Thursday, 27 October 2011

Think Pink

I'm currently trying to face tackling the wardrobe changeover.  You know, that awful moment when you have to overcome the seasonal denial, start stashing away the summer things and bring out the winter ones or risk freezing to death.  It's forced me to take stock mentally of what I've been buying over the last few months.

I thought at the beginning of summer there wasn't going to be much to tempt me to buy in terms of new summer gear.  However despite having sworn to only stick to what I already had for my summer wardrobe, I now realise I actually bought quite a few things, most of them in various shades of pink!  Yes that's right, despite my tendency to wear copius amounts of black, I actually love the colour pink.

The whole colour blocking trend may have whizzed straight by me but years of ballet classes wearing quite a lot of pink put ballet chic right up there on my internal fashion radar.  Which led me to shop for clothes in the most saccharine saturated shades of pink I could get my hands on.

When it comes to food I don't really have a sweet tooth, but when it comes to injecting colour in my wardrobe then candy floss, coconut candy, Turkish Delight, sugar mice, humbugs, bubblegum, marshmallows, cupcakes with icing, pastel pink macaroons, you name it, I will readily consume its sugar loaded, candy coated, fashion equivalent and shamelessly wear it head to toe.

This ice pink jumper and pleated lace skirt that I found on sale at Whistles are staying out of storage for a while yet in the hopes of a mild autumnal day which I intend to survive by layering up with even more pink.  I just need a pink coat!

I'm especially enamoured with this skirt which simultaneously satiates a love of lace, accordian pleats, pink and all things girly.  Even Mr V remarked it reminded him of something that Carrie Bradshaw, that style hero of my generation, would probably be seen twirling down Fifth Avenue in.  I read in a magazine this month that pink is one of those colours which you should steer clear of wearing as you get older.  Yawn!  Not going to let some sourpuss style advisors spoil my fun!  I actually had people smile at me on public transport in London wearing pink - no mean feat in this city!

So here's to being old enough to make up my own mind about what I want to wear.  And for some truly inspirational advice on where to stick style advice from "experts" for the "aged" see this wonderful post by the unstoppably fabulous Vintage Vix!

Pink lace pleated skirt and silk cotton mix jumper: Whistles; Nude pink vest: Cos; Pale pink cashmere vest: Topshop; Ballet flats: Zara; Pendant: Vintage


  1. That skirt is darling! =)

  2. It's a lovely skirt! Those soft dhades of pink look great on you!

  3. I like being old enough to make my own decisions too! Fabulous skirt and great colour - it has a real vintage-y feel. And seems we are sowf London neighbours, we should meet for a coffee or a beer sometime.

  4. Pink is for any age! You look so charming in your ballerina pinks.

    It's funny because years ago, a friend looked through my closet and remarked "You have a lot of pink!" I've tried to augment it across the color spectrum now, but one of my favorite autumn coats is a pink one!

  5. Love the pink lace skirt and your declaration of independence. I admired the post by Vix about how 'experts' attempt to limit our self expression as we age. At the age of 68 I wear what I love, and plan to continue to do so.

  6. You look glorious, so happy and totally rocking the pink. That skirt is stunning and oh my, your legs are incredible. xxx
    PS Pink coat? I'm emailing you now!

  7. First off, that top photo is wonderful! You've captured the motion and the flow of the skirt and blouse so well.

    I laughed at your sartorial sweet tooth analogy. I a not a fan of pink but love the color of your skirt- it's not sticky sweet at all, but a pure perfume rose of a hue.

    And kudos to you for dressing for yourself. The best kind of dresser if you ask me.
    the Citizen Rosebud

  8. Oh my, you look good enough to eat Miss V - my toes are twitching at the sight of this feast of sugary goodness:)). And you made Londoner's crack a smile - woah!!!! Fooey to age-appropriate ANYTHING! Thank you so much for your kind wedding wishes:)) xoxo

  9. really a wonderful skirt, and I love that first action pic ;)


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