Friday, 10 June 2011

Friend Friday: Summer Trends

This Friend Friday is about Summer Trends:  We were asked "what are the top five Summer trends that you are looking forward to wearing this season?"  Friend Friday is run by Katy at ModlyChic.  Pop her an email if you would like to participate.

I just commented on MJ's blog over at Fierce that like her, it didn't feel that long ago that I was answering that question for Spring! My how time flies! I haven't even had time to register that it might be Summer!  I have had a mad, mad May which was so insanely busy with full time work, teaching dance classes three times a week and gigs practically every weekend that I am still playing blog catch up well into June (which is just as busy really but minus the gigs!).

To be honest not much has changed weather wise between Spring and Summer in London so there is not going to be a large change in the sorts of things I'm going to wear either.  It's still cool in the morning and evenings and this week it has been bucketing down with rain!  In fact I think the weather since Easter has only gotten worse not better!  Rather than plough through the list again here is a visual show and tell from a combination of retrospective outfit shots, as well as some outfit posts in draft.  Basically these are five Spring trends I have been wearing and will continue to wear through to Summer if the sun ever decides to show it's face again!  (Otherwise I might just have to distill the five trends down to raincoat and wellington boots.)

Spot which trends I am wearing in combination!

1. The Biker Jacket
2. The Maxi
3. Floral Prints
4. Oriental Prints
5. The Seventies


  1. Hi there-a lady after my own heart, all these trends are just my style too and your outfit picks are just lovely xx

  2. Girl look at you with all those gorgeous colored prints!! They look awesome on you and I'm especially liking those sandals in the first picture! Too cute!

  3. Fab edit of the summer trends, V!

    Cannot wait for summer to return to the Southern Hemisphere.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  4. Love the dress in the first photo - amazing!! Great responses :) I know what you mean - spring seems to have only just sprung and now it's supposed to be summer - I say supposed to as it really doesn't seem to have come to the UK right now!!

    Hope you're well.

  5. Like both the floral knee-length dresses, they're lovely, very striking. And your sandals in the first photo are perfect for summer.

  6. I'm hoping to catch some sunshine next week when I go to the East for work. I LOVE the 70's inspiration as well as your biker jacket with that fantastic printed dress.
    Madison ~xo

  7. Oh, the third dress and the top in the fourth photo...

  8. Ooh loving that first dress! Has London been bucketing down? How odd for June! Obviously been lashing here all week, but I thought ths Sarf of England would've been ok!

  9. Great choices, Veshoevius! I absolutely love that maxi dress. 1970's style rules! xxx

  10. I agree with Vix - I ADORE that maxi! And you have HOT legs!

    Sarah xxx

  11. I'm with you about not feeling much of a change between Spring and Summer trends and my personal favs. I thought about listing maxi dresses again but went more with the accents than necessarily full outfit ideas. - Katy

  12. Oh my, this light blue suede coat... That's a piece for FOREVER. Love it!
    It's pretty difficult to think summer trends with weather like this :(

  13. The maxi dress is spectacular!! I really love it, the print is fabulous! I'm following

    Look my blog and if you like it, follow me!!



  14. I LOVE your maxi dress. Still on the hunt for the perfect one though...x


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