Thursday, 28 April 2011

What Wedding?

Kate and William who?

For those of you who have asked:  No, I will not be watching the royal wedding.  In fact Mr V and I are actually fleeing the country tomorrow to spend the long weekend in the age old English enemy territory of France.  We're heading to the deep South where we hope we will get some relative peace from the ridiculous media frenzy.  For months there has been nothing but article after article about this in every form of printed press I happen to read and, as someone for whom royalty does not hold the slightest bit of interest, I for one am entirely sick of having it rammed down my throat.

Chant "off with her head" if you will, but my rather cynical view of the royal nuptials is that the royal couple have been forced into it on pain of death by the coalition government as a way of distracting the populous from the dire state of the economy; that since they have been in office the UK has still not recovered from the worst recession since the Great Depression; that the culprits in the financial sector responsible for the crisis have got away with it Scott free and that wide spread funding cuts to public services and further job losses in the public sector are still on the horizon.  Party on people.

I can understand that lots of people are using the event tomorrow as an excuse to party.  Me, I'm going to use it as an excuse to wear this never worn Union Jack jacket I bought from Topshop last year.  I'm planning to wear it out to go for a steak frites lunch tomorrow in the Languedoc.  I've been meaning to wear this jacket with a prom dress a la Moss in last year's Vogue...

Source: Vogue UK

...or with some floral pieces thrown in the mix.


I have a soft spot for the old Union Jack in clothing.  It treads the fine line between Chav and iconic.  This irony along with its symmetry of design lends it to being continually reinterpreted in clothing by the fashion industry.  The flag has been hijacked for reworking by almost all the greatest British fashion designers, Westwood, McQueen and Galliano to name a few.  And it has been the uniform of the British rock star since Pete Townsend from The Who donned a Union Jack blazer in the 60's.  For a more modern example think David Bowie in a distressed frock coat by none other than the late Alexander McQueen.

Alexander McQueen jacket for David Bowie. Source: Studio International

Now if tomorrow isn't the perfect excuse to wear a Union Jacket blazer in whichever country in the world you happen to be then when will be?  Have a wonderful long weekend all.


  1. Oh how I envy your escape to France Miss V. It's not as crazy here, full-on, but not barmy. I would be tempted to streak down Pall Mall in a pair of Union Jack Docs, if I was there. I may even get some applause for it. But here in Brisneyland surburbia? Probably not;). My god I can't stop staring at Kate's Bush - I do so like a frilly frock with some naughtiness beneath - hehehe. Have a wonderful long weekend sweetness!! xoxoxo

  2. Boy do I relate to the sentiment of this post. I've escaped to Scotland, which is probably not quite far enough, but at least I won't have to actually witness the masses stream to The Mall. Like you, I do love the Union Jack motif though. Great jacket - hope you have fun in France!

  3. I'm sooooo jealous, Veshoevius, both of your escape to La France and that wonderful jacket. I love how Kate's wearing it.
    Like you I adore the Union flag, a gorgeously iconic design. I had a bikini which used to mortify some of my friends when we went away but I insisted on wearing it until it fell apart.
    Have a brilliant time. xxx

  4. I would totally wear those Union Jack jackets... especially Bowie's INCREDIBLE one. Hope you're having a gorgeous time!

    Sarah xxx

  5. I don't blame you for fleeing! I heard on NPR (kind of like the BBC minus the TV programs) that people in GB realized they could take an 11 day vacation using only 3 work days because of the wedding!


  6. Good to read that I was not the only one rejecting this single-discriminating-wedding-madness!

    Have a nice vacation, dear!

  7. Hi there-love your jacket and its reminded me of my denim Topshop biker with the union jack flag on the back, which I must wear soon! Have a lovely weekend too!

  8. I thought I was ok with it all, despite being a fervent anti-monarchist, but the closer I got to the time the angrier it made me. We thought we'd been clever to go to Germany and escape it all, but it was still all over the tv whenever we turned it on. Hope you have a lovely time in France xx

  9. Oh gosh, have a wonderful time! I can't wait to hear (and see evidence - namely photographs!) of your trip!


  10. Hello! You're probably quite right about the timing of the wedding. But they do seem really in love, which is a very good thing! Love your stylish jacket and potential stylings of it, you could never wear anything like it here wedding or no wedding!

  11. That jacket is perfect! I really love that photo of Kate. I hope you wore your jacket with tutu! :))
    Have a great time in France! ;)

  12. i also tend towards your 'rather cynical view of the royal nuptials'. honestly, how dumb do they think we are?

    on a 'Too Much Information' note, i was hilariously surprised at the picture of Ms. Moss you've posted. my husband dared me to 'put THAT on your blog' this morning when i flashed him that very same pose.

    sadly, no union-jacket for me. How fun for you!! Have a fabulous trip!! take care, steph

  13. I love your Union Jack jacket. It's divine! I hope you are having fun in France. I'm sure I'm jealous.

  14. Panem and circenses will always the food politicians offer the plebs... But you definitely did the best with it - escaping to the South of France - I wish I had that idea. Although hiding at home was okay, too (and cheaper).

  15. love these! I hope you have a lovely time.x hivenn

  16. Hear, hear, V! Looking forward to your outfit shot - hope you had a fabulous monarchy-free time.

  17. It's unbelievable how easy it is to recognize Alexander McQueen, I have never seen that jacket before but I immediately saw it was his!

  18. Ya I hear ya! There was no escaping it was there (unless of course going to France) Its amazing how there seemed to be absolutely NO OTHER news going on in the world.. that is until they claimed to have killed bin laden.. that stopped the royal wedding talk alright.
    hope you had a lovely time in France!

  19. Thanks for all your comments - I had a wonderful time in France and a post will be up later this week. I'm glad I wasn't alone in my sentiments!

    @Pull Your Socks Up - "I would be tempted to streak down Pall Mall in a pair of Union Jack Docs, if I was there"
    haha! I could totally see you doing that!

    @tinyjunco - Hee hee! I'm glad the irreverance of that photo was not lost!

  20. Sorry I am late to this post.
    I couldn't agree more with you about the media frenzy of this royal wedding.
    How in the world can people broadcast this and there were horrific tornados in the south in the US and numerous deaths during the same week. It's crazy!



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