Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Sevillian Street Art

Here is a collation of some Sevillian street art, both old and new. Many years ago I used to associate Sevilla with "old" things. Old architecture, old paintings, the old style of shop fronts, and ancient narrow cobbled streets. This time around however I've been noticing that it is increasingly becoming a city where the old sits alongside the new.

You can still see the strong influence of the Catholic Church everywhere in the countless religious paintings, mosiacs and motifs that are mounted not only outside churches but on building walls over street signs and on the front of people's houses.   It even shows its influence in relatively modern street art, like this painting of a Semana Santa procession on the shutters of a shop.

It's interesting to see street artists take inspiration from the old with details of older architectural silhouettes worked into their paintings.  I liked this refreshments kiosk with its trompe l'oeil wrought iron balustrades and dreamy depictions of the steeples and spires of the Sevillian skyline.

There is even what looks like ancient graffiti on the sides of churches.  From far it looks like modern tagging but on closer inspection it looks rather a lot older.

Turn down a side street and you'll be surprised with something else, an old symbol masquerading as some kind of new statement by whoever thought to put it there.

Not all graffiti tries to rise to such lofty heights of course, some paintings remain cheerfully banal. I don't recall seeing much graffiti in Spain when I first starting visiting fifteen years ago.  In the last five or so years there has been a noticeable explosion, perhaps related to the rise of unemployment and reduced prospects for the young here.  Some of it is just the defacing of public and private property, but some of it can be fun, or thought provoking or even beautiful.

On some buildings you can find elaborate plaques celebrating artists of a bygone era.  This one was dedicated to a singer of Spanish copla who was also an early Andalusian film star.

There is also a parade of animals to be found, old familiar friends, worked into sculpture old and new, mounted on doors and buildings.

As with many an old European city there are rich rewards to be had from looking up.   One can appreciate the handiwork and vision of craftsmen and artists, from the traditional...

...to the truly avant guard.



  1. The colors are just stunning, as is both old and new artwork. Makes me want to visit!!

  2. Wonderful photos, V. Like Une Femme, I feel like I need to come to Seville to take it all in!

  3. The ironwork on the first building pictured takes my breath away. I'm going to get there someday!

  4. Oh it's AMAZING! Great pics... I want to go there! Sarah xxx

  5. How absolutely wonderful (and no rain or grey skies, either!). I love the bull's head, that ochre wall and the avant garde structure. I want to go! x

  6. These really are marvellous images! I've actually always been slightly fascinated with graffiti art, there's so many different types. I also would love to visit here some day. I love the old with the new, it's a beautiful marriage! Take care. /Madison

  7. These are beautiful snippets of Sevillan architecture. Some are quite unexpected, as you pointed out! -- J xxx


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