Friday, 30 December 2011

Compliments of The Season

Compliments of the Season all! At least that is what we say in my family when we are wishing someone Merry Christmas after the fact.  This is what I wore first thing on Christmas Day and this is where I spent the early part of the day...

I promise it was actually blowing a gale and the water was cold - bet your hearts are all bleeding.

I'm actually not the sort of Australian who generally spends their Christmas Day at the beach but for British born and bred Mr V the idea is a complete novelty and something he likes bragging about to jealous work colleagues (as well as puffing out his chest and boasting of having swum in shark infested waters and lived to tell the tale).  Here is Mr V doing his best impression of a clownfish.  He was hoping to fend off any large predators lurking in the waters by donning loud "don't eat me I'm toxic" orange bathing trunks.

Bring those Great Whites on.  I have to say that he was actually rather concerned every time we went swimming, to which I would jauntily reassure him that it wasn't shark season or the traditional shark feeding time of dawn or dusk, so we had nothing to worry about.  Then we would get back to my folks place and sit down to news reports that there had been shark sightings further up the coast and beaches had been closed.  In fact in the two weeks we were there the beaches were closed four times! Eeek!

Onto cheerier subjects my Christmas break was not just spent lazing on the beach.  I also exerted myself by decorating my parents' Christmas tree with three generations worth of decorations, some spanning back to my grandparents' time where kitsch seventies polystyrene figurines in gaudy colours and elaborately frosted glass baubles (now vintage treasures) were all the rage.

In addition I took it upon myself to wrap all the family's presents.  I used to wrap presents any old way with any old paper.  That is until I spent my first Christmas with Mr V's family for whom the aesthetics of wrapping gifts is taken very seriously.  Not for them the cheap and nasty rolls of naff Christmas prints that I remember briefly from my childhood days before they were unceremoniously ripped off and tossed aside in the haste to get to the gift.  Mr V's family pass around eye catching packages with tasteful paper decorated with colour coordinated ribbons tied into voluptuous bows - which is all then unceremoniously ripped off and tossed aside in the haste to get to the gift.

Anyhow I have taken on a bit of this attention to detail when I wrap gifts now as they do look beautiful under the tree.  My bargain savvy mother managed to get gorgeous paper at one dollar a roll from the Reject shop and I recycled some ribbons from her cake making to wrap each gift.  They'll be used again next year.


My mum is a very talented cake maker and was busy making elaborate Christmas cupcakes for family and friends.  Here are a few examples.   Don't let the snowy frosting and sugar icing holly deceive you, underneath each mini winter wonderland lies a very rich chocolate mud cake!

And if you ask my Mum to do a very simple Christmas cake you will end up with something like this!

It was a bumper year for presents under the tree with Mum declaring she'd never seen so many.  (The Veshoevius clan is large!)

And I finally got to wear my previously unworn white sequined bomber jacket out for midnight mass...

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and will enjoy seeing in the New Year whatever you get up to!

V - Bikini: Calzedonia; Suede shorts: Kate Moss for Topshop; T-shirt: Cos; Bag: Michael by Michael Kors; Sequin flip flops: Fit Flop
Mr V - Orange swimming trunks: Zara; T-shirt: gift from my brother; Sandals: Colorado

Midnight Mass Outfit:
Rose print maxi skirt: Aminaka Wilmont; Sequined bomber: Whistles; Pink T-shirt: Cos; Crystal star and chain necklace: All Saints; Bracelet and Espadrilles: from Spain


  1. Happy New Year girly! You sequin bomber jacket is beautiful on you! Hugs! ~Serene

  2. All that lovely baking!

    Happy New Year, dear V!

    SSG xxx

  3. Your mom's cake is amazing! So cute lol! Happy new year :)

  4. Oh, your mum makes lovely cakes! And your packages (the wrapping) looks delectable too. So jealous of the sunshine you must have soaked up.

  5. Hope you had a beautiful Christmas with family! I was too busy with mine to post anything. And wrapping presents is one of my favorite parts, particularly in making each present special (visually) and just right for the recipient in its packaging under the tree. Happy New Year! xx

  6. Beach holiday accessorized by a gorgeous tree and magnificently wrapped gifts. Very festive! Happy New Year and looking forward to following your posts in 2012.

  7. Feliz AÑO 2012. Espero que venga cargado de todas las cosas que no se pueden comprar con dinero.
    MIl besos, amiga

  8. Merry Christmas (belatedly!) and happy New Year! Looks like you had a great time :)

  9. 'Don't eat me, I'm toxic': love it!

    Compliments of the Season to you, too, V! And all the Veshoevious clan. Can I adapt that phrase, too? It's so much better than my 'happy belated New Year and merry belated Christmas.' And more succinct.

    I didn't know you're Australian! I too am an ex-pat (NYer) married to a British man. And I couldn't swim much in Florida - apart from the lovely heated pools - not because of shark attack fears, but something smaller.. purple Portuguese Man of War jellyfish. I was so determined to not let it stop me, but they had the red flags (for rip tides) and purple (for jellyfish, which was kind of cute) and I tried a few times. Luckily I got one quick swim in before they took over the South East coast of Florida.

    Your Mum is indeed quite the talented cake maker: I'm really impressed! I think my mom tried once or twice to make cakes with us, as kids - from a mix - but that really wasn't her thing. I however love it. AND present wrapping. And this year, I did neither. I stayed on in Florida and let my husband go to Christmas in Herefordshire with his family. And he's still talking to me! AND them.

    Oh love your white sequin bomber jacket by the way. Happy New Year and thanks for your sweet message. xo

  10. Happy New Year and welcome back! I love seeing you on a beach, like me, it's your natural habitat.
    Sounds like a brilliant Xmas was had by all and I'm so impressed with Mummy V's cake decorating! xxx

  11. Ah, that all sounds and looks fantastic. Thank you for your kind words on my blog too. Hope 2012 is great for you. X

  12. Oh, your end of year outfits are making me a wee bit envious (LOVING the sequined bomber jacket!). I remember Australian Christmas being beach and barbie... very enjoyable!

    Happy New Year, dear! X

  13. I am so deeply dying over your white sequined bomber jacket. Love love! Also, is your mother a professional baker? Those cupcakes and the cake are stunning. I would be ordering my daughter's birthday cake from her if we lived in the same city! XO, Jill


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