Friday, 1 April 2011

Links A La Mode: Tech

My post about my experience with a splog made the IFB Links a La Mode Tech group this week.  This issue is still unresolved.  I continue to complain to Google but there is no word from the hosting company and my stuff is still being stolen.  I see that even bloggers as big as Fashiontoast are having their images lifted.

From reading the responses to the post and emails from other bloggers who found their stuff stolen too it appears quite a few people were unaware that such sites existed.  Hopefully by raising awareness more people who are affected will complain and more of these sites will be shut down in the future.

Links à la Mode: Tech

It’s Time for a Fashion & Tech Evolution Revolution! – Edited by Vyque of Fasshonaburu

Technology has become a part of every day life. By the end of 2011, they expect more people to own a smart phone than an average cell. Augmented reality is becoming… well, reality. And even your parents got on Facebook, finally motivating everyone to learn how to customize their privacy settings!

I can’t say fashion has been on the forefront of these advances. In fact, until Jennine brought together IFB I didn’t have any friends who could edit HTML and discuss whether Pre-Fall was better than Resort. But now we have a group of like-minded women (and men) who can not only do just that, but actually help the evolution of the fashion and technology relationship and bring it to the masses! So rise up with me and let’s start a revolution!

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Miss Viki: Look Back: My First Fashion Show Video
Divas & Dorks: Is It Possible for Your Smartphone to Control Your Car?
Confessions of a Drama Queen: Bangkok International Fashion Week: Fashion Networking Using Social Media & Gadgets
The Clothing Menu:Online Shopping is More Than Just Buying Things
Relatively Chic: How to Deal With Internet Scum, Part 1: Splogs
The Taxonomy of my Wardrobe: Scraper Blogs Infringing Your Copyright - Warning Your Blog Might Be Next!
Fasshonaburu: Checking Out the Shop Like Feature on The Find

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  1. Well done Veshoevius! It was a really useful post. I haven't done anything about it yet because I just don't have the time right now to get into a fight, but hopefully will take care of it soon. Keep us updated on how things are moving xx


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