Monday, 18 June 2012

The Rain in Spain

Some more photos of our Spanish getaway - back at our favourite beach, Zahara. Mr V and I are creatures of habit even on holiday!

We've only been back in London one week from our short break in Spain but I feel like I've suffered another entire winter! If you follow any UK based blogger I'm sure all they've been talking about is how unseasonably bad the weather has been here. The first thing I did on getting home was put the heating on and the next day back at work I was back in my winter coat!

All the wonderful Spring/Summer fashion editors promised us we'd be wearing this season is now languishing on sale rails or unworn in our closets.  And the prognosis does not look good.  If the horrors of a washed out April and May were not enough, we're being told that the whole of June is expected to be wet and rainy, and if this comes to pass we can write off the rest of the summer as well!

Whilst the weather in England has been chilly, rainy and windy there was nothing but glorious sunshine on our holiday. I stuffed my suitcase with my new season purchases to ensure I could get some wear out of them. We spent a rather large amount of time at the beach and I got to start using my new camera so you might have to suffer a barrage of posts featuring me in a bikini with various beach cover ups over the next month! It's that or me shivering in my winter coat!

Bikini cover up numero uno: my new Mary Katrantzou for Topshop tunic.  I love this print but it is indecently short as a dress.  While I don't really have a problem getting my legs out in hot weather, I don't feel comfortable in a hemline that doesn't allow me to sit down in public without flashing my underwear to all and sundry.  Sitting on the tube in this would be impossible!

And boy oh boy is it hard these days to get any dress on the high street that doesn't have this problem.  More and more I am finding that in order to get a sensible hemline on a dress or skirt, especially for work, I have to go upmarket.  But more on that on another post.  Topshop's hemlines are some of the worst offenders and I often buy short dresses that otherwise have a great design with a view to using it as a top - this dress was a case in point.  While it was great as a trans-seasonal piece with leggings in the run up to Spring, for the Summer (well the Summer in Spain at least!) I've been using it as a luxe T-shirt over shorts and as a colourful beach cover-up.  The Katrantzou print with all its vibrant colours was just made for bright sunshine.

And hats off to Mr V for joining the colourful print brigade in his bright new board shorts.  A Christmas present from me!  I do like a man who has the confidence to wear colour (his other swimmers are bright orange).

As we are both so bright in our zany prints that you'd need probably need shades to look at us, I'm also submitting this post to Patti's Visible Monday over at Not Yet Dead Style.  Head over there to see what the other Visible Monday participants are wearing.

Seriously considering another trip out to a sunny destination to escape this horrific English summer!

Dress: Mary Katrantzou for Topshop; Bikini: Calezondia;  Mr V's board shorts: Country Road Australia


  1. The beach looks beautiful. I like the printed shorts especially.

  2. I do agree, the crazy short hemlines in the shops drive mental too. I am extremely jealous of that gorgeous beach and sunshine you enjoyed x

    Penny Dreadful Vintage

  3. Fabulous, fabulous! As soon as I saw that top, I wondered if it was MK. Lucky you--and it's perfect for your holiday on the beach.

    Show as many beach shots as you want over the next month--it's depressing to think you have this much cold and rain. I will think about that the next time I want to complain about the brutal Oklahoma sun and heat.

    I'm taking note of this beach . . . . I would love to lounge in the sand in Spain.

  4. Oh sorry for your washed-out summer in the UK! You do look wonderful on the beach, and I really like Mr. V's swim trunks - my husband would wear that style too. Thanks so much for linking up!

  5. That beach is just stunning. It's so depressing to get back to grey ol' England, isn't it? Love your dress and Mr V's groovy shorts. xxx

  6. What a beautiful beach and such a great way to relax! Thanks for sharing...

  7. What a heavenly place! I feel exactly like winter... wrapped in a blanket, wearing uggs - but wasn't it like this last year, too and the year before... Or am I just getting all these never happening English summers confused?

  8. The Katzanrou makes an excellent cover up and I'm all in favor of bikini pics! Don't you wish you could bring back sunshine in a jar?

  9. I'm sorry you were welcomed back to arctic weather yet happy for you to have enjoyed Katrantzou by the sea! Fabulous dress. And I know what you mean about many mini dresses. I have found that my wardrobe has gotten more "tunics" lately, though I may have braved those micro-lengths bare legged a few years back! -- J xx

  10. I love the dress because the print is amazing. The beach looks wonderful. I can just imagine sticking my toes in the warm sand and hearing the sound of the waves.

  11. super cute tunic you got from Topshop! Lucky gal!!



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