Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Wide Legged Jeans Weekend

Been working my wide legged jeans over the weekend.  This is the first of two outfit shots I intended to post for my weekend outfits.  Saturday's outfit I will have to recreate at some point.  This is Sunday's effort - worn to meet a dear friend for late afternoon coffee and shopping for sunglasses, because guess what?  The sun is actually shining in London!  In fact it was actually warm on the weekend!!

With the sudden arrival of proper Spring weather also came the realisation that all my Spring clothes are still packed away in suitcases under the stairwell.  When I started looking for my colourful silk dresses to wear one out it dawned on me they aren't out on my wardrobe rails yet.  Rather than make myself late with a last minute wardrobe reorganisation I grabbed what was available which happened to be this cotton silk shirt, wide legged jeans, lavender espadrilles and a blue suede coat for some hippy chic to greet the promising light of summer at the end of the longest, gloomiest, winter I've had to endure yet in this country.

Great minds think alike: my Spanish girlfriend was also wearing a pair of fabulous cherry red espadrilles.  I've noted that they are all the rage at the moment and seen a lot of espadrilles offered on the high street and by designers at eye watering prices.  Mine cost me ten euros in Spain and their wedge shape means they let me work a heel and pound the pavements of Oxford Street in relative comfort.  Next time I go back to Spain I'm buying a pair in every colour of the rainbow!

Suede Jacket: Chine; Blouse: Mango; White singlet: Tophsop; Jeans: JBrand; Espadrilles: bought in Spain; Necklace: Vintage


  1. I have to check out J Brand because these are the perfect jeans, wide, but not TOO wide, and I love them with the espadrilles. The coat, I have to say, stopped me in my tracks. The color, the cut, the detailing, those sleeves! It is divine.

  2. Wedges are fantastic--so chic and comfortable. I've been wearing mine a lot since warm weather swooped down this week. Your blouse is the best of spring! That's pretty enough to wear everyday!

  3. Looks like your'e pounding the Oxford street pavements in style. I love a good pair of wedges, & still on the hunt for the perfect wide-legged denim (long enough to wear with a heel for 5'9 people) love your look! -xxoo

  4. Hi there! The jeans look fabulous and I love your blouse, hippy coat and espadrilles with it, you look ever so stylish here xx

  5. Such a nice change from all those heavy winter clothes! Love the shoes.

  6. I saw the first outfit picture and I knew the weather had to be awesome in London this weekend! Lovely outfit!

  7. Hey girl,

    I have been on a Caribbean holiday but I have returned so wanted to see what ya been up to.

    I really like this outfit for the weekend. I really love the blouse. Espadrille's scream spring and summer and comfortable too is a match made in heaven.
    The jeans are a good fit on you, they almost look boot cut. This is a nice wide leg jean without being to wide. Sometimes to wide on me can add weight which is what I don't want.

    You look so fresh and chic.


  8. Transitional outfits seem to be more spontaneous! You have inspired me to pull out the wide legged jeans.

  9. I love the fabric of this white top !

  10. Yes, wedges are very kind to the feet. I love this blouse?--Is it nubby? Almost looks like a swank dotted swiss.

  11. Hello Veshoevious!

    I just found your blog through FBFF. I love it.

    I've only ever bought J Brand for skinny jeans. I'm on the lookout for new flared leg jeans. My Top Shop ones are dying.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  12. Wonderful, wonderful coat, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Congratulations on Lik á La Mode.

  13. aaahhhh.....your combo of white swiss dot, denim, and espadrille just sings out 'spring isn't here YET, but i can see it on the horizon!!!' love it alone and with that wild coat.

    that trouser post kicked - well, @ss (obviously). very glad it's on the ifb linx! happy sunday! steph

  14. Ah, you can do anything, my dear...flamenco gowns, dangerous leather and studs, big fur, vintage florals, springy romantic bohemian... I love this look, with the unique mix of textures adding intrigue to the shapes, and the just-right glint of vintage gold in the locket. You look fresh and festive yet warm!

  15. I am all over the wide leg jeans this season...I've put off buying a new pair of pants since the baby was born bc I'm not quite ready but I think this style will be the first I purchase. and btw, I love your profile....I thought I was normal too but my closet begs to differ. :)


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