Sunday, 23 October 2011


It may be well into Autumn but my brain is still in holiday mode.  I still need some warm thoughts to get me through the ever shortening days!  So I'd like to show you our favourite beach in Spain where Mr V and I always try to make sure we spend a day.  It's in a part of the Andalusian coastline called the Costa de Luz.  It is also where, on a clear day, you can look across the mouth of the Mediterranean and just make out the dark shape of Morocco in the distance. In fact here your mobile phone might suddenly start bleeping to notify you that it has switched to a Moroccan network provider, that's how close you are to North Africa.

This is Zahara de los Atunes and this is about as crowded as this little bay we often visit gets.  The water is crystal clear, the sand so white it sparkles and there are great waves for body surfing.

The way down to the beach.

My beach basket full of beach snacks and err... clothes!  I like to have options when we are spending the whole day out along the coast and may decide later to head impromptu into a town centre to eat.  Despite it still being baking hot during the day in September it can be very cool in the mornings and evenings.

This is somewhere you can totally relax and forget about the world at large.

We noticed that Andalusian men of all ages favour swimming shorts in the hottest shades of hot pink.  We spotted them on boys, young men, older men with families, even grandfathers.  In a culture that is still very much defined by tradition, it was almost like the menfolk here have chosen to rebelliously express their joie de vivre while enjoying a day at the beach by bucking traditional ideas of what colour should be associated with masculinity.  Mr V couldn't quite stretch to this unashamed embracing of fuchsia in male swimwear and stuck to bright orange instead.

Mr V also loves this beach because it is Great White shark free (we hope!).  There has been a distressing number of fatal shark attacks off Western Australia's coast and near my home town of Perth with two horrible incidents in last couple of weeks.  Distressing also is the Western Australian Premier pronouncing the government will consider mass shark culls without considering the ecological impact of doing such a senseless thing.  When will we learn to live with nature?  I think that had my life not turned out the way it had I might have been a marine biologist.  I have great respect for the sea and its creatures and think it is the most awe inspiring, fascinating, unexplored and misunderstood place we have on our own planet.

Yes, human lives have been lost in an unfortunate and horrific clash with nature but I'm not sure that we as a species are at any risk of extinction from the shark.  Biologists frequently stress humans are not what sharks like to eat and that many sharks remain endangered as species.  The popular media is always worked up into a feeding frenzy of its own when it is thrown some blood and gore.  If there is a perceived increase in the frequency of shark attacks it comes at a time when fish stocks are historically low and continually being depleted.  How about passing laws to protect fish stocks so that the sharks have enough to eat and to ensure that future generations will too?

Onto cheerier thoughts - here is my favourite beach dress.  This always makes it to Spain with me as part of the holiday wardrobe.

Fringed embroidered jacket: Kite and Butterfly; Bikini: Calzedonia; Cotton sundress: Kate Moss for Topshop
Mr V's shorts: Zara; Mr V's shark tee: The


  1. I've wanted to go to the Costa de Luz since I saw it on a travel show about 15 years ago, it looks stunning and those pictures of you are beautiful.
    Mr V and you are a fabulously dressed couple.
    Shark culls? How awful. x

  2. This spot looks so perfect - I can relax just staring at your photos. Very well-said re: learning to co-exist with other species. We want to go about and kill things so quickly.

    Your favorite dress is lovely!

  3. Beautiful beach and I love your hair and the colors of your cover up in the first shot! I spent several weeks in Morocco and kept thinking how close I was to Spain, but never saw its tip. And I didn't know you were originally Australian! Heard about those shark attacks in the news. My sister did some snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef a few years ago and nearly had a panic attack when a shark was in the area. I come from a country of several thousand islands in the Pacific and always enjoy exploring the ocean too. Marine biology is a wonderful career, especially if leads to ways for us to live harmoniously with nature. xx

  4. Wow that beach looks amazing! I am such a beach girl and it's one of the things that keeps me in FL. Just hearing the ocean and feeling the sea breeze you can't help but be relaxed. That cover up is absolutely gorgeous! I love it! My best friend visited Morocco and she fell in love with it. I have to go there one day.

  5. This looks so beautiful. Gasp! I'd take that type of crowd at the beach anytime, seems so private.
    I think all should appreciate nature... it's sad sometimes how quickly humans take action before things are fully thought through, for future living. Would just love to see Morocco in a backyard view.

  6. What gorgeous pictures and you look AMAZING in that black/nude bikini. Yowza! Interesting too about how males of all ages wear hot pink swim trunks. I love that, actually. My husband has orange trunks, which I tell him look ridiculous on him. He needs to stick with navy blue. Does he listen to me? No he does not. It looks like your guy can carry off that color a lot better. Of course, the trunks my husband wears are kind of long, which is why I despise them! XO, Jill

  7. What a beautiful refuge! I can see why it's your favorite spot to be with nature and with each other.

  8. Ah, beautiful beach, beautiful photos! Having just been in Spain, this post is especially intriguing to me. I LOVED Barcelona and can't wait to go back and explore more of Spain. This place looks like heaven. Lucky you!

  9. Eeep! I'm sooo afraid of sharks! I know they usually leave you alone, but still.

    And I love the burnout velvet cover up you wore. I'm obsessed with those things.

  10. What a beautiful beach! I haven't been to any non-british (i.e. cold) beach this year and am really missing it. Also really loving your 'beach costume' - the kimono in the first photos (the fav beach dress is lovely, too!)

  11. Hi Veshoevius!

    Your pictures make me think about the Caribbean. I am so with you about respecting nature.
    Your dress is so pretty and I feel so relaxed after reading this post.

  12. wow!!! so love the beach, yours there is a real beauty, the place looks wonderful... love your top with flowers so nice... hope you enjoyed you had a great time!!! enjoyed your blog..following you now... hope you could visit my blog too... kissess!!!!


  13. oh my gooooood, your kimono is a stunner! just saw your post on sharon rose's blog!

  14. Wonderful beach! I wish I was there right NOW! It`s not even winter and I`m already sick of the cold weather *sob*

  15. The beach looks great, but I must say you look fantastic too. Love that wrap.

  16. Yay for holiday mode! I am officially over mine however.. sadly. I guess there is always next year! Love the gorgeous beach photos, and your fav sun dress! :)

  17. @MJ @Fashion Tales - Morocco is definitely worth visiting! I highly recommend it!

    @jill815 - hah! loved the anecdote about hubby's swimming trunks - its ironically funny that it seems as men get older there is more dignity in going for shorter trunks!

    @goldminetrashvintage - I'm terrified of sharks too - I can't think of a worse way to go, but they live in the sea and eat things and we shouldn't cull them for doing what they do naturally.

  18. @goldminetrashvintage - oh yeah I bid like crazy for that burnt out velvet kimino on your site but didn't win WAH!!

  19. I've not seen a more beautiful road to the beach.


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