Monday, 23 May 2011


I am interrupting my blogging broadcast of French travelling delights to bring you an announcement: The World Did Not End On Saturday!

This is a post inspired by my fellow fashionable flamenco blogger Dusk whose thoughts on the predictions of the impending apocalypse struck a chord with me. Whilst reading the Saturday news online over my morning coffee I found out about the Rapture theory and I realised that at precisely six o'clock in the afternoon, when an earthquake of biblical proportions was due to hit London, I was due to go on stage to dance a solo for a charity flamenco show. How poetic that it should be a charity gig in aid of the victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

As Dusk herself said "Only Christians need apply" and she was looking forward to "seeing all these people floating in the air on their way to heaven." It made me consider what we all believe in. What our life philosophy boils down to. How logic can be overridden to the extent that people would give all their time and life savings to promote an idea rather than do something to improve things for their fellow man suffering on the planet in the here and now.

I'm the sort of person that would write flamenco under religious belief in my national census form and every day I strive to learn something from its mantra of "a vivir el momento". Live for the moment!  Because it is futile to predict and worry about when it is all going to end.

Like Dusk I wouldn't have qualified for redemption. According to theory I was due to perish on stage. But living for the moment means showing no fear. Instead of heading for the hills in a futile attempt to escape punishment by fire and brimstone I spent two hours (yes, two!) ironing my bata de cola and worried myself about the rapture of my audience instead.

Anyhow I think I'm more of an Earth bound soul.  If I'm doomed to stay here I can't say I'd feel hard done by.  To me there will always be plenty of heaven to be found right here.  It is my personal belief that there are many ways in which we can "find God" if that is what you want to call it.  Mine is through my art.

And before you tell me that all human endeavour is but mere folly let me share with you the dictionary definitions of rapture:
  1. the state of mind resulting from feelings of high emotion; joyous ecstasy
  2. an expression of ecstatic joy
  3. the act of transporting a person from one sphere of existence to another, especially from earth to heaven

Nothing describes better what I feel when I'm dancing. So perhaps at six o'clock on Saturday I did actually encounter the Rapture. If so I'd happily repeat the experience! Or at least by posting this, reclaim some of the essence of the word for the many joys of our world rather than for the obsession with its destruction by earthquake and fire.

And anyway, I can't think of a better way to go myself. Consumed by fire in the throes of this passion? What a way to go.

Cream Bata de Cola dress: tailored in Seville
Photos: The Amazingly Talented Mr V.


  1. Cool post. Nice to see you dancing.

  2. I for one am glad you are still here! A line in your post truly captured my imagination--what if your audience truly was "raptured" as you danced! It's a beautiful dress.

  3. Incredibly beautiful images and that dress is sublime. I'm thrilled you're still with us! xxx

  4. Sounds like the right way to go if you ask me! I loved reading this post, I agree with you about the peddlers of doom and destruction - why can't they put their energies into doing good for people now? I'm a total atheist and slave science and logic, so I loved your definition of your spirituality through dance. That philosophy is something I can really connect with. When the "Rapture" is really upon us I know where the best party is going to be! xx

  5. I agree with Terri - you would have stunned the audience into silence. You look so beautiful and graceful - oh how I would love to see you dance Miss V!! xoxoxoxox

  6. You are a stunner Veshoevius, I'd love to see you dance one day. I too am an earth bound soul, and happy to be so xx

  7. No comment on the "rapture" ridiculousness, but I adore these shots of you in your dancing exquisite!

  8. oh Veshoevius, just beautiful! i'm surprised your ironing only took two hours - i'm not joking, either!

    the pastor who made that prediction lives just over the hill i Oakland CA. he predicted TEOTW back in 1994 as well, you'd think that his earlier failure would have reduced the attention paid to this one, but no. Mr. E and i were out shopping (for a watch) at the local outdoor mall, a bit after six we noticed the time and started calling out to see if anyone had been raptured. most people around here seem to agree with you - they like it here! steph

  9. So beautifully said!
    You look so graceful on photos. :)

  10. Wow, what a treat to see you dancing! You have such beautiful hair!

  11. Well, once again, you are killing me. You look glorious in these photos--the dress, shoes, flowers, hair, and dancing are divine! I know you love black (as do I), but cream suits you so very well. You should wear it all summer long. Cream-colored dresses and flowers in your hair! I'm sure the audience was in rapture watching your performance. Thanks for this beautiful post.

