Sunday, 5 June 2011

Picnic Blanket

The weather in London was simply glorious on Saturday!  Hot, balmy with a warm breeze to cool you whilst you took in the sunshine.  So Mr V. and I went for an impromptu picnic in our local park.  So impromptu in fact, that all we managed to rustle up for our non-existent picnic hamper was two bananas, a bottle of mineral water and two Magnum ice cream bars.  Ah the simple joys of being...lazy and disorganised.

Mr V. did however, gallantly produce a picnic blanket from his backpack to lay out in the long grass so we could soak up some rays in comfort.  It was an old colourful tartan blanket that he used to have on his bed in the student digs he was living in when I first met him.  It was a present to him from his mother, who happens to be the owner of a rather lovely, upmarket clothing boutique.  This blanket has been kicking around our flat for years on sofas and on the bed.  Recently it got relegated to the car boot as an emergency source of warmth in winter should we break down on a journey in sub zero temperatures.

Mr V:  Here's the picnic blanket!
V: Where's this been? I haven't seen it for a while.
Mr V: Oh in the boot of the car.
V (suddenly spying label):  Honey do you realise this is not actually a blanket?
Mr. V: What do you mean? Of course this is blanket.
V (tugging at fringing in sudden realisation): No it's not! It's a scarf! Or a shawl.
Mr. V: Don't be silly, it's never a shawl.
V: It's not just any shawl - it's a Max Mara Weekend shawl! Probably from your Mum's shop.
Mr V (disbelieving): Nooo... it can't be.
V (showing Mr V. label): Yes it is! Made in Italy out of the finest merino lambswool apparently!
Mr. V (sheepishly): Oh - no wonder it's so nice and warm to sit on...

Time for a trip to the dry cleaners...

Floral quilted jacket: Kate Moss for Topshop; Pocket tee shirt: Cos; Pendant: Vintage; Denim shorts; Zara; Picnic Blanket: MaxMara Weekend


  1. That's so cute!

    My favorite shawl--of Tussar silk--makes a perfect blanket. Thankfully I can just throw mine in the washing machine. :)

  2. Oh I am in awe of your Kate Moss jacket. It oozes summer and bohemian without even trying.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  3. Oh, how funny. Perhaps he was just trying to treat your behind RIGHT. I look forward to seeing the scarf in its next incarnation.

  4. HAAA! Great story about your fancy picnic blanket. And hello LEGS! This is the first time I've seen your bare legs in a shot. I know it's cold in the UK, but you should let them out more often...beautiful!

  5. teehee - how adorable! All those years and he had no idea. :-)

  6. Well you are such a glamourpuss it's only right you have a designer picnic blanket, isn't it?
    Love that Kate Moss jacket. xxx

  7. Oh no!!!!! but oh well... if you're going to go out, might as well go all out! and have a picnic Max Mara style!

    ...but forget that... I'm ogling your legs!!! Damn sister! You should show them more often!

  8. Isn't it the ultimate luxury to not care if you're using a Max Mara shawl as a picknick blanket? I'm slightly envious of boutique owning family connections now...

  9. LOL!!! That is too funny!!

    I'm so glad you able to experience some nice, summery weather!!

  10. Hahaha, how perfect!
    And now I'm returning the leg compliment - honey, your legs are amazing! ;)
    I've spent my Sundays exactly like you! It's become my favorite weekend activity - lying in the park, reading, meeting people, chatting & just enjoying the perfect weather! :)

  11. Time for a trip to the cleaners is right, but it also sounds like a new shawl for you! Cute story
    No Guilt Fashion

  12. Love this story - made me laugh out loud!! Thank you for sharing :)

    Wasn't it gorgeous in London on Saturday?

    Hope you're well, xx

  13. Wow nice pins Miss V - dancer's legs for sure!! What a hilarious story ... well at least his mother taught him to like beautiful things:). We had a similar day here in Brisneyland, I'm so glad you both got to kick back and have a great day together:)).

  14. I love the dialogue exchange (hilarious) and the jacket is wonderful. And oh, look at those dancer's legs. Yowza!

  15. HAHA. Great story! You should do an outfit with the shawl post dry cleaning!x

  16. Hi my dear-what a lovely funny story and typical too!! great minds think alike, I have that jacket too, its one of my favourites! Have a good week xx

  17. I love that last wheat picture! Great photography :-)

    x mordrian

  18. I LOVE it! Life's too short to not have the most luxurious picnic blanket ever. And hello, what bloody fabulous legs you have!

    Sarah xxx

  19. Oh - and I adore your jacket. xxx


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