Monday, 10 December 2012

The Ghost of Christmas Past

Veshoevius: Ah E-bay! Thou dost deliver!  What better to break the shopping ban than with a vintage opera cape fashioned from a antique piano shawl.
Vintage Cape: Greetings!
Veshoevius: Eeek! It speaks!
Vintage Cape: I am the Ghost of Christmas Past.
Veshoevius: What? No you're not! You're a vintage cape!
Vintage Cape: A mere ruse, Veshoevius, a mere ruse! I've been sent to warn you that Christmas is approaching and you've been shopping again haven't you?
Veshoevius: Who me?
Vintage Cape: I thought you were on a shopping ban.
Veshoevius: Err yes well, that kind of came to an abrupt end when I spied you on E-Bay.
Vintage Cape:  I thought as much but that's not all is it? You've been spending the Christmas present budget on shoes haven't you?  Don't think I haven't seen the boxes arriving and being added to the stash.  And Nicholas Kirkwood no less.
Veshoevius: But it was a sample sale! They're only once a year!

Vintage Cape: Sample, schmample - you are supposed to be buying Christmas presents!
Veshoevius: Oh yes, yes alright I'm supposed to be buying Christmas presents! But that's half the problem! Then you have to go shopping and you spend all this time seeing all these lovely things that you actually end up buying for yourself...
Vintage Cape: Christmas is about giving to others...
Veshoevius: Are you sure you're not just my guilty conscience speaking? You sound exactly like it.
Vintage Cape: You don't listen to your guilty conscience anymore so the powers that be have sent me.  Honestly, where is your sense of self control?
Veshoevius: Oh come now, do you really expect me to exert self control when I can get three pairs of Nicholas Kirkwood shoes for the price of one?
Vintage Cape: You have enough shoes!
Veshoevius: Damn it speaks sense...
Vintage Cape: And don't think I missed the discounted Lucy Choi shoe boots you snuck in either...
Veshoevius: Double damn! Okay Ghost of Christmas Past, I admit the shoes were beyond indulgent but you couldn't expect me to pass up on a one of a kind vintage cape of such exquisite beauty as this.  I mean all that heavy embroidered silk, the colour like buttery cream, the shimmering silk fringe, the fine cotton lace trimming the generous shawl collar, the single button closure so intricately carved from Mother-of-Pearl and the detail of the large decorative tassel.

Vintage Cape: Why stop! You're making me blush!
Veshoevius: You totally seduced me.  Really I am just a sucker for beautiful things, be they shawls or shoes.  There was no way I could leave you on the E-bay shop floor.  You deserve to be taken out and shown off to the world.  You were crying out to be taken to the ballet, to the opera where other audience members can marvel at the sight of you.
Vintage Cape: The opera? Really? Why...I haven't been to the opera in oh...about two centuries.
Veshoevius: Then to the opera you shall go on my shoulders.  Why, I'd need to get a box at the Royal Opera House if I was wearing you!
Vintage Cape:  A box? At the Royal Opera House? Do you mean that?
Veshoevius: I hear La Bohème is on...
Vintage Cape: Aahhh La Bohème - Puccini!  One of my all time favourites....
Veshoevius: Passion, tragedy and romance in 1830's would be divine from a box view with you draped across my shoulders non?
Vintage Cape: Is that a promise?
Veshoevius: I swear on my Nicholas Kirkwood shoes.
Vintage Cape: You're on! Veshoevius, all is forgiven! To the opera with us!

Anyone else's conscience tickling them in the run up to Christmas?

Not very visible this week as I'm travelling but still linking up to Visible Monday over at Not Yet Dead Style.

Vintage Silk Opera Cape: E-Bay


  1. Woweeeeeee what an amazingly beautiful vintage opera cape! Totally worth breaking that shopping ban for!
    Your dialogue made me giggle (and cringe with recognition... hello 70s peasant dress bought from ebay when I was meant to be xmas shopping). If only we really could go to the opera all these sneaky purchases would be worthwhile...

  2. This cape has its own gravitational field. "Are you sure you're not just my guilty conscience speaking? You sound exactly like it." - NICE.

  3. OMG this cape is AMAZING - so beautiful! I have no shopping conscience - life's too short! Sarah xxx

  4. Beautiful cape, there's no way you could have pasted that buy. And it talks!

  5. "Damn it speaks sense" . . . LOL. What a fun read, and a spectacular cape. Enjoy! And thanks for sharing it with Visible Monday. xoxox

  6. LOL! Vintage cape speaks for me, too!
    What a gorgeous cape! I'd love to see it on you!
    Happy shopping! ;)

  7. Loved this and totally identified with it. At least you were able to come to an agreement. I'm still fighting with mine.


  8. You are funny and a great writer. I'm so glad you bought that cape, you'll find the right occasion, I promise! xxx

  9. You can just leave it hanging in a window and it's worth it!

  10. Oh.....I'm going to pass out.....that is breathtaking.......

  11. Haaaaa,brillant!!!
    That's an ASTOUNDINGLY gorgeous cape.You HAD to have it!

  12. That cape is beyond spectacular. The color is just stunning and the embroidery. I am a sucker for anything embroidered. Things like that only come along once in a lifetime and it is good that you got it. Lucky, lucky you!

  13. Ha ha - I love this! And I always end up buying presents for myself when I go Christmas shopping.

  14. Yes! Of course I feel like vermin for buying for myself during the holidays. But we have to wear SOMETHING celebratory. How rude to bore everyone with last year's outfit. I've known other women to talk with their clothes, but few have the audacity to argue with them, much less fight back! Soothe your conscience with the knowledge that you have rescued this beautiful vintage piece from the clutches of a lesser woman.
    You will, of course, look spectacular.
    Happy Christmas!

  15. Ah, you are not the only one. I'm shopping for the difficult-to-buy-for hubby online, but when I take a break I troll Etsy for whatever I am hankering after that minute or hour (vintage Aztec sweaters, kilim bags, and sweater dresses, to name a few!). Beautiful piece you found, and I do so hope you get to listen to Puccini at the opera (I have to play Puccini when hubby is gone as he has an extreme aversion to anything opera-related, alas).

  16. The breathtaking cape must be on your shoulders and taken out to be admired. I've heard this conversation before in my own head. It's difficult to resist such beauty and your wicked wit.

  17. Ha! Love it! What a spectacular cape and a marvellous dialogue to go with it. I hope you enjoy your holiday. I am about to head out as well for the month. Safe travelling! /Madison

  18. LOL!! I totally side with you on this one! That cape is gorgeous and absolutely perfect to wear out to an opera.

    This post was too cute! Love it!

  19. Hi my dear!! Oh my, this is a totally stunning find that most definitely had to be bought and what better way to show it off than with a visit to the Opera, I hope you have a wonderful time as you will look gorgeous xxx

  20. Gorgeous cape!! I am totally guilty of shopping for myself and shoes are a weakness!! You're a great writer-- love the log :))

  21. What a beautiful piece -- the cape, I mean, and a giggle inducing piece -- the play, I mean. I'm sitting here grinning at my desk while my son pulls all the clean laundry out onto the carpet. I've missed you!


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