Saturday, 11 August 2012

Summer Whites

Whitewashed walls blistering in the blind heat of day
Weathered paint peeling revealing aged plaster
Sea foam and beach sand shining white
Tungsten filaments burning bright
Silent streets bathed in the soft glow of lanterns
The full moon a bright pearl in a cloudless sky
Crisp cottons sun bleached and starched stiff
The fine texture of the lightest of linens
Delicate lace trims and broderie anglaise
Soft folds of cheesecloth and whisper thin muslin
Freshly laundered sheets billowing in the late afternoon breeze
Lace curtains drawn across windows at night
What do you think of when you think of white?

This post is part of Visible Monday at Not Yet Dead Style
Everybody Everywhere

White dress with frills and drawstring: very old Topshop; White jacket with lace trim: very old Warehouse; White Broderie Anglaise halterneck top: very old Warehouse; White maxi-skirt with godets: Chine; Sandals with white gems: Zara


  1. White is so lovely on you and I love anything broderie anglaise! Will reveal the destination in my next post, I'm still getting used to the idea! Hope you've been having a lovely summer x

  2. Beautiful pictures and writing, V! White is innocence to me, a fresh start, a beginning. You look gorgeous in your whites.

    1. a fresh start, a beginning - I love that!

  3. Such a beautiful white dress.....looks perfect on you.

    The location is breathtaking!

  4. You look beautiful in your all-white outfit, makes me want to pack a bag and run off to Spain! x

  5. Oh honey, you and Mr V are just going to HAVE to move to Espania - they neeeeeeeeeeeed you there!!! You are gorgeous in your white outfit with ruffles and I'm sure that artwork must be you:))). Looking at those pics takes me back 20 years and I can just feel the dry, white heat crackling around me, warming up my blood - I love Spain. xoxo

  6. I looove white,and you are wearing it beautifully!!!X

  7. White is the colour of sun and heat for me, and yours is just beautiful. Big, big fan of the jacket.

  8. You just totally took my breath away. I'm speechless. Please don't fall off the exquisite, perfectly weathered pedestal that I've put you on. Then again, if you fall into the ocean, you'll be even more breathtaking emerging from the water.

  9. White never looked so good. There are not words.

  10. Absolutely beautiful - as someone already said. Absolutely beautiful photography, and the sequence and juxtaposition of the photos, that graffiti painting on the wall... if I were to allow myself just a few minutes (which I am) to look at one post, I'm so glad it's yours!

    Came here to thank you for sending that link - I don't know if my long email reply actually sent - and to say I just credited you for sending it, in my one post from holiday so far.

    LOVE white too - I'm wearing it a lot - and yet my dress in my post, go figure, is black. Sending you good thoughts and hope all's well and can't wait to catch up when we're back. xo

  11. I love the poetry of your post!

  12. I love the detail at the bottom of your dress. So pretty! :)

    -Mary @


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