Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Hot Pink by The Pool and a Swimwear Giveaway

Welcome to the village pool in Alet! This wonderful retro looking swimming pool is set at the foot of the Pyrenees mountains and filled with natural spring water. I especially love coming to this pool because swimming in fresh spring water feels like swimming in silk. I like the whitewashed changing rooms and diving boards with their cheerful bright blue railings.  Behind you can see the surrounding mountainside covered in thick green forest.  If you look underneath the diving boards along the pool edge, you will also see the little terracotta pink diving blocks lined up for anyone who is feeling energetic enough for a swimming race.

In light of my previous post on bikinis, body image and age, I thought I'd try to encourage more people into skimpy swimwear! So as a way of thanking my wonderful readers, I am hosting a giveaway here for the nice people at Simply Beach, who are offering a £50 gift voucher to Taxonomy of Wardrobe readers to spend at their online shop.  Fret not if you are based in the United States - they ship to the US as well!

Be sure to check out the Simply Beach website.  They carry an impressive number of swimwear brands all year round so regardless of the time of year your beach holiday requirements can be met. There are styles catering for all body types with a plus size section.  They even feature some mastectomy swimwear.  An added bonus - they currently have a sale on with up to 50% off swimwear!

If swimwear is not on your shopping list then you can choose to spend your winnings on the wonderful selection of lingerie instead.  Failing that perhaps you could get a little something for the man in your life and there are even swimwear ranges for girls and boys.  For news and updates you can follow Simply Beach on twitter at @simplybeach and they are on Facebook too.

If you are a follower of this blog all you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post.  If you retweet this post I'll stick an extra entry in for you, make sure you add @simplybeach and @taxnomywardrobe (Note the unusual letter limited spelling!) in there somewhere so we can trace it.  To follow there is the usual Google Friend Connect on my sidebar, but if you do so via Bloglovin' then please let me know in your comment.

You have until Saturday midnight to enter and the winner will be announced on Sunday when I'll pull names out of a hat.

Bikini: DVF; Hat: Borrowed.


  1. As my skimpy bikinis are falling apart I wouldn't be averse to a nice Melissa Odabash, for example...
    What an amazing pool this is (and a hot chick in a pink bikini :)

  2. Good for you, summering in your bikinis! And actually, I think bikinis look nicer with some flesh, rather than an anorexic frame. It's the same with strapless dresses, I think. As for my beach wardrobe, I have romantic notions of stepping out like the people in the early 1900s wearing bloomers and carrying a parasol! -- J xx

  3. I peeked at the lingerie at Simply Beach and they have some very interesting things!

  4. I could definitely use a new bikini...or lingerie. :)
    How neat to see they sell Banana Moon...Blast from my past! I used to shop at Banana Moon in Marigot, St. Martin whenever I visited the island.
    You're gorgeous in that hot pink bikini. I like the pool shots, too.

  5. I definitely want to enter--there's loads of items I want there! But, I don't want to have to model a bikini on Rags! My body looks fine in a bikini but I have a "lipoma" that is unsightly. I'm off to tweet this!

  6. DAMN woman! Not only are you brilliant and creative and talented and an exceptional writer and a creator of written pictures and stylish and diligent and [insert every appropriate superlative here]... you are DAMN hot!


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