  12. i could not have said it better!
    by the way, i'm crazy for the point of taking lessons w/ my (equally uncoordinated) friend. alas, it's better for me to experience flamenco by watching instead of doing, lol.
    "live for the moment", yes, oh yes. because that's all we truly have. yesterday is passed and tomorrow is only an illusion.

  13. Applause! Both for the pictures and the words.

    - Tessa

  14. Oh V!

    Sigh. What amazing photos and the dress! Wow.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  15. Wonderful thoughts, Veshoevius, and just in case it would have been the end of the world on Saturday what better way to go than while doing the thing you really, really love? I spent said hour in the garden of the V&A and life couldn't have been better...
    But the guy now realised that he got the date wrong and it will all happen in October... Ha!

  16. Creo que es el post más bonito y al alma que he visto en mucho tiempo. Tengo los vellos como escarpia...
    Me quedo con: Consumed by fire in the throes of this passion? What a way to go.
    Pero qué maravilla de fotos!!!

  17. Oh V, I applaud you!!

    Here's the timing: my husband and I were in bed (in our newly re-arranged cleaner, whiter bedroom) watching a brilliant BBC show, 'All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace and Power', or something like that (have you seen it?) on BBC iPlayer. All during the show, my attention kept going towards more images I took of a swan like a month ago in the Serpentine, which I wanted to post, but I didn't know what I wanted to say.

    Then I went to switch the laptop off and checked my emails and one of them was your comment, which interested me so much I had to take the laptop into the guest room (where I am now) because he kept talking and I couldn't hear your words. Which led me to come to reply to thank you for taking the time to write what you did - I saw that same article btw, about the woman who was suing for the loss of her business because of the surgery gone wrong (and I also thought: what made her feel she needed to do it in the first place?) and then I read this great, great post.

    And the images of you in white, doing flamenco at the moment the world was meant to end.. you look just like that swan. Rapture.

    So tomorrow - or maybe later tonight - I'm going to just post the photo and link the text to your post.

    Oh and what Sabine wrote... I think if it's now 21st October - that's my brother's birthday! We'll have to throw him a really big party.

  18. The love for dancing is definitely in my blood and I totally understand you; I'm so passionate about art & music/dance as well. Your dress is beyond stunning dear, what a beauty! -xxoo

  19. Thanks everyone for your kind and lovely comments! I'm glad I'm still here too! Credit for all these photos goes to Mr V by the way.

    @tinyjunco - I've got the ironing down to a fine art now! How funny that you live so near the guy!

    @Sabine - I just saw the video of the guy back peddling on the BBC - October huh?

    @Polka Dot - Aww thank you! - I didn't feel like a swan at the time I can tell you that! Credit to Mr V's photography skills. How funny about your brother's b'day! If it were to be true then throwing a really big party would be the only way to go!

  20. Bad timing. I haven't commented on your posts for a while... which does not mean I haven't been reading... you are one of my 'sticky bloggers'!! I'm addicted to your way with words and cannot NOT read your latest posts as soon as I see them on my feed.

    I have had this post open since 11pm Monday and it's now almost midday Wednesday!!!!! and I still don't know what to say.

    That's why it's bad timing because I'm commenting on a post that links to me... thank you for that darling woman but... these images and your words have sent me in to a rapturous state of mind.

    You bata de cola is exquisite and ohhh I would love to see you dance... I too understand the Flamenco fired Rapture you write of... I have felt it, I have seen it...

    I also truly and amazingly feel it when I'm drumming (Taiko). It is a sensual solitude but not self absorbed...

    Of course I am more than glad to see you here. I do have more to say on this and your excellent points and point of view but I can't seem to grab my thoughts right now. I have a boxing session now and I think I need this!

    For some reason Blogger won't let me log in!!


  21. Well if it IS the end of the world on my brother's birthday (21st October) I think the only thing to do is throw him a really big surprise party and invite everyone! Including you AND Mr. V!

    You've just inspired my post:


  22. I'm in love with these pictures of you. And your thoughts on the 'Rapture' I miss dancing when I see pics like these. I remember getting lost in the music and in fact how rapturous it could be! I was a silly teenager to give it up!

  23. Oh I adore flamenco! I took a few classes when I lived in NYC but ended up hurting my shins from all the pounding. Lovely flounces you have here.


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