Sunday, 22 April 2012

Pyjama Party

Terri at Rags Against the Machine is holding a virtual sleepover where everyone showcases their PJs and I am late for the party!  Oh well, these are my pyjamas - it is one p.m. on a Sunday and I am still wearing them while perusing the web.  I'm generally non-functional until past midday on a Sunday after a hectic week of work (which includes Saturdays).  After I've downed two coffees I start to feel like I could actually achieve something, like say the laundry or last night's washing up!

As I am still camera-less, this is a picture of my pyjamas taken in milder climes from our holiday snaps in Spain last summer, which is when I bought these from a company called Oysho, part of the Indetix group that owns Zara I believe.  I bought them to make myself more presentable to my parents on Skype on a Sunday morning video call.  Previously it was battered old tees and track pants!

Apart from being a cute design, they are made out of modal which makes them super soft for sleeping in.  As it has still been freezing at night here, I've also been wearing a pair of Falke grey cashmere leg warmers on my feet which I bagged on sale for £8.  And in winter I add a cashmere jumper from Uniqlo on top!  This may sound extravagant however when it gets really cold here at night it works out cheaper and more environmentally sound than keeping the heating on all night!


  1. I love sleeping and lounging in cashmere too! (not the pricey stuff from Barneys, but like yours). It's nice to see you again, V!

  2. Oh, Veshoevius, I'm so glad you attended. I've never skyped although I've had glimpses of the daughter's boyfriend on HER skype and I exclaimed, "Put some clothes on!". Your comment about the leg warmers reminded me of ratty cashmeres I've bought at the thrifts and they are delicious for napping!

  3. Those are lovely lace pj's. I was laughing at your comment about trying to look presentable on Skype. My family is in Asia, where the time difference is brutal -- i.e. video-conferencing at 4 a.m. is guaranteed to make me look my worst. I didn't have the presence of mind to get presentable jammies! So, the first comments my dad inevitably makes is "you look like you've put on weight" :) xxx

  4. I need to bump up my game, clearly! Somehow sleepwear is the last thing I think of and yet perhaps it should be the first, considering how much time I could potentially spend in it. Your pieces are so pretty!

  5. PJs and old cashmere sweaters are an eternally chic outfit (in my eyes :) I live in them!

  6. I'm doing the same thing! I love being warm at night, so I can put on some cute pjs and then 'accessorize' it with legwarmers (wool+cashmere old ones I don't dance in anymore) and warm cardigan or sweater)))
    Love your pjs - the lace! <3


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