Saturday, 7 May 2011

Friend Friday: Shoes Glorious Shoes!


Since I got back from France the soles of my shoes have hardly touched the ground, I have been that run off my feet and today has been the first opportunity to visit blog land.  Lo and behold, a Friend Friday post subject was calling my nom de plume so loudly that I had to spare a moment to do a quick post, complete with some nerdy shoe statistics collated by a shoe obsessive about her own collection!

Given that this Friend Friday is about shoes it would be rude of me not to participate!  See Modly Chic for the other participating blogs!

Did I tell you that when I was a child my favourite fairytale was The Shoemaker and The Elves?  Therein lay the inklings of a passion bordering on vice!

1.What is your go-to pair of shoes? 

I own so many more high heeled shoes than other type of shoe.  Here's a pie chart to prove it.  Yes.  I categorise my shoes in Excel.  I need help.

Despite my love of high heels you won't find me walking around for hours in them.  I'm more likely to wear trainers, flat sandals, ballet flats or sensible wedges and change into high heels when I get to my destination, be that if I am working in an office or for an evening out.

My Moroccan slippers
Espadrilles from Spain

Lately I have been wearing more wedges as I find them easier to walk in.

In winter I live in flat biker boots.

And here is a breakdown of the Veshoevius shoe collection by shoe type:

2. What goes into your shoe buying decisions? 

Errr.. primarily pure unadulterated lust!

The devil is in the details...

And occasionally necessity...

My flamenco shoes

3. The majority of the shoes in your closet are what color? 

Looks like black to me!

Part of my shoe collection

4. When it comes to design shoes what are your favorite brands and why? 

I am a shoe tart, in love with all and faithful to no brand.  But I have to say that on the basis of analysing how many designer pairs I own relative to high street pairs I am not really a big buyer of designer.

When I have indulged I tend to buy from different designers rather than just one.  Past purchases include beauties from Alexander McQueen, Georgina Goodman, Marc Jacobs, Katia Lombardo, Pedro Garcia, Mui Mui, and D&G to name a few.  What prompted me to part with my cash was usually a design I really loved and that they were on sale!

5. If price wasn’t an issue, you’d own which shoe?

These gilt babies by Alexander McQueen.  You don't want to know what they cost! Eye watering doesn't even describe it!!  I could probably buy a small second hand car and never have to wear flats to navigate the tube again! (Though it would justify the purchase of a new pair of driving shoes...)


  1. I was anxiously waiting to see your answers to these! I still remember that picture of the shoe collection you put in a post a long time ago! And since then I've been trying to catch up with you girl! :)

    Awesome answers as usual! Inspried me to maybe get an Excel spreadsheet for my fashion jewelry.... LOL

  2. Holy GUACAMOLE!!! You have such FABULOUS shoes. I love them all - and you are so right... the devil is totally in the detail.

    How amazing are those gilt dreams???

    Sarah xxx

  3. a girl after my shoe lovin heart!

    your collection is fab.

    i love the variety and your dream shoe is out of this world!

  4. Oh. My. Goodness.

    That is one awe inspiring shoe collection.

    If you could see my 'go to' shoes - a scuffed pair of comfort flats....

    I love the pie charts.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  5. If ever there was a blog to make my thrifty ways of living fly out of the window it would be yours. I love every pair. xxx

  6. A girl after my own heart using Excel and pie charts ;) Love it! haha you have a fab shoe collection!

  7. Respect goes out to any lady that can show a MOUNTAIN of shoes and then state underneath 'part of my shoes collection' Love, love, love! Especially the devil in the details collection.

    I am kicking myself for my general apathy when it comes to these FBFF/ Fashion Bloggers challenges/meme because this is one I think I would have enjoyed ;)

    Mulika x

  8. Love this post! I believe that pair gilded McQueen shoes is part of the new exhibit at the Met. I just did a review of it on my blog. I believe I know what those cost and yeah, eye-watering is an apt description. I love the McQueen shoes you showed with that glorious Going to the Opera outfit (best outfit post of all time, I'm totally serious). I also love your pie charts. Hilarious!

  9. OMG, those pie charts!!! Respect. :))

  10. I remember that you have the most fabulous shoe collection, including the flamenco ones. The pie charts are brill! I love counting up pairs and thinking through eventualities shoewise.

  11. Awesome post. You are making me want to get out my spreadsheets and see how many shoes I actually have.
    Beautiful shoe collection you have.
    Those Alexander McQueen gilt shoes are lovely.


  12. Pie charts!! You are fabulous and I spotted the AMcQs on Zappos today - mmmmmmm. Tell me the truth, did you take up flamenco just for the romance of the shoe? I would!! xoxox

  13. Eh. HOLY GOD look at your shoe collection. Finally someone who has more shoes than me! You win. I feel better and jealous at the same time. I have more ballet flats then one human needs (thank you primark) and a ridiculous amount of boots both heeled and flat. I do love high heels, but I havent seen anything in ages that I like (or afford)

  14. Ha, this was a post after my heart - actually everything you say nearly totally applies to me (all these unwalkable high heels, and what will I buy next time? HIGH HEELS!). BUT my shoe collection is only a fraction of yours... Now I've got something to aspire to!

  15. You made a pie chart. Of shoes. Oh my god you are my heroine! I make spreadsheets of everything - the need to organise is totally compulsive. Thanks so much for a bit of inspiration! x

  16. I love McQueen´s shoes.
    Besos desde Berlín.

  17. I'd love to do the full tour of your shoe collection, you ladygeek! I still want to know what your clothing spreadsheet is like. And I know how much those McQueen shoes cost, as they left Shoeperwoman speechless!

  18. OMG pie charts *runs to grab shoes laptop in hand*
    I have one pair of flats, all my shoes have heels and I now really need to know what % of them are colour/designer/etc right now!!

  19. Interesting. Spesh the big pic of the lots of shoes. Sounds like our collections are similar sizes but, by contrast, I own about 4 pairs of black shoes!

  20. wow you seriously have such a drool-worthy shoe collection!!! i'm falling deeply in love with the first pair; spanish flamenco meets esmeralda gypsy! =)


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