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Friend Friday: Hair Care

This week's Friend Friday is about hair care.  Friend Friday is run by Katy of Modly Chic.
 As I've had a few comments on previous posts about my hair I thought I'd divulge a few things about my crowning glory.  My hair is naturally curly or sometimes more accurately naturally afro frizzy.  It is not what I would say is very "fashionable" hair, with perhaps the exception being this season apparently.  That Topshop Boutique Spring Summer show last Fashion Week? The one where all the models came down the runway with triangular shaped, candy floss manes, like seventies disco divas who had come off worse after a fight with a crimping machine?  Well that's exactly what I look like when I wake up in the mornings!

I struggled with my hair as a child and teenager and it was a source of huge insecurities.  My hair changed as I grew up and moved countries so I struggled to adjust to its changes on top of all the other growing pains.  It went from unruly and wavy when I was small to unruly and frizzy as a teen.  I was always teased about it by other kids and in not very nice ways.  People used to call me names, throw all sorts of things in it and I once had a jellyfish squashed in it.  I used to come home crying from school begging my Mum to let me have the money to get it chemically straightened.  Thankfully she managed to talk me out of it.  It was only in my early twenties when it had settled from the more afro frizz of my youth into a mane of thick glossy curls that cascaded down my back that I finally came to appreciate it.  And of course now it is the perfect hair to have as a flamenco dancer!

1.      How often do you get your hair cut?

Getting my hair cut is like going to the dentist.  I cannot bear it.  My consistently bad experiences with hairdressers over my lifetime has led me to have a deep suspicion of them.  Curly hair gets tangled up (surprise surprise!) and there are so few hair stylists out there who seem to be able to deal with it.  I have not come across very many who have not just taken to viciously wrenching a comb through my wet hair in their desperation to detangle it and by doing so have pulled heaps of my hair out, caused me pain and probably permanently damaged my hair follicles.  And on top of it the worst ones have been blatantly rude to me over the fact that its "too long" and "too tangled up".

So I would say the most frequently I cut it is once a year.  I have gone for five years without cutting it in the past.  I feel hard pressed to justify the expense for the ineptitude and the resulting torture I have to endure.

2.      Do you go to the same stylist each time, try someone new, go to the cheap hair cutting chains or live it up in a salon?

Finding a good stylist who understands curly hair is very hard.  I found one in Australia when I was visiting my family and she did such an amazing job that I would wait to return to Australia to get my hair cut with her.  But then she stopped working and I was bereft.  I usually try new stylists every time I get my hair cut and have to say I am usually pretty disappointed each time.

There are no cheap hair cutting chains in London that I am aware of.  They are all heniously expensive salon prices unless they are barbers! (Please, if you know differently, I am all ears!).  I have found a cheap hairdressing chain in the south of Spain which I've been to when I'm over there.  I went in the hope that with all those Andulacian ladies with curly hair over there the stylists would be a bit more savvy, but it was still surprisingly hit or miss.

3.      Do you color your hair? How often? What’s your natural color?

I have never coloured my hair except for an experiment with a packet of vile smelling, dark brown, natural henna tint which didn't have much effect and gradually washed out.  I don't colour my hair now even though I am getting the odd new grey hair sprouting every so often.  I cannot be bothered just yet to start all that time consuming routine and expense which will inevitably come later in life and I think it isn't good for the condition of your hair to colour it often.

I have always loved the natural colour of my hair because it looks deceptively black but, seen with some sunlight behind it, most people are surprised to see it is actually shot with a deep red.  Almost every hairdresser I have ever been to has commented on it because it is quite unusual.  My maternal grandfather was a red head and I never knew him as he died when my mother was a child, but he left all his children and grandchildren this little genetic tweak as his legacy.

4.      The one thing you always do to keep your hair looking great is:

I use products specifically for naturally curly hair and tons and tons of heavy duty conditioning treatments and leave in conditioners.  I try not to wash it too often as it strips it of natural oils and being porous it can dry out too much with over washing.

5.      What hair trend do you love and wish you could rock?

The only hair envy I have is probably of people who don't have to do much to their hair and they leave the house looking "done".  But apart from that I don't do hair trends nor pay much attention to them.  I couldn't care less if frizzy or curly hair is deemed in or out.  As frustrating as it can be at times I like having curly hair and wouldn't change it for the world.


  1. You hair is lovely!! Love all the pretty curls!! I know it's hard to find a hair dresser you can really trust and I'm soo wary of them myself! Conditioner is a must for us curly girls because you're right, shampoo is can be very drying, especially if its overdone!

  2. gorgeous hair....if you want to see someone fashionable hair like yours, look up chrishell stubbs :)


  3. Your hair is the hair I would have if I could just get that gene therapy I've been hoping for! :)

  4. Your hair is indeed beautiful! So glad you didn't straighten it, because then I'd not have this to drool over.

    I dislike getting my haircut, too. Not for pain, just because.

  5. Loving reading about everyone's hair tips :) Your hair does look gorgeous all curly like that. Mine if naturally quite wavy but I cannot bear not to straighten it.

  6. You have gorgeous curls! This was an excellent and very interesting FBFF! Happy weekend to you dear! -xxoo

  7. Your "afro-frizzy" hair is my dream hair, it's so beautiful and full of life.
    I think conforming to hair trends makes one lose a vital part of their personality.
    I share your dread of hairdressers, mine hasn't been cut since November 2009. You'd be fine for cheap salon who specialise in curls around here. xxx

  8. Your hair is so gorgeous! So long and so healthy! So beautiful! Total hair envy! :)) I bet you have 5 times more hair than I do! :))

  9. Nick Arojo (formerly of the american version of "what not wear" has pioneered a special way of cutting naturally curly hair. I highly recommend him:

    - Tessa


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