that is the antithesis of her peergroup (where often the focus is on churning out the next high fashion look from Zara/Topshop/Primark).  Willow reminds me of me when I was young.  Do you remember the magic of being seventeen?  Of that strange twilight age half way between leaving the innocence of childhood and becoming a woman?  (Or maybe that happens so much earlier these days?).  A time where romance is still to be found in having tea parties in country fields, in finding your own voice through writing, in discovering the literary joys of vintage copies of Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights and Alice in Wonderland, in discovering the beauty of vintage clothes and imagining the stories woven into their fabric and those that are yet to be told, in discovering how to create your own clothes and your own world to go with them.  If there is one thing I miss about being young, it is not the unlined, plump facial features, nor the cellulite free thighs, nor the firm glowing skin.  It is that wide eyed, open-hearted view of the world and the fascination with all that life has to offer, a readiness to see and take in its beauty which we sometimes forget to stop and do when we get older.  If you are becoming a little jaded with life in your old age this blog will un-jade you very quickly.

I've nominated you all because you are all fab and I love visiting your blogs.  There is no obligation whatsoever on my part to follow the award "instructions" because I know that these posts take time and we're all busy (I know because I've still got a backlog of Liebster awards I still feel guilty about not following up on - sorry Emalina! Terry! Posts still in draft!), but if you are keen to share the love here is what you are supposed to do:
  • Nominate some other new bloggers, I'll leave the number up to you
  • Let them know you have nominated them
  • Share 7 random facts about yourself (feel free to share more or less as you see fit)
  • Thank the blogger who has nominated you
  • Add the Versatile Blogger Award to your post.
Have a great weekend!


  1. I feel so much better for knowing I'm not the only one with backlogged Liebster awards. Thank you for confessing!

  2. I had no idea you worked in science! You amaze and impress yet more, with all your talents, V. And you're not even halfway through yet!

  3. Such an interesting post. I always love reading a deeper part about a fellow blogger. Wow, it seems you've lived in loads of places, I can definitely relate. Looking forward to visiting the other blogger' links as well.

  4. Papers for science journals!!! Every now and then I think about writing up a real critical review of a lit story--just for fun--and I'm like... Naaaaaw, maybe NOT! In my mind, blogging is not even comparable to research writing.
    Fun nominations,
    Becky :)

  5. I am so honoured by your nomination, doubly so being a big fan of yours! Thanks, V! Glad to hear that it was a boost for you as well after the LFW stuff. I appreciated the subsequent video you posted which captured the desperation of it all, and your brilliant commentariat's contributions, especially co-nominee Emalina's perspective. Your post celebrating your fabulous Mom was particularly moving to me, having just come from quality time with mine.

    Incredible work getting published in peer-reviewed scientific journals and international patents - had more than an inkling you were enormously smart and fiercely competent. :) I too must find a way to bring my Leibster-pile-up-induced guilt to conclusion. Thanks for your random facts, and I hope this space continues to be a relevant and meaningful place for you to engage - as noted, I really enjoy visiting!

  6. Gosh I am delighted and so touched to be included in your nominations, thanks so much sweetie! I echo Amber that it is such an honour to be nominated by you, as your blog is one of my all time favourites!

    I loved your random facts (we're kindred spirits in the 'will never be a morning person'), and your description of Willow's lovely blog was so evocative of her 17 year old wonder and charm. I feel very lucky to be amongst such a clever and lovely feminine blogging community.

  7. I just saw this!!! Thanks so much!! I have two liebsters that are molding in the closet (bad blogger) but I will do my best to honor this in some way. Thank you so much of thinking of me. You are high on my blogger pedestal, so I'm really honored.

    I enjoyed your random facts, too. Vix is also has double jointed arms, I believe. She referred to them as her "bendy" arms. Not sure what I'll come up with, but it's entertaining to say the least.


  8. Thank you so much for the nomination and the special mention, I am incredibly flattered! Glad to see Emalina's beautiful blog nominated, as well as all those other wonderful blogs.
    I loved your seven facts, I'm also not a morning person (and will never be one.) And always find a good fry-up enjoyable on a Saturday or Sunday morning (that or pancakes.) And how wonderful to live in all those different places!
    Also, many people mistake my age (like in Emalina's comment above) but I'm not 17, because I'm very tall and don't act like most people my age, but I'm actually only 13 (14 this year though). Once again a huge thank you for saying such lovely things about me and my posts on your gorgeous blog.

  9. Oh! Wow! Thank you, V, for including me in such fine company, especially since it resulted in my first (and not last!) visit to the Willow's delightful blog I'm flattered, and like you, received this nice thought on an otherwise crappy day when it had an extra positive effect. You have been on my wave length the last day or two because of your fashion week post and the Suzy Menkes comments. Stay tuned, as of course I feel the need to opine!
    These little community building vehicles like the Liebster and the Versatile Blogger allow us to connect in unusual ways, and I'm all for that. Your seven facts make for a friendly, girl-friendly post, and add a kind of safe, permissible intimacy. Those little details inform us and enhance our deeper understanding of your future posts, and that's a big deal.
    With more thanks, for your reading and your writing ...

  10. You are one interesting (and very lovely) lady! :) Of course it's apparent from your blog but I also enjoyed reading your post.
    Pertaining to Acne pistol boots, yes, they are surprisingly comfortable for walking. I have no trouble wearing them all day, doing light to moderate walking such as at a shopping mall, grocery store, around town, etc.


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