Monday, 9 July 2012

Birds and Floral Print Trousers

Lest we forget, this is what a sunny day in England looks like.  We have just got back from a few blissful days in the South of France to (surprise, surprise...) cloudy, rainy, grey old London.  It seems that each month we seem to breaking a new weather record since records began, either for it being the wettest Spring ever; or the coldest Summer ever; or for the most rainfall fallen in a month ever; or the worst storms and floods ever; or the least sunshine shone ever; or just the worst of the whole freaking lot of it altogether!  Ever!  So here's photographic evidence, taken last weekend, that there is the odd day of respite.

Maybe it is my advancing years and proportionately decreasing concern about what others think of what I wear, but my trousers keep on getting louder.  Ever since I first ventured into my first pair of printed trousers in a look-at-me leopard print, I am now the proud owner of a growing collection of trousers requiring some volume control.  This season if you were on the hunt for statement trousers you were spoilt for choice, especially if you love floral prints and a more tailored cut.

In my twenties and early thirties I would never have contemplated wearing printed trousers.  Maybe it was because there just weren't any nice ones at the time.  The closest I got was way back in the late eighties when I owned a couple of pairs of printed jeans (a trend I note is also back this summer), one covered in small white diamonds and the other in a pinstripe.  While I now prefer my jeans print free, when it comes to trousers the sky is fast becoming the limit.  They're just kind of fun to wear.  You do get weird looks - some people looked at my legs like they were two aliens that had just landed from outer space, especially the runners in the park in their Lycra leggings and track suits.  But that's all part of the fun.

Of course you can tone the volume down by wearing some plain basics on top in neutral colours to let your fancy pants get all the limelight as I did here.  But I do think the head-to-toe print outfits, either in a matching floral print top and trousers, or the matching pyjama coordinates a la Stella McCartney and Hermione De Paula that have been all the rage this season are great fun too.  You only live once!  I also have the top in this same hummingbird and cherry blossom print from Oasis.  I'm even contemplating wearing them together!

Am I feeling visible in these? Very!  Head over to Not Yet Dead Style to check out the other ladies on Visible Monday.

Bird Print Trousers: Oasis; Nude Leather jacket: Topshop; White t-shirt; Cos; Espadrilles: Spain; Bag: Michael by Michael Kors.


  1. I just love your outfit and WANT those trousers. Together it all looks classy, fresh and gorgeous. I'm off to the Oasis website now! M x

    1. I hope you find some! Oasis is on sale too at the moment.

  2. Love those hummingbirds! And I love your attitude about dressing - to please yourself and to feel wonderful. And as a result, you look so fresh and pretty : >

  3. If advancing years are the reason for louder tastes, then I'm advancing right along too! Adorable print trousers and love the leather jacket with it. -- J xxx

  4. Your weather is the opposite of my part of the world. We have broken records for the hottest summer on record and the summer isn't over yet. Wish we could share our weather with you. I will now be on the lookout for printed pants, which I'm sure that I have in my closet.

  5. Yes, you are Visible and I want to see the top and the pants together!

  6. What a fun outfit! Love the pants and that jacket!

  7. What a wonderful print and a fabulous shape those pants are!
    I love to see print with print, it seems to intensify both so yes, wear both together! x


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