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Reflejos: Reflections

I love the sometimes ambiguous nature of language and how open it can be to interpretation.  Take the word reflection for example. The multiple meanings seem to be so similar in both Spanish and English. In noun form, it can be taken to mean the reflection of an image, or the glint or gleam of a shiny object, or the glare caused by harsh bright light.

It can refer to the act of being reflected as in a wave or a ray of light.  Or it can refer to a reflex action (or reaction) for example a movement or in response to pain. The Spanish adjective also means meditative.  Similarly the English meaning in verb form - to reflect, can also mean to think deeply.

One of the things I miss the most about Andalusia is the light out there - so bright, brash and golden.  Where everything is both painterly yet hyper real through the camera's eye.  A photographer's dream.

Sometimes it seems that going away on vacation is the only time you ever have to take time to reflect on your life, to look back through the lens of distance and extra head space at everything you've left temporarily behind, and ponder if this is really what you've always wanted.

I'm still not done with my photos from Spain.  But even before I can post everything I've been meaning to, time has flown and I am now just about to head off on another Mediterranean break.  This time we are going to the South of France for a few days to disconnect again completely, to celebrate Mr V's fortieth with old friends and take some time to reflect on what we want our future to look like.  Maybe you might call it having a mid-life crisis, albeit accompanied with fine French wine and cheese.

Back soon with more photos.

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  1. Off again? I don't blame you in the slightest, this weather's driving even little ol' optimist me crazy!! Love that floral maxi with that beautiful leather belt, your crucifix and your hair and I always adore any of your travel photos!
    I feel most like me when I'm travelling, I savour every moment and can recollect each day like a perfect picture.
    Have fun. xxx

  2. That is true for me as well, only really reflecting on life whilst on holiday.

    I love the photo of the red shoes!

    SSG xxx

  3. Have a wonderful time ... lovely photos. M x

  4. Have a beautiful journey! I agree about the distance vacations give me on my life. When traveling, I strive to be my "best" me, and that helps me to see more clearly what I want out of life. As a result, I find myself doing a lot more art and creative activities--I just wish work didn't overwhelm so much upon reentry into everyday life.

    You look phenomenal in that dress, by the way. Heaven! I hope for more pictures of your outfits, alongside the ones of Southern France.

  5. I have noted this variety of "meanings" in the word reflection. I love these photos and the eye you have for things. May this trip lead to the revelation you and Mr. V. are seeking.

  6. So elegant. The first picture looks like a shot from one of my favorite decor magazines. Enjoy. You and Mr. V deserve it.

    1. Jean - this is in the old casa de vecinos where we were staying. It was a first floor gallery around a central courtyard.

  7. Lovely photos - and you're right we just don't get that golden light here. Enjoy the sunshine! We're off to Cornwall for a week & I'm feeling very nervous.

  8. Your photos intrigue me! Distance does help to clarify; have a fantastic BD celebration with all of that wine and cheese.

  9. Oh, I love the first photo! Perfect!

    Enjoy your break! And reflections. ;)

  10. South of France for Mr. V's 40th? That doesn't sound like a midlife crisis, that sounds like LIVING! Happy Birthday Mr. V! I hope you two have a great time, and please take pictures to post because God knows I need a South of France vacation, but there is not one even remotely close to happening in my life for awhile. Boo-hiss. The first photo of you is amazing, I think you should put it in the sidebar so we can see it all the time. XO, Jill

  11. Oh, these are my favorite type of photos! Love them all. Perhaps it's because "reality" is always in the eye of the beholder, so there is always the filter of a reflection, a lens, or any other type of veil (like culture) in the way we view things, including ourselves. Have a wonderful time in the South of France! Sounds like a heavenly break. -- J xxx

  12. I agree with Jenny (above) - catching up after you've already gone to the SoF... I love these, and the theme of 'reflections'... I've been shooting reflections, self portraits in mirrors, shop windows, long before I ever thought I'd do a blog - as art. For the same reasons. The theme of reflection is something I guess I've been creatively and philosophically obsessed with all my life, and you put it together perfectly with this post. Visually, and in words.

    It's a weird feeling.. having prepared myself emotionally to go to a quiet holiday on an island off Italy, TO REFLECT - I found myself doing it in rainy London instead!

    The more I look at these wonderful photos: it's UNCANNY. I might just do a counter-reflective post, and instead of writing text, simply write CLICK HERE. jCxxx


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