Thursday, 24 January 2013

The British Museum

As a Londoner I do not get out to the British Museum enough.  In all the years I've lived here I think I've been about four times.  This must be rectified!  There is just no excuse not to visit this place regularly if you are lucky enough to live in London.  It's free entry to most of the permanent exhibitions (you are invited to make a donation - how very politely British!) and there is so much to see.  I was just here for afternoon tea but I've made a mental note that I have to come back and work my way through some of the exhibitions - maybe just choose a theme and spend an afternoon just looking at that.

These shots as well as those in the last post were taken with my new camera. It's a Canon Powershot G15 and I can't recommend it enough.  It is one of the new range of bridge cameras coming out that sit between a small point and shoot and the all-singing-all-dancing larger SLRs.  I dropped my SLR while on holiday in Australia and it is going to be a while before it gets repaired (groan!), so I decided to get a more travel friendly replacement in the meantime. 

I prefer to be able to slip a camera in my bag rather than take a separate camera case or having it hanging around my neck all day.  The problem is the bulk and weight of an SLR gets pretty cumbersome to lug around.  I also find that having to drag out a big camera with a huge lens can put me off taking photos in some situations.  So often in London there are places where the on site security or staff will swoop on you and insist you put the camera away.  Meanwhile another person nearby snapping away with their little point and shoot or mobile phone often escapes without hassle.  I've also been wanting to take more outdoor photos for the blog for a while but that meant somehow dealing with the low light conditions we always struggle with here. 

So I made the decision to buy a new, smaller, point and shoot camera to take out and about with me on a daily basis.  The beauty of a bridge camera like this is that it offers very high quality digital photos (getting pretty near the quality I get out of my Nikon 5100 SLR) in a far less conspicuous compact point and shoot form.

I'll just point out that I'm not being paid or asked to review this camera but if like me, you enjoy taking photos to put on a blog and struggle to get good images because of a lack of good light, then the Canon G15 really is a gem.  All of these shots were taken without the flash in very low light conditions, (it was actually pretty dark by then) and I've done next to nothing in terms of post production editing, a real time saver if you want to do a blog post quickly.  This model certainly doesn't come cheap but was still less than some of the larger SLRs, and it is packed with features to adjust the settings for different kinds of backgrounds.  The snow shots I took were on a special snow setting (indicated by a little snowman icon!).  The range of special effects and filters you can apply directly when taking photos is pretty impressive as well.  I'm looking forward to trying them out!


  1. I lived in Camden Town, within an easy walk, and a mere two Tube stops, of the British Museum, for the better part of seven years, and I think I went there five or six times. I could just kick myself now for not taking more advantage of my proximity to it. (I did get to the V&A pretty often, though, so I'm not a total philistine!)

    1. I had V&A membership for two years and only managed to visit three times in all - the shame!

  2. I love museums-- that one looks immense and interesting-- def one to get back to!!! Camera info noted! I just really started getting into blogging, between that and trying to shoot website pics and photo shoots, my photography interests have blossomed!! I actually kind of love it :) But, I am starting to understand how having a better camera can really help get better quality photos.

  3. I loved the British Museum, and also the Victoria & Albert (I saw the Grace Kelly fashion exhibit). Your camera took amazing pictures!

  4. Love the British Museum & need a new camera, so thanks for the tip off!

  5. I have a canon powershot A1200, which is even smaller. Love it! It takes regular photos, video and timed. It's so small I can carry it in the front pocket of my jeans. It's the only camera I use, did I mention how easy it is to use? I haven't lived in a city with a museum in about 20 years, but when I did, I want to every event. I miss that.

  6. Beautiful photos. We struggle with the same thing - take the nice camera or something I can slip into a purse.

  7. I've only been to the British Museum once, but I was FASCINATED by that amazing ceiling in the entry. Love these shots! Looks like you scored a great camera. I am a HUGE Canon fan. All my cameras are Canons, for years.

    I actually just upgraded to a Canon 60D with video plus a 50mm lens, because I really want to improve my photos and videos for the blog. I'm always torn between taking the big DSLR out, and just going with my iPhone for a point-and-shoot...and usually I just go with the iPhone. Though during a recent trip, without the DSLR, I would not have been successful with several nighttime shots. I do see the DSLR more as a production camera for use at home. Now I have two, plus three lenses, but this year, I'm going to take a photography class and try to get the most out of them!

  8. I'm the same with the Edinburgh museums, I don't go nearly often enough!

  9. Gosh the British Museum looks wonderfully eerie in the snow, great photos. And good to know about your new camera, it's probably way out of my league price wise but I am on the hunt for a new one, will check it out.

  10. I do love the British Museum. It's great to frequent musuems, I find it therapeutic. I think I've always lived near museums growing up. And, I actually have been using both of my cameras, but typically tend to use a point and shoot because I'm an on-the-go-lady! Weight is everything for my lifestyle! I may play around with my DSLR again in the near future. Your photos came out great!

  11. Hi my dear-these are such good photos and your camera certainly sounds like it does such a professional job, well done! have a good weekend xx


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