Monday, 3 September 2012

Make Hay While The Sun Shines

Here are some snaps of the sun drenched fields of France.  I write this from the UK now where the end of summer is nigh.  The days are getting shorter and cooler and the nights chillier.  The September issues of the fashion magazines are out, everyone in blogland is fawning over Autumn/Winter collections and Autumn pre-collections are already on the racks in the shop.

And yet it feels like summer never started here.  I'm sure I am not alone in clinging to the last days of summer and praying against all hope for an especially long Indian one.  Apart from a couple of hot weekends this summer in England was the worst in living memory for me and officially the coldest and wettest in a hundred years!  Although I've been back with nose to grindstone in London these past few weeks, I've preferred to post about sun drenched days from my French and Summer holidays without which I would not have felt like I had a summer at all.

The one plus of the awful summer here was the sales starting early and pretty hefty discounts being given quite quickly.  I picked up some great bargains in the summer sales as part of my challenge to add more colour to my wardrobe.  I bought things I think will last me a long time.  These navy lace shorts, as well as a hot pink trouser suit (which looks better than it sounds!), were part of my summer sales picks from Whistles.

I've been having an enforced wardrobe organise due to some works at our flat and it has made me dependent on a capsule wardrobe for a few weeks. Having to pack up and store my entire wardrobe away was eye opening! I had to severely limit what I could keep out which was hard.  I ended up with a selection of my favourite summer trends I wanted to eke out as I cling to the last days of summer and its made me take stock and reflect on what I've been buying and wearing this season.

The prevalence of pastels this season gave me a chance to pick up items in colours that suit my skin tone that I don't often find.  The one bit of advice I took away after doing a seasonal colour consultation many years ago was that when shades of colours in your palette come into fashion it is a good time to buy items of clothing in those shades, as these pieces will always be flattering on you no matter what happens to be in fashion.

This summer I was very excited about the return of pale, icy shades of blue and green and it gave me an excuse to rediscover this lace trimmed aqua top.  I badly wanted to add some mint green to my wardrobe this summer and was spoilt for choice.  My favourite mint green purchase has been an ice mint leather tunic top from Cos.  Whilst in Spain I also picked up a pale mint embroidered eyelet tee and a mint blazer in soft jersey.  Now if the summer would just drag out a bit longer so I can enjoy wearing them a bit longer!

This post is part of the Visible Monday series over at Not Yet Dead Style.

Aqua lace trim tee: Chine; Navy lace shorts: Whistles; Sandals: Zara


  1. Sorry you missed out on a proper summer, V. It's still steamy hot here in Florida, and I am not looking at wooly sweaters yet! Very pretty aqua top - thanks for sharing your look and thoughts with Visible Monday.

  2. Love the little lace details!!!

  3. For 10 years now I've started spring full of hope for a wonderful summer only to go disappointed into autumn... 2003 and 2005 were good, mind you - so I can totally understand you clinging to warmer days... Your outfit looks so beautiful and summery.

  4. I'm a capsule style wardrobe too as I've got things in storage still from a recent move. It's having me rethink my wardrobe in general- time for a serious purge I think!

    I love the cool blues on you!

  5. Oooh, I want to see the mint leather tunic! Is it possible that when all this work on your building is done that you will have a larger closet?

    1. re: larger closet
      Unfortunately not - just a slight smaller bedroom!
      I'll try to get the leather tunic in an OOTD post for you!

  6. Love these colours on you - I would never have thought of navy blue lace shorts but they look gorgeous on you! and I love the glimpse of your gorgeous hair, beautiful mystery woman. Sarah xxx

  7. Love this look! Gorgeous top! ;)

  8. I'm with Terri- I immediately wanted to see that leather tunic !!! You do look lovely in that gorgeous top. I see why you want more things in that color family.

    Hope your weather is decent this week. :-)

  9. Your outfit looks beautiful. I'm holding out for an Indian summer, too, it looks promising for this week at least!
    The mint lather tunic sounds fab, can't wait to see it. xxx

  10. Love your pastel looks. I too would like to see that mint leather tunic. I found a mint sweater with sequins at a bargain price. I am trying to figure out how to style it.
    We had summer a plenty this year. It was the 4th hottest summer since they started recording temps and I am going to be glad to see it gone.

  11. I love the lace cutout on the side- but certainly not a good look for those of us with waist chub! Beautiful color and neckline, also


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