Thursday, 28 July 2011

Sun Dress for a Sunny Sunday

On those rare occasions when all the stars and the planets are correctly aligned in the right positions in the universe, the following rarer phenomena have been known to occur simultaneously on planet Earth:
1) The sun comes out to shine in England;
2) It is very hot in London;
3) It is sunny on the weekend rather than during the week when you are trapped in the office;
4) You are invited to a barbecue in England;
5) It does not rain at said barbecue;
6) Veshoevius wears a colourful sundress!

Dress, Mango; Espadrilles, bought in Spain


  1. Well I must say the sun has been good to you, very pretty colour of dress dear. ;)

  2. We had this kind of day on Monday - and I had the day off! I could not believe my luck.
    Loving the sundress on you, and HOW did you get such a fabulous tan? Must have been France...

  3. My lord, you have colour in your wardrobe! ;) Nice tan xx

  4. I love that sundress, what a stunning piece! here's to lots more sunshine and hot summer weekends. x

  5. More pics please! Love the colours of the frock.

    Sarah xxx

  6. How beautiful! You look gorgeous in this summer dress. Love the shoes too!

  7. I don't want to quote Coelho, but...:)) Perfect dress, perfect shoes! ;) I just love summer dressing - just wear a dress & you're done!

  8. Ha ha what a great post, so true tis a rare occasion. You look fab what a perfect summer outfit x

  9. Your tan looks fantastic in this sundress. And sunshine is cause to celebrate! We are on our second week of over 100 F temps and a severe thunderstorm tonight was a welcome respite.

  10. WOWEEEEE! What a gorgeous colour against your sun-kissed glow! LOVE it!

    That's it... I won't settle for anything less now... more colour! more colour! :D

  11. @SabinePsynopsis - actually I had to leave the country in order to get the tan!! But it was lying on the beach in Spain where I got tanned.

  12. What a great dress and I love those espadrilles! Thanks for the tip about the Gaultier exhibit in Toronto, I wish I could see it. I've seen the lines on TV to see Kate's wedding dress. Wow! My mother was thinking of going to London so she could see it too (plus, she just loves London), but I think the lines have scared her off.

  13. I've only been to London once and it did rain the entire time, which I expected, of course. So happy for you that you got what I refer to as Southern California weather. Even in the SF/Bay Area our "hot" isn't nearly as warm as anyone else's. It was foggy half the day today. Which is absurd!

    You look wonderful in that beautiful blue.
    :) f
    The House in the Clouds

  14. Ah, so glad the sun is out and smiling. Been raining here in Paris, but the sun came out to stay yesterday afternoon; gave me the chance to photograph. How nice it must be to be kissed by Spain's golden sun;-)
    Those shoes are perfect for warm summer days. Have a fun weekend.

  15. Summer dresses are the best! Blue rocks!
    You look great!


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  17. Hope you are enjoying your bit of sun. I am loving your shoes!

  18. LOVE this dress! And the espadrilles with it are perfection! ~Serene


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