Friday, 15 July 2011

La Playa

Thought I would share a couple of holiday snaps of other beaches we like to visit in Andalusia. This is Fuente de Los Gallos in Conil, a narrow strip of beach flanked by golden sandy cliffs which is popular with families.  On a good day, when the tide is low, the beach is wide, the sea is so tranquil it looks like a sheet of glass, and the water is calm and shallow for miles out into the ocean.  On this day however, the tide was so far in that the beach had almost disappeared and we'd have been struggling to find a spot to sunbathe amongst the many people who had already pitched up with umbrellas, folding chairs and iceboxes.  So it was on to the neighbouring beach of El Palmar.

Conil (pictured below) is one of the los pueblos blancos (the white towns) that dot the coastline.

It is coming to the end of sunflower season here.  During April to August in Andalusia you will drive through fields and fields of giant sunflowers which, in July, are now ripe and starting to fade. Their heads, once held haughtily high are now bowing in submission to the arrival of the height of summer, heavy with ripening seeds which the Andalusians love to snack on.  By August they will be burnt brown.

When the sunflowers first burst into bloom it marks when it just starts to get hot enough to go to the beach.  I love how in the morning when you drive to the beach their heads will be turned one way, and when you pass them in the late evening on the way home, they will have turned completely the other way in their pursuit of the sun.

Pictured above is the view of El Palmar beach as you approach from the road.  Sunflowers, white sand then azure sea and sky as far as the eye can see.  This is not called the Costa de la Luz for nothing.

The lack of outfit posts from my holiday is because other than sweaty dance gear worn to flamenco classes this was about as much as I was wearing!


  1. Doesn't Sacramento (of Mispapelicos) live in Andalusia? It's absolutely beautiful! Don't forget your sunscreen! Oh! I looked up flamenco dancing on youtube when I was checking out some Gypsy Kings videos. It's such an elegant dance! I love it and would love to learn! Travel safe! ~Serene

  2. @Serene - yes she does! Don't worry - was wearing 50+ on the face and 30+ on the rest and still managed to get a tan!

  3. You're looking beautiful in that bikini! Sunflowers, which also grow where I live, always seem so human to me. I think it is the size of the heads on the flowers.

  4. Oh wow - I do love Andalusia! We spent a lovely holiday in Sevilla one summer - beautiful! Those photos of the beaches are gorgeous and make me want to jump on a plane right now :) xx

  5. Beach and holiday envy! :)) You look amazing in your bikini! ;)

  6. Oh, sweet V: this is such a lovely post. I love how you write - the description of the sunflowers bowing their heads, and turning them towards the sun.. we LOVE Andalusia, too. I miss our room - 23 - at the Hurricane Hotel. We normally go every September but haven't the past two years. Longing to return.

    I've looked up Conil - it's up the coast from where we stay (just west of Tarifa - same beach, basically) - isn't it just the most magic area. Totally different world from the Costa del Sol. And I love driving around the hill towns.. oh I am so craving going back. This post helped bring me back there, in my mind. Thank you!

    Thanks also for your comment - I discovered it accidentally in my junk folder (!?) which prompted me to come visit - I had been thinking of you, actually! Hope you're well. xox

  7. I'm so envious, I love Spain, especially those sweet white villages and the fields of sunflowers.
    That bikini shot is a stunner, what gorgeous toned bodies and such glorious tans. I'm with you on the Factor 30/Facial 50, I always get a tan and it lasts longer when you don't burn. x

  8. Yowza, hello bikini body! You go on the best vacations. Thanks for sharing the pictures so I can have a look. I hope to make it back to Europe someday! There's a guy down the street here in Brooklyn that has a tree pit that gets full-on sun so the sunflowers are already over 6 feet tall and huge. They look gorgeous and give me a little morale boost whenever I walk down the street.

  9. I am definitely, definitely trying that amazing-sounding chicken recipe! Yellow's cute on you! xx

  10. Phwoarrrrrrr!!!!
    ...and now that I have outed myself (and seemingly morphed) in to a lout... may I just say that I am also rather blown away by the way you describe the simplest motions of a flower... but you know that I am always floored by the way you write...

    Sigh. I'll get to Spain one day...


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