Saturday, 24 September 2011

Gimp Couture

Greetings all! I'm back from my vacation and slowly catching up with everyone's blogs. Patience my lovelies - I will eventually get around to saying hi but I am being hampered by a few things. Unfortunately there is the rather pressing issue of Global Financial Meltdown Mark II that is keeping me stupidly busy at work. I am also suffering from some persistent RSI in my right hand which tends to be aggravated by blogging.

I would have liked to have shared some holiday snaps with you all but we managed to lose the camera cable in Spain. So for the moment, I'd like to share some opinions on other fashion related matters to distract me from impending economic doom.  On that Armageddon-esque note and keeping in mind what the Grim Reaper would wear if he was into fashion, I come to my first pressing fashion matter.  Can anyone tell me what the hell this is?

Source: Net-A-Porter
Now I know fetish is a big trend and all, and being a leather lover and a fan of black, I fully intend to embrace the trend this season.  I have been salivating over all the deliciously dark delights feeding into the "What's New For You This Week" updates from all my favourite online retailers with the better judgement filters in my brain switched off, imagining how I would wear them all if money and lifestyle were no issue. However, I think I've finally found the piece that has stumped me.

Perhaps I just lack the necessary fashion forward vision to make this sweater-and-gloves-in-one designed by no less than Maison Martin Margiela work for me?  At first I couldn't work out how you'd get into it, let alone do anything vaguely useful that required finger dexterity, like typing.  However on closer inspection it appears the attached gloves unzip so that your hands can poke out.  Unfortunately, this does leave the gloves to flap around behind your arms as if the hands of a deflated corpse have sprouted from them.

Then I wondered if, zipped up, it would add a certain dominatrix style frisson to domestic drudgery, say, as part of an outfit to wash the dishes in rather than my usual get up of apron and yellow, rubber Marigold gloves.  But the £835 price tag certainly wiped that idea out quicksmart, as did Mr V running away from my laptop screeching that it was just downright creepy when I showed it to him. Talk about a man repeller.  Perhaps it would scare the dishes into washing themselves?

I have to say that I have to agree with Mr V.  This is fetish fashion taken just a step too far and treads a fine line between someone dressing up as the gimp and someone hell bent on committing murder.  If it has any saving grace it is that hermetically sealing yourself up in something like this is bound to keep you warm in winter!


  1. I don't mind it at all actually. I think it's a pretty good idea. Also going from the additional NAP pictures and description, the gloves do zip off entirely and the sweater sleeves can be worn full length. Pretty practical.

  2. Aack! Frightening! Both the look and the price. Although the stock markets do have me wishing to dress in black, head to toe. Nice to see you again!

  3. Incredibly creepy and I'm surprised by the source, as you are. I am SO glad you are back! Any chance you can see the Elizabeth Taylor jewels on display in London this weekend, Sept. 24-26, at Christie's, and give a report? I would love it! Entrance is 10 pounds.

  4. Hm, might be good for trekking about the arctic. And, welcome back.

  5. You know, I really like some interesting fetisj details, like harnesses and other stuff. But this looks really disturbing. And yes, I agree, it reminds a bit of a corpse hands. Ew.

  6. Lovely to see you back in the blogosphere! Sorry about the RSI and the camera cable, I could do with a dose of Spanish sunshine, it's been peeing it down here for hours!
    I quite like it but price tag aside how on earth could I get my rings on? xxx

  7. Welcome back! Rather scary outfit indeed. I'm soon to change from working in a digital agency to a bank role so may get in touch to pick your brains re. bank-friendly fashion if that's ok? xx
    We Shop Therefore We Are

  8. @Pret a Porter P - you're right - I missed the small print where it said that the gloves are attached with buttons - still not feeling it though!

    @WeShop - of course you can - I have a post in draft that might help you to - will get on and post it!

  9. I'm glad to see you back - I hope you had a wonderful time relaxing in Spain. What with Mark II looming, you'll be glad you had the break! I like that the sweater has wrist zips but at 800-odd quid? Some idiots are bound to buy it. xo

  10. It's so good to have you back, V., and I'm sure the global financial melt-down keeps you more than occupied (until we've all lost our jobs and then we can blog all day long - IF we can still afford the internet)... Margiela's designs have me scratch my head many a times. Sometimes I love them find them genius - sometimes I just don't get them... Like here! xo

  11. I am seeking a great pair of long,black leather gloves myself! They seem to be an item that can rock so many different looks!
    Not too sure i'd do the all-in-one. Too constrictive for me :)

  12. Welcome back! I do like long black gloves but not in this format.

  13. Demasiado incomodo.
    Estoy deseando ver tus fotos.
    Mil besos

  14. 'Talk about a man repeller!' Love it.

    Leave it to Pret - with her beautifully analytical mind - to dissect the construction. It's not me, but I.. respect it. Haha. Reminds me of what my sister would say 'I like it, but it's not my taste.'

    I started a long text to you, V, in response to a comment.. never did finish or send it, but I'll try. I was thinking of you, in Spain, missing LFW.. I really wanted to do the same. Hope you had a wonderful time. So what are you saying, you lost the camera cable so couldln't charge it? Are there any photos?

    I often think the best times are when we don't have a camera. We can then be more PRESENT.

    jill xox

  15. @polka dot - I do have photos, just no cable to get them onto my computer - one is apparently on its way in the post... And I agree with you, being present often means putting the gadgetry away.

  16. Hmmm, something about this outfit feels "gallows man" to me. Maybe I'm just in Halloween mode?

    Welcome back! I hope you are fully recharged. Xx


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