Wednesday, 5 September 2012

French Hotel

This is where we shacked up on our French sorjourn. Not too shabby indeed!

This handsome house used to be a smart village inn that accepted the overflow from the main village hotel. It fell into disrepair over the ages and now the English family running it have restored it to it's former glory. This was our bed for the night.


I was impressed how the decor matched my holiday wardrobe.


How I wish my wardrobe at home looked like this all the time! Neat, sparsely hung garments on visually similar hangers. So much more inviting than the tangled, jumbled mess that usually greets me at home.

Recently in London I have been living on a capsule wardrobe as everything but a selection of bare necessities has been packed up while our bedroom was undergoing damp proofing works.  However our holidays abroad to Spain and France on separate trips with just a suitcase of clothes means I have actually been living on a capsule wardrobe for most of the summer.

There were beautiful grounds and on fine mornings you could take your French breakfast in the garden - coffee, juice, delicious fresh French pastries direct from the village patisserie and even a home cooked English breakfast on request.


There were some lovely colourful deckchairs to take in the sunshine but you had to be quick to get one.  Those Gallic cats certainly had the right idea.


  1. Such a beautiful place. Your pictures make me want to live there.

    1. After staying I did want to live there!

  2. I have the same experience when we travel - my pared down capsule looks so elegant in the hotel closet! I see some lovely colors and shapes in there, V. Love the cats sunning themselves too : >

  3. It looks absolutely beautiful! I've been living on a restricted wardrobe lately (as we're moving) which I quite enjoy... But my capsule wardrobe still exists of 15 pairs of shoes and 4 coats... So I guess that doesn't really count.

  4. What a beautiful place. It looks so comfy and like you can just sit and relax.

  5. Lovely place, and very relaxing, I'm sure.

  6. The place looks so gorgeous - what a perfect place to relax in on your French holiday! I am envious of you and your capsule wardrobe. I shed 80 percent of my wardrobe moving overseas, and yet I'm still managing to fill up a triple wardrobe. I see the value in less, and in simplicity, but it's hard to achieve! :)

  7. Wow, this place is phenomenal. I would love to visit!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  8. What a charming place and love viewing your wardrobe. It looks like it was a lovely holiday spent. ~Madison


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