Saturday, 15 October 2011

Holiday Wardrobe

When I go on on holiday I like to go somewhere very warm and spend my days indulging in a summery dress fest.  Not for me skiing holidays spent shivering on a frosty mountainside surrounded by snow, throwing myself down slopes strapped to planks in pursuit of broken bones, hoping multiple layers of thermal padding will save me from surefire misery.  The only coat I want to be wearing is the one I wear to leave grey old London.

I want to see a suitcase full of nothing but frothy frivolousness - pretty summer dresses with florals, frills and other unashamedly feminine details, indecently short shorts, spaghetti straps, bikinis, beach wraps and barely there sandals studded with glittering gems.  Speak not to me of ski boots, puffer jackets and thermal underwear - I want slinky silks, crisp cottons, floaty chiffons, bright summer whites, broderie anglaise, delicate trims and intricate embroidery.

Here is a selection of some of the things that I packed to go on holiday and a peek at where I stayed.

When Kate Moss brought out her collections for Topshop a few years back I bought quite a lot of it.  So much in fact, that when Topshop released a best hits collection last year as part of Kate's last collaboration with them I sheepishly realised I already had most of it!  I especially loved the dresses in her Spring and Summer exits.  I still find they are the perfect summer holiday pieces and they always make it into the suitcase.  I love the boho feel of the summery cotton dresses and she always does a good tea dress.

Wherever I stay on holiday I like to make it feel like home by adorning the place with the bits and pieces of my wardrobe I've brought with me.  This time we were renting a house where the owners were themselves on holiday.  There wasn't much room to hang my clothes in their wardrobe amongst their things, but this internal clothes line, mounted on the wall in a corridor, served as a hanging rail during the week.  I could walk past a showcase of my dress selection every day and remind myself which ones still hadn't yet been worn.

I usually take nothing but light cotton jackets as cover ups in the evening, and I like one of them to be white. My summer whites barely see the light of day in England so I like to bring them with me.


I also pack something to sunbathe and swim in!  When you are going to the beach daily its nice to have a spare bikini to rotate between wearing and washing.  I once read somewhere that it was handy to take two styles and rotate between them to keep very obvious tan lines at bay.

In addition to my pale green bikini with a crochet trim I brought this along as my second choice.  What better way to soak up the sun than in a glamorous macramé lace bikini with a nude lining?

As well as the fun stuff there is flamenco related gear like flamenco shoes and practice clothes that always needs to come with me.  This time I also had to pack a bata de cola flamenco skirt which unfortunately removed almost three kilos of my holiday wardrobe weight allowance all on its own!  Usually it gets lugged around town in an unattractive rucksack.  This time around I borrowed this wonderful straw basket I found in the house and got to carry my bata around in style with the frills peeking cheekily from the top.  I got very fond of this basket over the length of my stay.  It proved to be the perfect beach companion as well.

Finally not forgetting something to sleep in!  Habitually I pack a battered old tee shirt to catch some zees, but while I was out shopping locally I was totally taken by this rather sweet pyjama set with its creamy lace trim top and dreamy bird print pants.  I never really think of what I sleep in and for some reason that really hits home when you go on holiday, stay in lovely picturesque accommodation and realise how unglamourous a battered old tee shirt really is as sleepwear.  So how's this for pyjama upgrade?

What comes with you when you go on holiday?

Coral pansy print tea dress, white embroidered cotton sundress, navy broderie anglaise cotton sundress, cotton jackets: all Kate Moss for Topshop;  Cream sleeveless dress with black trim chiffon frills: Saloni; Floral print maxi dress: Tokito; Monochrome print silk dress: Aminaka Wilmont; Bikini: Calzedonia; Pyjamas: Oysho


  1. The macramé lace bikini is absolutely beautiful and I like your selection of jackets. I tend to bring the same things with me, my grey vest always makes the cut for "city" travel, very soft light weight shirt, black blazer, driving shoes, collapsible sunglasses...

  2. Love the dress in the middle, first pics. Cute lace bikini

  3. I'm with Prêt à Porter P--those jackets are gorgeous. I'm in love with both.

    I tend to avoid both hot weather and super cold weather, but whatever weather there is in Paris, I guess I'm okay with that. Currently I'm in the throes of planning my Paris suitcase, and I'm thinking lots and lots of denim, lots and lots of white and black tops, and lots of biker jackets in a variety of colors and fabrics. Plus cameras. I think the most important thing I bring are cameras and what's used to carry them--much like your flamenco skirt.

    I need to take a page from your story . . . I need nice pjs.

  4. Your summer dresses are so pretty, they are like art hanging on the wall. Love the jackets too.

    NYC is my next destination. I'm taking denim, black and ivory with a few colorful scarves, and of course comfortable boots : >

  5. All the pieces you packed speak sunshine whipped up in femininity! The lace bikini echoes the wrought iron patterns beautifully, as does the B&W jacket.

    As for my packing, I always bring more outfits than I need. But it's the shoes (minimum 3 pairs for any trip), toiletries and camera equipment that seriously contribute to the weight!

  6. Pero qué maravilla de post...
    Te cojo la idea del colgar la ropa en el pasillo para ver lo que aún no me he puesto.
    Qué fotos tan bonitas, te dejan soñando y queriendo más...
    Aquí seguimos rozando los 30ºc durante el día.
    Mil besos.

  7. Patti's right, your clothes look like art hanging up like that. I absolutely adore that bikini, where was it from? I think I need to hunt one down for my next Goa trip. x

  8. love the part about the broken bones... hope you're having a great weekend!

  9. Hi my dear-I adore your Kate Moss dresses, they are forever stylish and so perfect for summer, a really fab collection xx

  10. Your dresses look fabulous displayed like this and they're very pretty to begin with! I wish I had enough space, but alas, I inhabit a tiny dorm room...

  11. I love the black dress. My holidays are so varied it's never the same stash of luggage twice. I'm not averse to a cold holiday though, and then it'S woolly aran knits and furry hats all the way.

  12. Just started following your site. I have similar interests and have often featured posts about organising wardrobes and such in my blog. Just a few days ago I featured about how to pack a small-ish weekend bag. Hope you find time to visit.

  13. What a fab idea to hang them all on display x

  14. This looks so different from your usual black! and it looks great just like your usual darker wardrobe. Do you have photos of you wearing the things?

  15. That bikini is so cute!

  16. You must have been the most beautifully dressed woman in sight! The showcase of dresses is such a great idea.

  17. That has to be the most gorgeous bikini I have ever seen. Where did you find it? I always love black and nude together. They look so great. Glad to see what you are up to, I have been terribly behind on blog reading lately.

  18. Very much with you on holiday destinations. I think I survived many a winter in Berlin by mentally beaming myself to Hawaii... Beautiful summer clothes collection (such a pretty bikini!). Easyjet's hand luggage limits have made me quite a thrifty packer :)

  19. Woohoo! Look at all dem ruffles : ).

  20. Love your picks! That bikini is gorgeous!

    I couldn't agree more - when I travel I don't want to freeze, I can that stuff at home in abundance, I want sun and beaches. :) I just came home from holidays and my suitcase looked like an explosion in paint factory! :)) I packed all my silks in every possible color. It was perfect!


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