Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Street Party

A few weekends ago "The Big Lunch" came to a street near ours.  Friends of ours living around the corner took it upon themselves to contact everyone living on their street to organise participation in this annual event in the UK, which is really a get-to-know-the-neighbours street party.  For a whole day the street was closed off to traffic and people got together to each bring a dish, lend marquees, barbeques, tables, chairs, plates and cutlery for a giant feast.

The organisers prepared decorative bunting to be strung from lamp posts and trees. There was a bouncy castle for kids, a DJ complete with his own tent, decks and a BIG sound system. There was even a carnival stilt walker living on the street who donned her glitzy gear to thrill the sizeable crowd and ever since I've been craving a pair of gold lame flares and gossamer tangerine wings.  I predict the seeds have been sewn for an alternative to the Notting Hill Carnival!

Mr V. and I spent the morning cooking our contributions to the feast - some Asian style chicken dishes which I'm proud to say, went down a treat. Sadly the skies opened at about four in the afternoon and washed the party out.  The weather completely caught me out in my tribute to seventies chic with my flouncy blouse, floor sweeping flared jeans, leather biker and canvas espadrilles.  The problem with floor sweeping flares is their efficiency in wicking up puddles!  I eventually had to go home and change into more waterproof boots and a raincoat.  Thankfully home was a two minute walk away!  After taking as much of standing under umbrellas in the pouring rain trying to make small talk as we could, the day finally ended with us taking refuge in our friends house, warming up with steaming hot mugs of tea and coffee to wash down the remainder of the party cakes.

Blouse and Biker jacket: Kate Moss for Topshop; Love Story Jeans: J Brand; Earrings: Warehouse; Espardrilles: Spain


  1. Hi my dear-this sounded like a fabulous event and I really love your chosen outfit-chic and stylish, just my type of look!! xx

  2. Oh my, what a great event! I wish we had something like this on my street (or at least in my building, 'cause there's a lot of people I don't know).
    Love the blouse/jacket combo <3


  3. wow! such a fun event. this is the sort of thing that i would love to attend.

  4. I love those jeans. I tried to get a pair a couple of months ago--as in, actually ordered them--but then the package never arrived so the company had to just refund me. They are so, so, so fun. It seems that rain or shine, it was a lot of fun. That's fantastic. Here's to more parties like that.

  5. Well, my dear, if anyone can pull of gold lame flares and gossamer tangerine wings, it's you. Sounds like a lovely day - whereabouts in London was it (without compromising your anonymity!)?

  6. It looks dantastic. I want to have a street party.

  7. That goes on near your street? I'd willingly trade off all the vintage stuff I find to havethe fabulous diversity you get living in the Big Smoke.Adore that blouse and those jeans, I'm hankering after some flared denim. x

  8. what an awesome idea! I'd love a street party, it looks amazing and must have taken some organising. I want to raid your gilet and jacket collection!!

  9. Ladies - guess what? If you live anywhere in the UK you can make this happen on your street - you just apply to the local council and you too can have your street shut off to traffic and invite all your neighbours to a big street party! It happens in the month of June - so get your applications ready for next year...

  10. More neighborhoods need to do this kind of thing. I am very impressed by the stilt walker--that is very trying on the thighs. My husband walks stilts as part of his job and I have sampled it, for five minutes at a time.

  11. What a lovely idea, I wish I knew more of our neighbours x

  12. That never happened when I lived in Englad.The neiboughs took about one year to talk to me.
    Imagen how I felt coming from the South of Spain, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    I am glad to know that things are changing.
    MIl besos

  13. Pensé que estabas en mi blogroll, pero debiste despaparecer en el desastre BLogger, ahhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Te vuelvo a poner, yeahhhhhhhhhhhh

  14. Wow this is so cool. I wish people did that where I live. Your blog is very interesting.



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