Friday, 8 February 2013

Floral Playsuit

Back to my holidays pictures!  Do you ever find yourself swearing that you will never wear a certain item that comes into fashion and then do an about face and find that you actually quite like it? Or have you ever been given an item of clothing you wouldn't normally wear, either as a gift or hand me down?  Would you use it as a free opportunity to try something outside of your normal style comfort zone?  A post by Selene over at The Elegant Bohemian on this topic got me thinking about this the other day.  Never say never because a freebie may just change your mind!

Season after season, the one thing I categorically steer clear of is the "all in one" in all its various incarnations - catsuit, jumpsuit, playsuit, dungarees, overalls, romper - however you want to reinvent and relabel it, I just really never get on with the shape of any of them on me.

The closest I have ever come to wearing a one piece in the past was a shapeless thermal overall type thing we wore over our leotards and tights to warm up in ballet classes - we used to call it a Gumby after the shapeless plasticine character of the same name.  I see dancewear brand Bloch are still selling them.  After my ballet days were over it was relegated to winter pyjamas.

I think the words "floral playsuit" would be enough to strike terror into any self respecting woman's heart.  Over the last two summers it was hard to miss how many little playsuits in various guises were on offer on the high street.   What felt especially girly, and I thought really best left to those still in high school, were all the floral rompers in ditsy prints and short styles with hemlines that took indecency to new heights.  I had sworn that I would not be wearing one of those.

This little number was actually a gift from my little sister which she bought from a street market while on holiday in Bali.  My instant enthusiasm for the print gave way to trepidation when I realised it was a playsuit and a short, strapless one at that.  But when a cherished family member who share a love of fashion gives you a gift you kind of have to be seen wearing it at least once! If there is anyone who knows what might suit you it should be someone you grew up sharing clothes with and on this occasion, my sister showed that she clearly knows what I like even before I know I like it.

It was so damn hot in Australia while I was down that I barely got out of this thing.  It was comfortable, cool and a cinch to just throw on and head out the door.  I love the retro feel of the print. The strapless, billowy design was a God send on forty degree days, the shorts weren't too short and I was quite grateful for how the dropped waist hid the effects of Christmas gluttony on my belly!  So enough on being down on floral playsuits!  Maybe it was just finding the right one that was the key.

Has a gift or a freebie ever changed your mind about an item of clothing?

Playsuit: gift; Flip Flops: Fit Flop; Bag: Michael by Michael Kors


  1. I think this play-suit is just terrific and you look so comfortable! Yes, I have changed my mind about clothing when I was "gifted" with something : > Sometimes for the better, sometimes not so much. But it's good to keep an open mind, yes?

  2. I have to say that you look very relaxed and I can see why it would be a good choice for warm weather.

    I used to wear jumpsuits (back in the day) but I can still remember one thing I just hated about them was having to get totally undressed to go to the bathroom.


    1. Yeah the bathroom thing always put me off them too!

  3. That playsuit is adorable and looks so effortlessly chic (the best kind of chic!!) on you! I love playsuits/rompers, but can never wear them because I am sooooo long waisted. I've never found one that didn't pull...
    I've tried so many new styles because of 'freebies'. It never hurts to try it on because you never know :)

  4. That's such a cute playsuit, looks like it really suits you! Perfect for a hot holiday, you lucky thing!

  5. That looks so you, so relaxed and hippy chic. I can't believe you ever shied away from them before, you know I'm a massive fan. I'll try most stuff as long as it's not beige or fleece! xxx

  6. LOVE it! Gosh, you look fantastic in it!

  7. I love the print, and honestly, this is one of the few playsuits I've ever seen that doesn't make me reject it on general principles. It looks smashing on you.

    As for never say never, I have bought two pairs of tapered harem-style pants in the last month, after vowing never never never to do such a thing.

  8. I love it! It makes me want to be on a vacation on the beach wearing absolutely nothing but this kind of jumpsuit and a halter dress. That sounds heavenly.

  9. Hi there!! The playsuit looks really lovely and sounds ideal for sweltering hot weather-comfy and stylish, what's not to love about it! xx

  10. Tú estás guapa en todo.
    Un abrazo fuerte.

  11. Wow....its so cute. I like the pattern too. I love the concept, but on me this would be pretty scary! ;)

  12. It's hard to believe that someone can look so stylish in a "playsuit". (That's what we used to call them where/when I was growing up) I can see why you fell in love with it. It's totally practical and it was given to you with love!! The print is beautiful and you look totally fabulous in it. Lucky you!

  13. This is very pretty on you, V! Hard to come by is such heat, but this print and fluttery shape are so nice.

    I have somehow become a wedge sneaker woman myself.

  14. V- I will be living my summer life through you- as I shiver and shake in grey Pacific NW gloom you are shiny and gorgeous in your delicious playsuit. I was also admiring both of your Xmas frocks- empire waist and happy prints are the way to go. I feel warmer already. Thank you.


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